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Don't be a dummie, get on LinkedIn! It's a powerful tool connecting job seekers with employers. Make your profile focused, dynamic, and concise. Learn strategies for ensuring that you're found. After all, 60 million others in the US have joined.

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LinkedIn For Smarties

  1. 1. ForDummies Don’t Join Rebecca Page
  2. 2. #1 site for employers80% recruit on the Web 90% use LinkedIn > 60 million US users Replacing job boards
  3. 3. Improve visibility Online address book Visual pictureConversation ice breaker Reconnect
  4. 4. LinkedIn Lingo Snapshot Profile = = Name, Title Personal Industry Page Recommen-Homepage dations = =Dashboard Testimonials
  5. 5. Beyond Your ProfileConnections Groups = = Business Unique to Contacts LinkedIn
  6. 6. Showcase You Online Brand Identity Awareness• •• Skills • Personality• Expertise • Polished• •
  7. 7. All profile additions and editswill be pinged to your connectionsFound under Your Name (top right),Settings, Privacy Controls,Activity Broadcasts
  8. 8. Address: 1,000 (Viewable only to 1st degree connections if populated).Company Name: 100IM (Instant message): 25 (Viewable only to 1st degree connections ifpopulated).Interests: 1,000Invite message text: 300LinkedIn Status Update: 700 (note Twitter is 140)Phone number: 25 (Viewable only to 1st degree connections if populated).Position Description: 200 min/2,000 maxPosition Title: 100Professional Headline: 120Skills:Up to skills w/61 characters eachSpecialties: 500Summary: 2,000Website Anchor Text: 30Website URL: 256
  9. 9. Step 1 to 100% Profile Industry Photo Headline A Must!
  10. 10. Headline is Your TaglineWeak Impactful ! 85% Win Proposal Rate – Aerospace Manager and Defense
  11. 11. PROFILE
  12. 12. Employers read first Your elevator pitch Persuasive, conciseQualify, quantify value Write, edit in Word
  13. 13. Think branding #1 client is YOU Demonstrate knowledgeLess corp speak, buzzwords Keywords = exposure
  14. 14. Brandis …
  15. 15. Your chosen words express your personality Passion Authentic shows For Voice Career
  16. 16. I Tell Other CPAs the Tax Secrets> > < <TAX STRATEGIES / HIGH NET WORTH /ETHICAL COURAGEThe difference between me and other CPAs? Athorough understanding of complicated tax lawssupported by a vast array of specializations.Experienced in tax preparation with the Big 4,regional firms and smaller independents, I’ve savedtax liabilities for L- and C-Corps, partnerships, andindividuals from the average taxpayer to the Top 2%.
  17. 17. While analyzing the prior year returns for a publicly-traded corporation, I discovered someone else’serror and received a $100,000 refund. These taxsavings continued in years forward. My clients highlyvalue their maximized deductions and credits.Plus by providing personalized, one-on-one service, Ibecame the most requested tax advisor for one firm.Analyzing and interpreting annual IRC changes is myspecialty, preparing the annual reference guide andadvising 20 other tax preparers.Tax Savings = Returning Clients!
  18. 18. Mergers / AcquisitionsMarketing / Social Media TSC / SAP/ CI Poly Team Development
  19. 19. Chronological Experience Template Accuracy • • • Resume • Avoid • Don’t import discrepancies • •
  20. 20. Impact on Your CompaniesPowerful, result-focused statements Oversaw accounting processes Streamlined accounting processes for $25M company, resulting in 12% savings year 1 and 20% year 2
  21. 21. EducationContact – E-mail / PhoneTwitter, Website, Blog
  22. 22. Skills OrganizationsCertifications PublicationsAwards Languages
  23. 23. Customize Your URL Found under Edit Profile, Edit Public Profile URL
  24. 24. Recommendations Validate Supervisors Colleagues Customers Clients Found under Profile, Recommendations
  25. 25. Draft & e-mail commentsFocus on specific skills / traits Connections copy & paste Review before live Recommend others!
  26. 26. managesonline documentsCollaborate withconnections Found under Edit Profile, Applications, Add an Application
  27. 27. Advertise to connections, employers andrecruiters that you’re job hunting Career Opportunities Job Inquiries Consulting Reference Offers Requests New Ventures Under Edit Profile, very last section
  28. 28. Profile Content ◦ Make my public profile visible to no one ◦ Make my public profile visible to everyone Basics Name, industry, location, number of recommendations Picture Headline Summary Specialties Current Positions Show details Past Positions Show details Education Volunteer Experiences & Causes Organizations Additional Information Groups Under Your Name (top right), Interested In... Settings, Helpful Links, Edit Your Public Profile
  29. 29. DASHBOARD
  30. 30. Trustful business relationships Company co-workers College classmates E-mail address book
  31. 31. Facebook FriendsNo mothers, nieces, high school exesunless relevant
  32. 32. Personalize Your Invites I’d like to add you to my network. Your prediction on cattle futures was insightful. We’re struggling with how to advise clients on long-term prices. Can we discuss this further?
  33. 33. Profession Industry GeographyJoin Discussions!
  34. 34. Actual organizations Exclusive to LinkedIn Open Closed Automatic Approval To All CriteriaDon’t be wounded if you’re rejected Under Search, Groups, type Keywords View others’ groups
  35. 35. GROUPS
  36. 36. Rebecca Page