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  • 1. The Geelong News GEELONG’S FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER - Since 1879 Everyone in grade 3 rushed The kids bought at the delicious smells at the international foods and liked South Melbourne market. it very much. They say they will eat this food all the time Yesterday the grade 3 now after they tried it. students at Montpellier Primary School were lucky They got to try free samples enough to go to the South which they enjoyed. Melbourne Market. There Stall owners say the kids were 16 parent helpers as manners were perfect and the kids were split into they made fantastic food groups to go to the South choices. Melbourne market. Ella McCartney Many kids bought new foods they didn’t try until the market. The delicious smells persuaded the kids to buy the delicious foods.FOOD YUM:ONE GROUP ENJOYING THEIR LUNCH.
  • 2. THESUNSHINE BUZZIT WILL WAKE YOU UP IN THE MORNIN’ WORLD EXCLUSIVESHEALTHY LUNCH HEALTHY YOU “Yummy,” the students They went on the said looking at the excursion to taste mouth watering food different foods that they wouldn’t normally have. Yesterday in South The M.P.S students had $2 Melbourne the market worth of sweet food and was on and Montpellier either put all the other Primary school went on money together and spent an excursion. They were it or spent it individually. split into groups with two parent helpers. The M.P.S students loved trying all the food and most of all the excursion. Ella McDonald Where the M.P.S students’ excursion took place.
  • 3. SUNSHINE BUZZ. IT WILL WAKE YOU UP IN THE MORNIN’ YUMMY! YUMMY! Food for all. We got off the bus mmm the smell of food at the South Melbourne market. The children of Montpellier Primary School rushed to the shops and food. Gen, Ella, Yvette, Labeeb, Harvey, Maddie and Angus and their 2 parent helpers Lesley and Liz walked around and bought lots of food on Wednesday the 15th of June. At the end of the day the MPS students ate their food . The MPS students all loved the South Melbourne Market. Gen DukaThe South Melbourne Market is where M.P.S students went.
  • 4. GIANNA’S NEWS THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER - Since 1879 SOUTH MELBOURNE MARKET LUNCH Yum yum! The fresh They tried new foods smells of fruit and and went to a park to eat vegetables, food . They played on a everywhere and kids playground until it was screaming with time to go . excitement. It was a long ride back On Wednesday the 15th to school . The grade 3 of June the grade 3 kids were tired but they students went to the loved it . South Melbourne Market -GIANNA HEYNS to learn what influences food choices. They learnt to make healthy food choices .Yummy lunch : grade 3 Montpellier students have a yummy SouthMelbourne Market lunch .
  • 5. Australian THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER - Since 1879 South Melbourne Market Sniff! Sniff! I smell some delicious food. We got out of the bus and we were at the South Melbourne Market. All of the grade 3’s from Montpellier Primary School were at the South Melbourne Market. We were in little groups. In my group was Harvey, Maddie, Gen, Yvette and I. We went on the 15th of June and we looked at the food and bought it. We bought it because our topic was about what influences people’s food choices. All of that food made my tummy full. That was delicious, I loved it. LABEEB MAHMUD There is lots of food in the market.
  • 6. Lennox’s NEWS THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER - Since 1879 Yum Wednesday June 15th was a very happy day for Yum Montpellier students going to the South Melbourne Market. As everyone was jumping onto the bus I was last. As soon as we got out of Geelong I knew it would be a long ride and long it was. Then we sat down to eat. After we had eaten we went off to buy our food. We didn’t find anything but then we found a wrap with lots of stuff in it. We also got a fruit salad and for dessert we had macaroons. So then we sat down and started eating. We ate the wraps first then the fruit salad. We went on the on the playground for awhile then they called us to have macaroons. Then we had to go back to school. The South Melbourne market is a great place to be andYum Yum : Montpellier madness at South I am sure you agree.Melbourne market Lennox Fitzgerald
  • 7. MADDIE’S NEWS - Since The worlds best ever newspaper 2011 FANTASTIC FOOD FOR GRADE THREE’S AT MONTPELLIER PRIMARY SCHOOL Yum yum! Everyone It was one hour to get was getting off the bus to the South and they were Melbourne Market and screaming with to get back. excitement. The grade 3’s were so tired after their big day The grade threes were at the South so excited they went Melbourne Market. off and got some food. You were only allowed -Maddie Lundy to buy two or three foods that are bad forThis is the park that the grade three’s went to. you and the rest arePhoto-Mr.Riches good for you.
  • 8. THE DAILY THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER - Since 2011Food Fun For Everyone On Wednesday the 15th of June the grade 3’s of Montpellier primary school came to the South Melbourne Market to find out what influences peoples’ food choices and to eat good food. They did it because the kids wanted to learn about food and they wanted to have fun. They bought bread, vegetables and fruit. The market was full of good food to eat. They went to a park to eat their food and play! That was the end of the day for the grade 3’s. Matthew Saunders. Nikhil is coming up the tyres.
  • 9. Nirell’s News THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER - Since 1879 The South Melbourne Market Yummy Yummy foods, just When the grade 3’s bought so many to choose! The the food They had a picnic Montpellier Primary students at Albert Park lake with the had the best fun ever in biggest, bestest wooden Melbourne. playground. The people in my group It had tunnels, slides, were Stef, Ekala, Ben, swings, monkey bars and Mathew, Ella.c and me. The last but not least secret buses took the grade 3’s to passage ways. the South Melbourne At the end sadly they had to Market. go but the students didn’t They went to South mind. So they hopped on the Melbourne Market Because bus but they still had the their topic was food and at time of their lives. the South Melbourne Market there was food.The yummy breath taking food. NIRELL OSMANOVIC
  • 10. THE DAILY NEWS THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER - Since 2011 A MARKET OF FUN Miss B and Mr R took the Montpellier kids of grade 3 to the delicious smell and taste of the South Melbourne Market. Mr R split the Montpellier kids into groups with 6 in each. Everyone had $10.00 to spend at the Market. Each group went to one shop to buy something less than $10.00. Each group went to about 7 shops to get food. Once everyone was done shopping, they went to a wooden playground and played. When the Montpellier students finished playing, they got on the bus and headed off to School. The students loved it. Everyone liked the foods and the excursion, They also learnt what influences people’s food choices. Ryan FirthAll the healthy foods from the South Melbourne Market.
  • 11. THE GEELONG NEWS THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER - Since 1879 Healthy Food Is Good For You “Finally we are here in Last week teachers and Melbourne. Look some parents bought there’s the South some food for children to Melbourne Market . try if they haven’t had it Yay,” all the grade before. three’s said. “Mmmm. I can already smell all “The excursion was the yummy foods.” great,” screamed the Last week grade students. “Especially three’s from with all the parent Montpellier Primary helpers.” I don’t think School came to the many people would be South Melbourne able to eat their dinner. Market to taste different foods that YVETTE PEARCEThis is Maddie Lundy and Gen Duka at ‘Albert Park lake’ on the their parents wouldn’tplayground. They came from Montpellier Primary School. get them normally.
  • 12. THE DAILY NEWS THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER - Since 2011 YUM! YUM! MARKET The food was yum! As soon as I had it I wanted more. It was so delicious. There was lots of food in the market. I was so glad that we got money to buy food. It happened on Wednesday 15th June 2011. We did it to try and learn how people are influenced. The grade 3s had lots of food and enjoyed the excursion. Ben MaddenLots of food on the table and we are making food.
  • 13. BROOKE’S NEWS THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER - Since 2011GRADE 3 FUN WITH FOOD AT THE SOUTH MELBOURNE MARKET Mmm what a delicious sweet kabana and smell of the South Melbourne strawberry sandwich. Market. Wow what a As the grade 3’s arrived at the wonderful day they South Melbourne Market on would have had and Wednesday the 15th of June a beautiful lunch too. they had something to eat before they went shopping to buy their lunch. Then the grade 3’s jumped excitedly onto the bus. They arrived at Albert Park Lake and By Brooke went to make their lunch but Sanderson one particular girl Brooke had a
  • 14. Chloe’s News THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE - Since 1879 Food fun for everyone!!! It was Wednesday 15th Once all the groups of June. We were all on finished shopping they the bus and we were all went to a park and so exited. lunch. After we had lunch we got to play on There were two buses the playground. and three student teachers on each bus. Soon it was time for all the kids to leave the When we got there we market. all met up with our groups . When we were Chloe Garner Baylis with our groups we went into the market and bought different types of food. We all tried a new type of food.