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Tipping Point update Stptember 2009

Tipping Point update Stptember 2009



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Tp200909 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Tipping Point Update September 2009
  • 2. Agenda
    • Behavioural targeting
    • Snippets
    • Snapshots
  • 3. What is it?
    • Uses your web history to target ads
    • Two types:
      • onsite targeted content (purchase history, opens, profile information etc)
      • ads across network sites (network history)
    • In theory it’s win/win - consumers get relevant ads; advertisers get better ROI
    • But there are privacy concerns
  • 4. How does it work? Ad network Travel site Ad space eCommerce site Ad space Blog Ad space News site Ad space Sport site Ad space
  • 5. It’s all about the data
    • From: ISP; own site stats; profile details; networks
    • Approaches vary, often based on long history
    • Some drill deep to make assumptions
      • Eg: on a book store, I look at a book re kindergarten
      • > Possible conclusion: I may be interested in SUVs
      • Eg: I visit footie and BBQ sites
      • Possible conclusion: I may be a man
    • Many then add users to categories
  • 6. How does it work?
    • Eg AdBrite: categorises users by history
    • Advertisers can then target ads
  • 7. Who?
    • In-site users:
    • Big traffic sites eg Yahoo
    • Media sites eg Fairfax, USAToday, UK Guardian
    • OnSite services – analytics providers
    • Omniture
    • Predictive intent
    • Network services - Ad networks eg:
    • ValueClick
    • TRIBAL fusion
    • Phorm
    • frontporch – also direct messages in browsers
  • 8. Results & new directions
    • Yahoo
      • Claims Smart Ads double the ROI 0f trad banner ads
      • Launched Smart Ads to mobiles in May
    • Microsoft
      • Announced yesterday BT for mobile ads
      • Categories based on data from Hotmail, Xbox, Bing searches, Windows Live profiles etc
      • Claims response rates of 7.7 v national average 0.33%
  • 9. Privacy
    • June: US joint committee hearing on industry practices
    • March: Tim Berners-Lee told the UK parliament ISPs should not be allowed to profile customers
    • Feb: US FTA staff report recommends self-regulation with increased transparency; limited data retention etc
    • Attempts to comply – eg:
      • Phorm stores data anonymously (24 digit ID distinguishing users, not identifying them). Channel / topic assigned to user, NO browse history
      • Fetchback began offering opt-out in June
      • Google launched behavioural targeting in March on AdSense ; Claims transparency with user preference management
  • 10. Snippets
    • Bing gains traction and releases visual search beta*
    • SEMPO study : mobile web access on the rise; click thru rates of 5-15% on campaigns, compared to 1% web average*
    • Forrester study : 40% of online shoppers abandon pages taking 3 s to load
    • Animoto video presentation tool – pics, videos, text – getting good reviews
    • Android phones announced by LG, Motorola, INQ Mobile; now >10K apps
    • FaceBook becomes “ cash flow positive ”
    • France legislates to revoke illegal downloaders’ web privileges
    • Adobe buys Omniture and Intuit buys
    • Survey: half smart phone users open to targeted ads eg restaurant offers
    • Augmented reality – Yelp iPhone Easter Egg; TEDxNSW call for standards*
    • Google dominates Internet – not just search - in India/Brazil*
  • 11. Snapshots
  • 12. Google forms VERY good use interface Easy to email out and view compiled results Entire process approx 3 minutes! I could change themes easily; but couldn’t see an easy way to brand or create my own theme. Is this potential revenue?
  • 13. Redbeacon wins TechCrunch50 Natural language search admired, eg “cupcake maker” > bakers Not just listings – vetted providers; online appointments
  • 14. Google Labs FastFlip Enlarge & flip through ful magazine pages Ad revenue shared with publisher in return for full-page access
  • 15. Bing image search rocks Very easy to filter by pic type, content etc
  • 16. GoogleMaps addition Real time traffic flow added – based on speed of mobile phones Aus is the 4 th country online (after USA, UK, France)
  • 17. Nation of Go – tyre makers go social Users upload pics, trip details from mobile phones
  • 18. Chyngle local apps for mobiles Eg use local app to find the nearest stadium toilets Or order pizza from the stand… delivered to your seat!
  • 19. Next time….
    • Ideas?
    • Feedback?