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Ucid culturetrip w13567886

  1. 1. + theculturetrip.com thomas crossman w13567886
  2. 2. + theculturetrip.com“With our one-stop website we aim to providecustomers and businesses with books, films andmusic for every country in the world. We alsooffer background information, discussions,news and travel updates for each country.”thecultruretrip.com is essentially a contentmanagement system for catalogue of books,music and film with the search emphasis onwhere the media originates in the world.Articles, blogs and comments are alsoimplemented to give a sense of community andenforcing the value proposition of culturalknowledge within media artifacts.“We want to inspire people to be thinkingtravellers, wherever they go, wherever theycome from.”
  3. 3. 3+ 1 2 anatomy analysis 4 5 61.  site id 72.  search3.  utilities 84.  page name5.  sub-section navigation 96.  country sub navigation 107.  continent main navigation8.  sub-section navigation9.  featured content10.  120x600 ad-space 1111.  genre sub-navigation12.  728x90 ad-space13.  footer & utilities 12 13
  4. 4. + sitemap homepage 00 my shopping search 01 01 01 account cart resultslogged in area explore explore 02 03 item page 03 notes continent country - product page can be accessed from multiple levels. customer - utilities do not appear on homepage but about us xx xx films 04 books 04 are static throughout rest of site. services - comments, links & map are store embedded into most pages of the site terms & however only comments & links click xx B2B xx through to their own page, map is an conditions embedded google map. - from the product page, users can add editorials 04 articles 04 submit 04 item to basket to purchase, this then disclaimer xx contact us xx follows flow as detailed in order analysis. explore - travel bag page is only available as an offshot of the explore country page. about the advertise xx xx catalogue comments 04 links 04 map 04 utilities travel bag 04
  5. 5. + search site id anatomy critiquehomepage+  set in 1000px centered container+  5 column grid layout holds together navigation the site design+  menu-style homepage giving links and options to the user+  prominent search feature, placed at first place a western user looks on a web-site+  custom ‘HeroLight’ sans-serif font+  map metaphor for navigation info enforces notion of travel+  full-page background image used as a device to emotionally connect feature users to travel and excite and engage.+  body content similarity & proximity forces Gestalt grouping the fold+  ‘featured’ items similarity & proximity forces Gestalt grouping+  navigation buttons reverse colour on rollover making identifying them easy for the user+  product images, text and ‘call to action’ button clickable body+  two main ways of purchasing, via search and via exploration (as detailed in task analysis)+  featured items change to give new perspectives of cultural relevancy+  site employs a network tree structure
  6. 6. + user analysistheculturetrip.com is aimed at individuals withinterests in; Katy- travel- culture - learningThis range of user would typically be verysociable, of middle to upper demographic andbe of a good standard of education.They will typically have proficiency in using the ‘I am interested ininternet and web applications to accomplishtasks and be used to using sites such as amazon the culturalfor purchasing online. relevancy of myThey value the opinions of others, especiallythose of the same disposition and love to share media’stories and experiences of their travels.The value of using theculturetrip.com for the Key goals We musttarget user would be the ability to directly tiethe media artifact with the country of origin. •  Understand background of media •  Implement Search by country/ continentThis ability to search gives rise to exploration of •  Explore the place she is in throughnew media that is also produced in the country. media •  Provide social connectivityBeing comfortable with using technology means •  Share opinions with likeminded people •  Allow her to share experiencesthat theculturetrip.com would be used in amultitude of environments using tablet, mobileor other handheld internet as well as through a Behaviours We must notdesktop browser. •  Travels a lot on her own and connects •  Focus on the commerce aspect too with people whilst traveling using much but still provide purchasethecuturetrip.com lends itself well to having a social media opportunitiesstrong mobile strategy but this analysis focuseson the dektop browser version. •  Enjoys reading cultural articles and opinions •  Plans trips with culture in mind •  Doesn’t like to be sold to
  7. 7. + task analysis - current Goal: To search for and purchase a novel related to Mexico - Flow1, Using search boxShopping environment Item details View Basket Checkout Confirm order Confirmation Payment Page Type search term Browse Enter homepage Add item to cart View Basket Continue as Guest Billing Details Shipping Details Shipping Method (external - Confirmation page into search box results page SagePay) Note Note User has to re-search or Each of the steps in the click on homepage or checkout process open up explore button to continue a new page, to have these New customer browsing site for further parts as sections on a If results are not relevant, purchases. single page would improve user will change and re- user experience. submit search View item details Create Account Note There is no recommendation based on near-searches or did you mean Existing customer Login Confirm details Add new customer details
  8. 8. + task analysis – proposed improvement Goal: To search for and purchase a novel related to Mexico - refinedShopping environment Item details View Basket Checkout Confirm order Confirmation Enter search Browse customer, billing & Payment Page Enter homepage Add item to cart View Basket Continue as Guest Confirmation page term results page shipping details (external) Improvement Improvement basket should be always on 3 steps reduced by having screen to allow user to all required information for continue searching and order completion on one New customer exploring site page in sections If results are not relevant, user will change and re- submit search View item details Create Account Note There is no recommendation based on near-searches or did you mean Existing customer Improvement As search is the only main feature on homepage this is now a semantic step Login Confirm details Add new customer details
  9. 9. n  site critique - design Search colour same as background in Chrome Whilst background is visually impressive, it can be distracting, adding an semi- opaque container could work better. Facebook Friends, Twitter Feed, Images, Info can be Products is too high is site hierarchy. Why am I shown live rather coming to TheCultureTrip? If I want to buy I will than as static link. go to amazon. Focus should be on the cultural thoughts, social aspects, sharing information, discussion articles and the e-commerce aspect Links on Profile page should be more subtle but embedded every step to products are of my site exploration. *1 good, this should be given high hierarchy and the links should be given in every blog/article.
  10. 10. n  site critique - functionality There should be no differentiation between Explore and Store. Convenience is key, if I am Why are these browsing articles/blogs etc I products featured? The map metaphor is lost as soon as I explore regions. Could use Google Map API and should be able to purchase in Brief editorial about same cognitive process. *2 their cultural overlay to dynamically explore world. importance and comment/discussion on each would improve social connection. Products neither fit All of these should into ‘low-cost’ or be accessible as one ‘premium’. *3 section to provide cultural overview of country Secondary/Tertiary navigation should be available, I shouldn’t need to navigate away from current page to explore other regions/ countries.
  11. 11. n  site critique - social Facebook ‘like’ uses captcha image not product image. Secondary/Tertiary navigation should be available, I shouldn’t need to navigate away from current page to explore Good idea for links other regions/ by they navigate countries. away from site and are ‘counter-sticky’. Each site links to their own commerce and has ads, why would I come back to TheCultureTrip?Potential forNetwork advertising. - When the links areCan be very niche longer than contentand be geo/IP/ Opportunity to it disrupts flow ofbehaviorally incorporate page causingtargeted. cultural videos confusion. and interactive media. *4
  12. 12. + mobile recommendations+ Locationbased service when travelling toengage in blog/articles/products of relevancy.+ 4square/facebook/twitter check in –recommendations from other users based uponlocation.+ Mobile e-commerce.+ Access as App not internet *5 – full downloadfor all platforms.+ Push notifications when area of culturalinterest ‘exit through the gift shop’ -theory.+ Travel ‘mood’ lasts longer than excursion,notifications can last ‘after-trip’.+ Barcode reader to link info from book in real-life to cultural info on TheCultureTrip.
  13. 13. + homepage re-design +  Site ID and logo prominent and in same position throughout site film/books/music culture by country +  Simple header and tagline captures mood and value proposition of website +  Full-page background image used as a device to emotionally connect users enter country or city to travel and excite and engage. Use of contrasting colour images important on homepage so elements stand out. +  Use of international web safe symbol for ‘search’ +  Homepage focus on the search and exploration by country or city and not providing distraction to theabout | contact | facebook | twitter user. +  Utilities are simply placed at bottom of browser on*redesign inspired by mark-making.com & bing.com static footer.
  14. 14. + site considerations+  Partnership/API with sites such as trip advisor, expedia etc.+  Continuous social interaction - comment integration with facebook/ twitter.+  Video integration inc video advertising.+  Split focus on commerce/social causes confusion.+  Submit article should be in form of upload not just providing link to contact details.+  Links away from site should be kept to a minimum and where unavoidable should open in new tab in browser.+  Streaming music should be provided using API from spotify/7digital etc.+  No cohesive link between product and blog/articles/social.+  Further twitter/quora interaction – build branding, trust and loyalty.+  No use of breadcrumbs to show user where they are in purchase process.
  15. 15. + appendix n  1 - Usefulness will make your site the one of choice Richard Madden, Marketing Week article. n  2 - Convenience is central to users experience Promise senior consultant Thea Bowden, Marketing Week interview. n  3 - Market leans to either low cost or premium brands Leapfrog Research and Planning, Marketing Week article. n  4 - Video is proving useful for getting users interested The British Video Association s (BVA) Trends in Digital Content study, Marketing Week. n  5 - Apps will be replaced by hosted services but is dependent on the internet coverage Paul Owers, operations director at fashion retailer Jigsaw, Marketing Week interview.
  16. 16. + bibliography n  1 – Simple & Usable Giles Colbourne 2010 n  2 – Communicating The User Experience Richard Caddick & Steve Cable 2011 n  3 – About Face 3 Alan Cooper, Robert Reimann & David Cronin 2007 n  4 – Undercover User Experience Design Cennydd Bowles & James Box 2010 n  5 – Don’t Make Me Think Steve Krug 2005 n  6 – Above The Fold Brian Miller 2011 n  7 – Presentation Zen Garr Reynolds 2008 n  8 – Logo Design Love David Airey 2010