Poster flatplan and rationale


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Poster flatplan and rationale

  1. 1. This is my old flat plan however after creating this style of poster I found that it wasn’t very good and didn’t seem to attract an audience as it certainly wasn’t enticing me and so decided to change the flatplan.
  2. 2. Image use I have decided to use a graphics image as I feel that using a graphics image will entice a younger audience and I plan on enticing both old and young people for my product and so creating a graphical I think will appeal to both. I would like to use something like The Guardian as they use posters which use graphic images (text) that allow you to know more about a newspaper and The Guardian have used it to tell their audiences that they don’t shout about their articles because if you shout about everything when you have something to shout about nobody will take any notice because you shout about everything. I want to use this style however I don’t want to talk about shouting I want to write about my product being ‘your positive paper’. Colour usage Similar to The Guardian I plan to use a mixture of colours for the main image however I want to use a more relaxing colour for the masthead as I plan on using a blue colour for the colour palette and I know that this colour can be used effectively in a newspaper product is because The Mirror use it in their colour scheme. The reason why I have chosen for blue is because it is a relaxing colour associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding and softness and this is something that represents the goodness in society and that is what I want my product to be about happiness. Text Usage As this is a poster there is not usually a lot of text because as it is a poster it is something people see whilst passing and so it needs to be eye catching enough for them to stop and look at but if thy don’t have time to do this it needs to have a bold message so that people will remember and want to read about. As this is the start of the product I felt that including stories would be promoting the articles rather than promoting the product and so for the time being I plan to promote the product in a similar way. Layout and font For the font I plan on using Times new roman as this is the font typically used for newspapers and I would like to use something conventional for newspapers.