How effective is the combination...


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How effective is the combination...

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. Personally, I think that our main product and ancillary tasks have a very strong link because of the designs that we have chosen.
  3. 3. One strong link that connects each aspect together is the main theme which runs through the music video, the advert and the digi pack and that is the colour scheme; the use of black and white .
  4. 4. We used the black and white in the music video for the storyline...
  5. 6. For the photograph on the advert...
  6. 8. And for all the images on the digi pack…
  7. 11. Another aspect that links them together is the styling of the band’s name , as it used on the album cover...
  8. 13. On the side of the album and it is featured on the advert…
  9. 15. We took inspiration from Florence and The Machine , as she uses the same font styling throughout every aspect of her work and this is recognisable to her fans.
  10. 17. Therefore, this means that as they are a new band, it is vital that they have something about them that would be instantly recognisable.
  11. 18. Even though the font used on the album and advert is slightly different, because I drew the font for the digi pack, the same styling runs throughout.
  12. 19. An important aspect which is effective in combining the main product and the ancillary task is the footage from the music video and the drawings and photographs used on both the advert and the digi pack.
  13. 23. They all have a running theme of the girl with a ghost like style and either a forest or trees.
  14. 25. This then links them all together and would be instantly recognisable, for example if someone had seen the advert; the digi pack would stand out immediately .
  15. 26. I think that this is something which is important because it should act as one whole product , in order to promote the album, instead of working as individual aspects.
  16. 27. The trees are another aspect which effectively combines the main task and the ancillary tasks.
  17. 29. The forest which appears on the advert creates an enigma for the viewer, because of the use of black and white and the lighting effects that I have used.
  18. 31. It could be interpreted by a number of people in a completely different way because it is up to your own imagination to decipher what it could be about.
  19. 32. The tree used on the digi pack also creates an enigma for the viewer, a sense of not knowing why she was standing with the tree in the distance.
  20. 34. Then of course, the storyline part of the video which is set in a forest also creates a sense of unknowing for the audience because of the drama that is taking place,
  21. 35. … the camera angles used
  22. 36. and the lighting effects.
  23. 38. Using the setting of the forest creates an edge of mystery for the audience because of the surrounding of the trees and the idea that someone could be watching her.
  24. 40. The trees are one of the main parts which lead to the effectiveness in linking the main and ancillary task together because it leaves a lot open to your own interpretation and creates a feeling for the audience where they might want to find out more.
  25. 41. The final shot in the video is the girl standing on the water’s edge looking down .
  26. 43. One of the panels on the digi pack shows a silhouette of a girl standing with a tree in the distance.
  27. 45. This links the two together because it creates a sense of waiting for someone or something to happen and it adds an edge of mystery and could intrigue the audience into wanting to know more.
  28. 46. Using the girl standing by the water’s edge leaves it open for the audience as to what could be the ending to the story and I think this makes the song more dramatic .