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  • Phallic
  • Music magazine

    1. 1. By Rebecca Dafter
    2. 2. The masthead of this magazinecover Q is on placed on a red boxwhich makes the white text standout as it contrasts with thebackground it’s on. The mastheadis behind the main image whichshows that the magazine is so wellknown that you are able to coverit.
    3. 3. • The selling line for ‘Q’ on this issue is the black banner above the masthead on the front cover reading ‘FREE MUSIC INSIDE’ which interests people to buy the magazine as they believe they will be given free music when in fact it will be links to websites or download links.
    4. 4. • The main image is of ‘Florence and the Machine’ The shot used for the photo is a long shot, which is unusual for a magazine, however the full body image is appealing to the male buyers. The artist on the front is wearing revealing clothing as this is what will attract male viewers. The artist is looking down which suggests power, her pose emphasises this. Her red lipstick is stereotypically sexy.
    5. 5. • There are pictures of famous landmarks around the world behind the main image, which suggests that this artist is conquering the world, kind of like a super hero, which is something that appeals to men, the images are also Phallic.
    6. 6. • The colour scheme for the magazine is red, white, black and grey. The cover used 4 different colours instead of the usual 3 to attract more attention, and catch the eye of readers. The white background compliments the image as the artist is dressed in black, the red text of the white background also compliments the masthead as they follow the colour scheme.
    7. 7. • There is one button on the front cover, which is telling you about a feature you can find inside of the magazine ’41pages of reviews’. It has a red font to emphasise its importance. The button looks carefully placed to keep with the sophisticated setting.
    8. 8. • In this front cover, the selling lines are the name of the artist ‘Florence and the machine’ with a large full body image however this isn’t the biggest selling line on the cover, the banner at the top is the most dominant and draws the reader in. This is not normal for a magazine as typically the selling line would be the artist on the front cover
    9. 9. • The explanatory text are quotes from interviews within the magazine such as ‘I want to beat my own head in’ which interests people to read further into the story. Quotes also allow the reader to know that there are interviews indie the magazine and allows the reader to connect with the interviewee before further reading
    10. 10. • On this front cover, there are at least five types of font which is unusual for a front cover as usually magazines tend to stick to 3 types; keeping a simple yet professional and neat look. This magazine breaks conventions to give it that urban feel which is relevant to this particular magazine.