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Rubber Flooring—Why It Is A Good Idea To Use Them At Home

Rubber Flooring—Why It Is A Good Idea To Use Them At Home







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    Rubber Flooring—Why It Is A Good Idea To Use Them At Home Rubber Flooring—Why It Is A Good Idea To Use Them At Home Document Transcript

    • Article 1 Rubber Flooring—Why It Is A Good Idea To Use Them At Home Rubber flooring is made from a rubber tree, a 100% renewable source. What is good about them is that they are easy to install and maintain. It is anti-static and provides effective sound insulation and vibration reduction. It is also resistant to fading and cigarette burns. Some flooring is made from synthetic rubber; this is not a sustainable product. What are the features? ○ Durable. It is made to last, without wearing, cracking or breaking. ○ Safe. It meets the requirements for slip resistance. ○ Fire and Smoke Emission. It complies with all international standards. ○ Hygienic. It has a naturally hygienic non-porous surface. ○ Easy Installation. Its high quality standards assure ease of installation. ○ Flexible and Resilient. Assures permanent resiliency and flexibility. ○ Anti-Fatigue. Its resiliency reduces fatigue from standing and walking on the floor. ○ XD Process. XD compound and process provides easier maintenance. ○ Sound Absorbent. It will create low-noise level in the environment. ○ High Value over Time. It is economical due to its long life cycle and low maintenance. Advantages ○ It looks beautiful to the eyes and it is extremely practical. ○ When wet, it is not very slippery. This gives advantage to the elderly and as well the children because they are prone to accidents especially on wet areas. ○ It gives added cushion for occasional fall. Whenever a child or an elderly might meet an accident, the rubber serves as a cushion as to avoid severe damage to the head. ○ Rubber is extremely easy to clean. It will only take a little time to clean making more time for other things. It does not contain fabric fibers that lock in dirt and stain. This makes cleaning quick with less pain endeavor. Just mop the floor with a dry mop after an individual passes through. ○ One can maintain it by just occasional cleaning using a mop and detergent. ○ There is a wide selection in the market offering rubber surface with different designs, shapes and colors. Rubber surface can be placed in different parts of the house such as the kitchen and the basement. Rubber is a good choice when it comes to flooring because it has a lot of good points.
    • Rubber Kitchen Flooring The kitchen is one of the most used areas in the house. It is where one can cook, wash dishes, prepare meal and a lot more. The owner usually is tasked to maintain the physical look of the kitchen and at the same time its functionality. This task won’t have to be difficult anymore because of the rubber surface. Most homeowners fell in love with this type of flooring because it is a convenient alternative to the classic types of kitchen flooring. For instance, this type of flooring provides excellent value for a long period of time. What is more is that even though it has been years of having that kind of flooring, it will not look old. It is very durable and has high resistance to marring and scarring. Rubber Basement Flooring This type of flooring offers one of the most convenient options that one can take advantage of and with a price that is just right for the budget. Rubber surface can withstand a huge amount of weight. Basement is where people move their larger belongings so the floor should be able to withstand it no matter how big the equipments or furniture is. The marring, scarring and denting of this type of floor will be the last thing that one should worry on. This type of flooring is ideal for children to play on. In case they accidentally fall or slip, their fall will not be to the extreme because this type will serve as a cushion for their head. Another excellent reason why it is excellent choice to choose this flooring is because it has a high resistance to molds, which can be very toxic to the family. Rubber flooring is definitely the best flooring for one’s home. It doesn’t only offer durability, but as well safety for the whole family. URL: http://www.rubberflooringdirect.com Keyword: Rubber flooring Article 2 Sports Flooring Essentials Sports flooring is famous nowadays. It is popular especially to those individuals with business in line with school, gym, and other sports facilities. The constant need for this type of floor made way for the industry to offer as much as possible. There are a lot of stores who sell and as well install floorings designed for sports. They install various types of sports surfacing for gymnasiums, running tracts, tennis courts, weight rooms, aerobic areas and also athletic locker rooms. Sports surface products include hardwood flooring, pad and pour flooring, rolled vinyl flooring, wet area flooring, and modular flooring. Hardwood Flooring It is a combination of classic wood aesthetic with modern engineering to create the ultimate sports surface. This beautiful plank flooring provides the perfect surface for the most demanding activities while creating an elegant and expensive appearance. This is the ultimate flooring
    • solution for basketball courts, volleyball courts, gym floors, aerobic rooms, multi-purpose facilities, yoga, and dance studios and anywhere a sprung hardwood is desired. Pad and Pour Flooring This system creates a synthetic, seamless surface for all multi-purpose floors including gym floors, weight rooms, indoor running tracts, locker rooms, aerobic rooms and flooring for any area where a sturdy, seamless, shock absorbent athletic surface is required. It provides a safety environment, uniformity, optimum coefficient of friction, and shock absorption. This offers many benefits over traditional hardwood gym floors. This will be the last gym floor one will ever have to buy. Unlike wood, it is easily maintained to last a lifetime. One can easily repair any damage without having to buy a new one. Another special feature is that one can use this facility into a non- sporting events like dancing, parties or any occasion because its resiliency to stand up to many different demands. Rolled Vinyl Flooring This is suitable for gymnasiums, locker rooms, yoga or aerobics studio, equipment rooms, common areas and more. It has many features including: ● It is easy to install and maintain. ● Its superior shock absorption makes it a safe flooring solution for any activity or group age. ● Great coefficient of friction offers optimal slip resistance. ● Consistent vertical deformation enables participants to increase their on-court stability and eliminate area indentation. ● Consistent ball rebound superior to that of other comparable floors. ● Sustains its structure under rolling loads and maintains a resistance to static load. Wet Area Flooring This is perfect for locker rooms, pool areas, and any place where cleanliness, safety, water proofing and hygiene is extremely important. Modular Flooring This type is easy to install and dismantle, making it a good choice for temporary application such as tournaments, field days, and for protecting gym floorings on certain events. These tiles are built to last but in case one tile will be damaged, just pop it out and replace it with a new one. Those tiles snap together with a unique clip and a loop connection system that does not require the expertise of a skilled worker. It is very easy to install, transport, clean and store, therefore one can still do other things.
    • Nowadays, sports facilities in school, in clubs or even at home has been given great importance and attention. Choosing the right kind if sports flooring will not only give one’s facility an elegant look but it can save an individual ample amount of time and money and it will surely last a lifetime. URL: http://www.rubberflooringdirect.com/commercial-gym-flooring.html Keyword: sports flooring