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Nitle Model 20090521
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Nitle Model 20090521


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These are the slides for a presentation to the Digital Humanities in Asia Workshop In Hong Kong co-sponsored by the United Board. The presentation was delivered using Multipoint Interactive …

These are the slides for a presentation to the Digital Humanities in Asia Workshop In Hong Kong co-sponsored by the United Board. The presentation was delivered using Multipoint Interactive Videoconferencing (MIV).

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. The NITLE Model Rebecca Davis (Associate Director, NITLE Programs) Bret Olsen (Instructional Technologist) Click here to take your picture. Click here to make a text box. Use this tool to select & resize. Use this tool to point. Make shapes.
    • 2. Introduce Yourselves
    • 3. NITLE is a community-based, non-profit initiative
      • Mission : to advance liberal education in the digital age
      • Focus : undergraduate-centered colleges, universities, and other organizations that share the mission
      • Goals : strategic, effective adoption of digital technologies; innovation in institutional and individual practices.
    • 4. NITLE Programs & Services
      • NITLE Information Services
        • Provides managed technology services for institutions
      • NITLE Network
        • Builds community between peers
        • Offers collaboration support services
      • NITLE Institute
        • Provides professional development for faculty & staff
    • 5. NITLE Information Services: DSpace
      • Digital repository services
        • Quick set up
        • Includes back-end application and server support
        • No need to buy hardware or train staff for back-end support roles.
      • Related professional development offerings
      • Peer community
    • 6. Examples of Campus DSpace Use
      • Kalamazoo College,
        • College Archives ,
      • Whittier College
        • Course Reserves ,
      • Franklin & Marshall College
        • Museum of Art Collection ,
        • Visual Resources Collection ,
    • 7.  
    • 8. Pennsylvania Folk Art Collection
      • “This collection presents highlights of The Phillips Museum of Art’s exceptional permanent collection of Pennsylvania Folk Art, as well as several fine examples of 18th century portrait painting. . . . made possible through the generous support of an institutional digital initiatives grant.”
    • 9. NITLE Network
      • Peer communities allow campuses to share expertise and experience.
      • Connect in a variety of ways.
        • Face to face
        • Email lists
        • Monthly Online events
        • Twitter
    • 10. What’s your favorite communication mode?
    • 11. NITLE-IT
      • For those who are charged by their institutions with supporting or advancing pedagogical uses of technology on campus. Participants exchange ideas, provide peer support, and share information on a regular basis.
      • [email_address]
      • Special Topics for Instructional Technologists (monthly)
      • Instructional Technology Leaders Meeting
      • Online Conference for instructional technologists
      • Community discussion on ways to deal with economic downturn
    • 12. NITLE Chinese Community
      • Conferences: Technology-Assisted Approaches to Teaching Chinese (November 2007)
      • Chinese discussion list and Moodle space
      • Leads to cross-campus collaboration, e.g., three faculty from University of Puget Sound, DePauw University, and Amherst College in joint panel presentation at 2009 CLTA
      • Chinese Studies Seminar group, June 2009
    • 13. Professional Development
      • Conferences
        • Bring faculty and staff together around ways technology is impacting the community
        • Face to Face: First Year Seminars: Integrating Technology, June 2009
        • Online: Mapping for Sustainability, April 2009
    • 14. Monthly Online Series
      • Special Topics in Digital Teaching
        • Digital Storytelling
        • Teaching with Digital Games
        • Grassroots Video
        • Teaching with Blogs
      • Special Topics: Teaching Tools for the Global Age
        • Video-Conferencing for Global Education
    • 15. Workshops to Go
      • Face to face
      • Online
        • 3 live meetings
          • Highly interactive
        • Asynchronous work
        • 10 participants
      • Ongoing access to materials
      Word Cloud created by
    • 16. Current Topics for Online Delivery
      • Digital Repositories: Using DSpace
      • Emerging Technologies and the Liberal Arts Campus
      • Manakin : Developing Interfaces and Interactivity for DSpace
      • Social Software for Education: Collaborative Learning and Research Practices
      • Teaching with Learning Management Systems: Moodle , Sakai
      • Virtual Collaboration
      • Web-Based Video-Conferencing
      • Web 2.0 Storytelling
    • 17. Workshops to Go Catalog
      • Introduction to Digital Teaching
      • Emergent Forms of Digital Teaching
      • Tools for Digital Teaching
        • Images
        • Audio
        • Visualization and Analysis Tools
        • Video
        • Multimedia Presentation and Publishing
        • Learning Management
        • Information Management
    • 18. Emergent Forms of Digital Teaching
      • Podcasting for the Liberal Arts Classroom
      • Virtual Collaboration
      • Social Software for Education: Collaborative Learning and Research Practices
      • Multimedia Narrative: Communicating with Stories
      • Gaming and Teaching: Virtual Environments for Liberal Education
      • Pedagogical Implications of Wireless and Mobile Technologies
      • Web-Based Video-Conferencing: Teaching, Learning, and Collaborating
      • Project Management and the Liberal Arts Campus
      • Web 2.0 Storytelling
      • Grassroots Video
    • 19. Information Management
      • Digital Repositories: Using DSpace
      • Handling Information Overload
      • Manakin: Developing Interfaces and Interactivity for DSpace
      • Digitization Strategies, Technologies, and Practices