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Questionnaire results

  1. 1. Gender Male Female The gender split evenly, 50% for bothmales and females. This is an advantage to my findings as there will be an equal balance of male to female views
  2. 2. Female Male Pop Pop Rock Rock Country Country Dance Dance Punk Punk Rap Rap Indie Indie Some males ticked more than one option in this Females also ticked morequestion which shows their than one answer. Thevariety in music tastes. The majority of them ticked ‘rock’ majority of them ticked as their preference ‘rock’ as their preference
  3. 3. Music Storage Yes NoMusic storage is anything that holds music for example and iPod
  4. 4. Hours Listening to Music per Day 0 1-2 hours 3-4 hours 4+
  5. 5. How do you get your music? The majority of people said they downloaded their music illegally, however there was an almost balance as many people said they purchased it, whether that be online or in stores. They could tick more than one option as there are many ways ofgetting a hold of music. The reason I have not put this in a chart is because the results would not fit
  6. 6. How much would you pay for an album nothing £1-£5 £6-£10 £10+
  7. 7. How do you listen to music iPod computer radio mobile cd tvThere were a range of results for this as there are many ways oflistening to music. The people could also choose more than one option as they might listen to music in different ways
  8. 8. Do you read musicDo you read music magazines - femalemagazines - male Yes Yes No No The next question was ‘How often do you read them?’ the majority of people choose the ‘every couple of weeks’ option as this is typically when new releases of magazines are brought out, such as Kerrang! The main magazines they read were either Kerrang! or Q. Both of these are rock magazines which supports my plan for coursework
  9. 9. subscribed to magazines? Yes No
  10. 10. Do you feel magazines target more males or females? Male Female Both
  11. 11. What attracts you to a magazine?• The majority of answers for this question were either:• Good artists involved• The front cover is catching• There are good articles/news in the magazine
  12. 12. Do you think there is a place for another types of magazine? Yes No The next question was ‘which genre do you feel could have theirown magazine?’. The response to this was mainly Indie, but in the option for other they said that there were already enough magazines for each type of genre but there could be a rock magazine aimed at girls as they can be aimed at males most of the time
  13. 13. Would you want extras within the magazine?• All of the answers said yes, the most popular suggestions were:• Posters• Cd’s
  14. 14. If you do not buy magazines why is this?• The main answer for this was that they could find out everything they needed to know via the internet• Others said it was because they were too expensive• Nobody said it was because they had no interest in music
  15. 15. do you own any band if so what do you own? merchandise? Wrist Band Yes Poster No Autograph CD Hoodie Tops Again they could choose more than on option which is why there are so many results for this question
  16. 16. Favourite artist?• The kooks• You me at six• Bring me the horizon• Katy PerryThese were the majority of results collected
  17. 17. are you more likely to purchase amagazine if your favourite artist is on it? Yes No