3 Key Shifts to High Velocity Marketing


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www.rebelbrown.com Gravity is alive and well in marketing today. Why? Everything in our markets changed. The biggest Shift? Our buyers are now in Control of information and the buying process. We are no longer the keepers of the information, or the trusted advisors. Here are 3 key Shifts to Velocity in Marketing for your B2B business.

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  • Change SucksHumans in Business – experience, beliefs, knowns – GRAVITYBecomes a problem when the world around us is changing/Especially when its changing faster than ever before.
  • Gravity is the #1 Enemy of GrowthWe can Defy Gravity – with simple questions and shifts Stay in sync with our BUYERS not our own BELIEFS…
  • Why the crappy marketing results?Everything changed – but did we?The biggest change of all?Buyers are in Control- nex slide…
  • IN the olden days- we controlled the information so we controlled trhe buyer – we could thump our chests – story of calling to get info packetOther than a few peers – we were the source. We were also source for peers!Today – everything shiftedONLINE is the new In person. Buyers get the info they need before they ever come to us 1:1 We don’t even know they were looingSHIFT – Trusted Advisors are NOT US ANYMOREShifted the power (and the buying cycle)
  • When I first started selling – Helped thru entire cycle. Reps were the info givers.Today – we MIGHT get a call after the buyer reviews, researches, chats and decides who can solve their problem.INTERNET DATING - the more we brag about ourselves the more opportunity to say NO and walk away. THINK FIRST SALES CALL – SHOW EXPERTISE/EVIDENCE OF SUCCESS AT SOLVING THEIR PROBLEM.Not about us – ALL About them,/3 key shfts
  • Fip Flow your priorities…and get Velocity results… Feature customer problems and solutions with evidence.Share expertise t help customers find valueEducate customers on what they might need to think about…Your HOW can follow once they are attracted to you. Messages focused on VALUE is First key shift. Nextshift…
  • We’re programmed from the days when we controlled the information.Push Push Push, Pull PullPull3 emails and a sales call is not an effective campaign…in fact concept of campaigns isfilled with GRAVITYSocial Media – biggest opportunty to listebn to our buyers ever – and we push at them.How do we know ANY of the SoMe people we’re listening to are our buyers –at all?Need to shift…the way we think, the way we connect, the way we perceive marketing communications…
  • Marketing legends abound. We all have them – and we can all shift from them….The only thing standing in our way is gravity – the way we’ve always done it. And the human factor – that doesn’t really like to change. If we don’t change – we will succumb to Gravity
  • 3 Key Shifts to High Velocity Marketing

    1. 1. Three Shifts toHigh Velocity Marketing
    2. 2. Change
    3. 3. GravityApplying yesterdays news to tomorrow’s markets We ALL have GravityMarket Leaders Defy It
    4. 4. Gravity in Action 3% of marketers think they WOW prospects with the information they need 30 % view their communications as disjointed or hit and miss* 63% of CEOs say their marketing is ineffective < 20% of CMOs have confidence in their ROI*** Forrester Research Everything Changed** CMO.com
    5. 5. Trusted AdvisorsVendors Offline Online Research Buyers Experts Vendor and Independent Sites
    6. 6. Whose Got the Power? Today Peers Research Vendor We get a Communities Websites Mtg! Yesterday We Controlled the Informationuying Cycle Problem Criteria Search Eval Test /Select BUY ID
    7. 7. Key Velocity Shifts GRAVITY High VelocityTech Wow Factor RELEVANT Business Value & Evidence
    8. 8. The Relevance Gap Courtesy Scuttleblog
    9. 9. The Most Important Marketing Question SO WHAT?
    10. 10. Simple Shift High Velocity Results Customer Value Our technology,company and legends
    11. 11. Key Velocity Shifts GRAVITY High VelocityTech Wow Factor RELEVANT Business Value & EvidenceProgrammed Campaigns Dynamic stories & & Outreach conversations
    12. 12. Yesterday’s News
    13. 13. Our Opportunity Dynamic Content Expertise Interactive Conversations Communities Education Stories Empowered TeamsConversation is the New Campaign
    14. 14. Key Velocity Shifts GRAVITY High VelocityTech Wow Factor RELEVANT Value & EvidenceStatic Campaigns Dynamic Stories & ConversationsPopularityEquals Mindshare as ExpertsProfitability Brings Profitability
    15. 15. Popularity Isn’t ProfitabilityROI? Opens Clicks Website Visits Followers Mindshare Friends Momentum Circles Sales Likes Revenue Leads Profits
    16. 16. We All Have Legends• Customers buy the product with the best features• Buyers want us to share our features, feeds n speeds• The competition has it so we have to have it too• We control our brands• Fear sells• Lead generation is a series of campaigns then a (tele) sales call• Sharing our messages in more places will take us above the digital noise• Sharing our messages more often will take us above the digital noise• The leading provider of…. (Blah Blah Blah)• We know what our buyers want and need• Our top customers represent our overall markets• We failed in that market so we can’t be successful there• Popularity powers profitability• We can use social media like a traditional marketing channel
    17. 17. How to Defy Gravity The Goal? Prove Ourselves Wrong!• Question every legend• Play Stump the Chump• Shuffle the Deck• Validate with Keepers of the Truth• Listen to not-so-supportive players Foster Change: the Anti-Gravity!
    18. 18. Rebel Brown, CEOPeople Who Knowwww.rebelbrown.comrebel@rebelbrown.comTwitter: @RebelBrownLinkedIn: Rebel BrownYouTube: RebelationsTVFacebook: The Rebel Nation