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  1. 1. Globalization 1789-1800 By Rebecca Romprey
  2. 2. Dictionary Definition• Globalization- is worldwide integration and development: Globalization has resulted in the loss of some individual cultural identities.
  3. 3. France during this time….• According to Smithsonian channels “Trashopolis” – Paris• In this time period France was a mess NOT what we picture now, trash and garbage everywhere! 6 million people dead at the time from drinking water contaminated with dead corpses! This was their dark age.• France’s nick name was Gaul meaning “dirty” in Latin before it was the “city of lights”
  4. 4. Paris, France Catacombs
  5. 5. 1793• Marie Antoinette was only 15 when she became queen and 22 when she had her first child she ended up had 4 children• The execution of Marie Antoinette who was only 37 when she died. (October 16, 1793)• Her husband Louis XVI was executed on January 21 , 1793 he was only 38 when he died• He was only king for 356 days! (not even a full year)
  6. 6. History of the Guillotine• The device was prototyped in Germany by the secretary of the Academy of Surgeons, who ensured that it was humane. By 1791, after a trial period during which the device sliced through countless cadavers, it was appointed Frances national death-sentence machine.• (It became a tool of terrorism in the French Revolution as the undiscerning blade silenced nobles, radicals and ordinary citizens.)
  7. 7. Marie Antoinette and Louis XVIMeanwhile, Thomas Jefferson, whod described these principles in theDeclaration of Independence, had also declared that if Frances queen MarieAntoinette had been shut up in a convent, France could have avoided therevolution [source: Smithsonian].
  8. 8. Jay’s Treaty 1794 • Britain was at war with revolutionary France. • The United States was neutral despite its alliance with France dating from the American Revolutionary War. • The Jay Treaty prevented war with Britain and brought prosperity to merchants. • It also led to the Pinckney Treaty with Spain, granting free navigation on the Mississippi. • Relations between the United States and France, however, worsened.
  9. 9. 1798• The Franco-American War was an un-declared war fought mostly at sea between the United States and French Republic from 1798 to 1800.
  10. 10. French Revolution- 1789-1799• France had been divided into a three-class system. The nobility made up the first class, the clergy the second and the peasantry the third. There was no room for social climbing.• Their eyes were on the American colonies, where the Americans had gone to war to claim their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.• the French people were fighting for equality in life• The French Revolution lasted for 10 years, from 1789 to 1799
  11. 11. I would personally think that as a Parisian at this moment and history I would be scared for mylife but I would actually be pretty happy that the garbage was recently (and years later) stacked so high that we were unable to find bodies because I would at least be able to stand that foul smell of rotting corps and hey who knows, who are in those catacombs ?
  12. 12. How does Globalization relate to the formation of the American Identity in this period?• I believe globalization relates to the formation of the American Identity because with our American Revolution we were the example for everybody to follow we paved the way as to how to have a revolution. How to get what you need for yourself and your citizens. This had set the scene for America to take center stage!
  13. 13. Chronology of this PowerPoint1. French Revolution started 17892. 1793 – Marie Antoinette and her husband we killed 9 moths apart3. Jay’s Treaty 1794-The Jay Treaty prevented war with Britain and brought prosperity to merchants.4. 1798- Franco-American War-war fought between United States and French Republic5. French Revolution ended 1799-French people fought for equality in life
  14. 14. Thank You!Rebecca