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  • 1. What does equal opportunities mean?Equal opportunities isResearch on the internet and find out how equal opportunities applies to:Equal opportunities applies to The first example has beenhousing by completed for you: Public housing – Greenwich Housing AssociationIt is important to have equalopportunities in housing because Private housing – Berkeley Homes inSometime people don’t get equal Woolwich Arsenalopportunities to housing becauseEqual opportunities applies to By getting everyone treated theeducation by same way. Allowing education to be multi- culturalIt is important to have equal It’s the right thing to do but alsoopportunities in education because being multi- cultural represents the U.K and what you stand for.Sometime people don’t get equal Some people cant access educationopportunities to education because because of the country they live in.
  • 2. Equal opportunities applies to Having free health carehealthcare byIt is important to have equal People with different incomes canopportunities in healthcare because get access to free healthcareSometime people don’t get equal Some country’s don’t have freeopportunities to healthcare because healthcareEqual opportunities applies to Equal opportunities is employeesemployment by asking people applying for jobs to state there race , religion, disability and gender in order to employ a diverse work force.It is important to have equal Because if it wasn’t there would beemployment in employment because a commending race, or the employment of certain sector of society would be raised and living on benefits.Sometime people don’t get equal People might get a job because theyopportunities to employment know someone not necessarilybecause because they are the best for the job.
  • 3. Pick two groups from the list below. Explain the problems that peoplehave giving equal opportunities to people in these groups: • Disabled • Gender • LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) • Ethnic groups • AgeEqual opportunitiesapplies to disabledby giving thedisabled access, anddedicated centresto certain group likethe deaf.It is important tohave equalopportunities forthis group becauseeveryone gets sameopportunities to dothings within thecommunity, andbecause its fair.The problemshappen when theydon’t have accessthey wouldn’t ableto communicate, oraccess society
  • 4. Equal opportunitiesapplies to ethnicgroups by beingtreated the sameway, integrated.It is important tohave equalopportunities forthis group becauseif it wasn’t it couldbe seen as racist.The problemshappen when peoplearen’t treatedequally, war andprotests emerge.