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Q uestion 3

  1. 1. How did you use media technologiesin the research and planning,construction and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Throughout the research and planning,construction and evaluation we used arange of different media technologies todevelop the work, annotate it and displayit. In this presentation I have explainedeach new media technology I have used,the reason why I have used it and how ithas helped improve and develop my work.I have also included a screen shot ofsomewhere in my work where I theprogramme has helped me.
  3. 3. Flickr is a really useful programmewhen it come to displaying picturesand explaining them. I used Flickr in,the aspects of research and planning,and evaluation. For the research andplanning I used Flickr to annotatemagazine adverts and digi packs toshow what the generic conventionsare; for the evaluation, I used it toshow a brief explanation of themedia technologies I used and howthey benefited my work.
  4. 4. Prezi is a really useful presentation toolbecause you can display information in aunique, different way; which is relevantto what you want to show. I used Prezito create a video pitch because itallowed me to mix media technologiestogether, as I embedded videos todemonstrate my points further. I alsoused Prezi to plan my storyboardbecause it showed my intentions in aclear step by step process. Onlinepresentation sites, such as Prezi are agood way to work collaboratively sothat you can receive feedback from arange of different people and it is alsoeasily accessible.
  5. 5. To be able to create presentations and displaythem on slideshare is a really useful toolbecause it allows others to see your work andprovide feedback. It is also a way where you candisplay the presentations you make onto a blog. I used slideshare quite a lot because I created a few different presentations. I used it in the research and planning to show research into digi packs and then also the inspiration for my own designs.
  6. 6. Blogger is a useful media technologybecause it allows you to display the processyou are making and reasonings as to whyyou have done something. I have usedblogger to display all the information I havecollected including my research, planningprocess, construction of my advert, digipack and video and also my evaluation. It issimple to use, yet effective in the way youcan use it and display your work. It is adigital format which allows other people toeasily access your work and provide youwith feedback.
  7. 7. I used word as a way of briefly planning my work for each of the evaluation questions and to write my answers before I transferred the information onto my blog because it is a programme that I am used to using and therefore it is a quick and easy method.Word came in useful for every aspect of mywork because I was able to plan and draft mywork before transferring the final version ontomy blog.
  8. 8. I used Photoshop for the construction of theadvertisement for a number of differentreasons. Firstly, I used Photoshop to edit myphotograph, adjusting the levels of brightnessand contrast and the saturation and then I usedit for the overall construction of positioning thewords.Hannah used Photoshop for the construction ofthe digi pack. She used it to edit the images thatwe were using, positioning the words onto eachpanel and the overall positioning of the imageson each panel.
  9. 9. The Notice have their own Soundcloud page, therefore this was auseful way of finding out about their fans and listening to someof their other to songs to get a feel of their overall style; whichwas important throughout the construction. We also used Soundcloud to download the track we were using for the video.
  10. 10. We used the social networking site Facebook to display arough cut of our music video. This was to receive feedbackfrom other people interested in The Notice’s music andalso to find out what the band members themselvesthought of the video so far. We took on board anyconstructive criticism and changed certain aspectsthroughout the video. As The Notice have their own Facebook page, we used this as audience research. This is because we could see the people that had liked the page and therefore could create our advertising campaign, digi pack and video to suit their tastes. It also showed us bands that were similar to The Notice, meaning that we could relate parts of their music video and styling to ours.
  11. 11. You Tube was an extremely useful technology to use for the research and planning aspect . I used it to clearly show Goodwin’s theories, by using screen shots from scenes from certain music videos. I also used it to develop my ideas in the video pitch, by showing videos which showed a similar resemblance to what we were planning.I also used it to research other bands of a similarstyle to The Notice. This helped me to find ageneric style between them and so that when wecreated our video, we could develop theseconventions.