Can Your Resume Avoid Black Hole ?


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Strategize to ensure your resume winds up at the top of the "A" pile! Millions are lost in the e-black hole. Don't let yours be 1 of them.

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Can Your Resume Avoid Black Hole ?

  1. 1. Rebecca Resume Can Your
  2. 2. Marketing DocumentPromote YOU ! — modesty’s not effective approach  Intrigue — Capture reader above the fold (top 1/3 of 1st page)  Focus — Showcase achievements & skills specific to Sell it ! position sought Don’t tell it.
  3. 3. Don’t Lie !
  4. 4. Hiring Managers  Receive 50-500 resumes per position  Review resume in 5-10 seconds
  5. 5. Long Line of ApplicantsCompetition’s Fierce  Showcase your personal brand, achievements and value  Remain compelling, concise and focused  List RESULTS not responsibilities  Use keywords & buzzwords
  6. 6. Start with Blank SlateType Career Achievements CAR Stories — Challenge, Action, Result Quantify — $, %, # Use in highlights & work experience sections
  7. 7. Stay on Course  Achievements / experience relevant to position sought  Not too little / too much information  TARGET your job search Mall Corp. needs a technical writer. Courtney’s a software developer. Should she apply?
  8. 8. Tenicia sums upher objectiveand expertise
  9. 9. Title + Profile AchievementsFront and Center
  10. 10. Define Expertise  Add skills under profile  Specific to position sought  Pull from job description
  11. 11. Umar’s aSenior LendingOfficer
  12. 12. Leadership Achievments Acquisitions : Led team to develop RFP – >$100M Enterprise Pre-D Recording Service to National Reconnaissance Office as SETA at SAIC. Contract Management : Slashed budget from $150M to $105M by improving staffing and technology efficiencies for EPRS as Lead SETA for SDDS programs at General Dynamics.
  13. 13. Or CAR StatementChallenge : Resolve operational performance—highcosts and productivity bottlenecks in travel division.Action : Streamlined processes, realigned keypersonnel, and re-engineered banking functions byestablishing relationship with high-tech bank.Result : Improved customer service while slashinginvoicing and collection costs—from 10% to <5% and$5M. Volume grew to $30M, reducing ratio evenfurther.
  14. 14. So Far — Compelling !
  15. 15. Career Experience Director of Human Resources and Operations  Responsible for restaurant staffing needs and recruitment.  Responsible for food concessions — sales and payment system.
  16. 16. Highlight Results !  Secured a group of motivated general employees who were paid 15% less by law.  Cut additional labor costs from 28% to 20%, significantly increasing net profits to investors.  Increased concession sales 22% to $2.5M by re-engineering food service stations and fast response payment system.
  17. 17. Add a Testimonial Pull from performance evaluations or recommendation letters Ben showed initiative as our head nurse. He redesigned our walk-through and time-keeping systems, saving both manhour and billing costs. Philippe Martine, MD Charleston VA Hospital
  18. 18. What’s Wrong ?Directly under Heading EDUCATION MA – Clinical Psychology, Case University, St. Louis, MO 1994 - Successfully managed the demands of working full time while carrying a full time graduate school course load. - Senior thesis project : Organizational behavior—How can Barnes & Noble and Amazon co-exist? - Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society BA – Management, Florida State University, Tallahassee 1990 - Developed Telemedicine System as member of Florida Neurological Institute team - Noles Daily Photography, Editor - Member women’s tennis team
  19. 19. Education Not Top AppealAlyssa’s Worked 18 Years Degrees no longer top selling point. Move to the end — unless required in job listing. MA – Clinical Psychology, Case University, St. Louis, MO 1994 - Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society BA – Management, Florida State University, Tallahassee 1990
  20. 20. And Here?CAREERSoftware Development Lead 1986-1990Raytheon Seattle, WASoftware Developer 1984-1986Microsoft Seattle, WAComputer Programmer 1980-1984IBM Seattle, WAAdministrative Assistant 1977-1980Gulf Oil Fairbanks, AKEDUCATIONBS – Computer Science Duke University, Chapel Hill, NC 1976
  21. 21. Ageism Exists Show only 10-15 years’ work experience List prior experience without dates or responsibility bullets No dates for college Plus 1st job not relevant to career path
  22. 22. Is This Relevant ?COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENTThe Salvation ArmyServe as mentor for the Team in Training program, whichrecruits persons to raise funds while preparing as a group formarathon. Led 15 persons to instruct and assist with meetingtheir fundraising goals.Wharton Civic AssociationFundraising Committee – Preparing events for tree plantingand playground projects. Held dinner with silent auction and50-50 raffle.PERSONALMarried with 3 children. Enjoy hiking and reading.
  23. 23. Don’t Waste Space Showcase your career qualifications Certifications, technical skills, professional memberships, awards & publications All illegal — social affiliations, age, marital / family status, nationality, disabilities & medical conditions
  24. 24. Career Knocked Off Course?
  25. 25. Avoid Gaps Out of work for a while? List courses, volunteer, HONESTY is BEST related temp jobs State why Back to school? Laid off or let go? Place at top or within Contract not renewed work history Company relocated to NY Page 2 not always read Left the workforce? Assisted terminal parent Raised child for 3 years
  26. 26. Format Strategies Ample white space  Usual techniques Bold, italics, Modern fonts Arial, Helvetica, Calibri ALL CAPITALS Traditional fonts  Bullets Times, Century, Palatino  Simple lines Font size 11 / 12 points  Minimal use
  27. 27. Electronic Resume Title & key words Strip Formatting in job posting - bold, italics, underline .txt file extension, - bullets unformatted ASCII - tabs Sans serif font - tables Left justify all text - text boxes - page breaks - page numbers Use symbols to replace bullets  or create lines — — —
  28. 28. E-mailing Resume  Follow ad’s instructions  Word preferred over pdf (if not .txt)  Name ―FullName_Resume.docx‖ Helps recruiter file & find it  Subject line, your name & ad’s position  Body, paste resume  Attach resume & cover letter
  29. 29. Resume Strategies
  30. 30. Rebecca