Deconstruction of 3 magazines covers


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Deconstruction of 3 magazines covers

  1. 1. Deconstruction of 3 Magazines BY Rebecca Black
  2. 2. The masthead is the biggest size fontof the magazine and this is to entice Q Magazine – Cheryl Rocks Cheryl Cole has been staged so that she looks rock chick for example the silverthe reader into reading the magazine The magazine has a very ordered style as it is very organized stud ring, black smoky eyes and thebecause of what the magazine is very neatly all the way around the image and on the right hand devil red lips – these colours also matchcalled. The white on red Q has been side the writing starts and ends at the same point on each line the style of the magazine.cleverly put together so that it making it look very professionalstands out even though it is not at The magazine has also framedthe center of the magazine. They Cheryl so that her red devil lipshave also boxed this letter, they have are at the center of the image.not done this again in that style to The rain droplets have also beenany other part of the magazine added so that your eyes followmaking this stand out again to the down the page so that your eyesaudience. follow down every story.The essential information islocated underneath the masthead The main image gives the magazineand they have done this because an identity as other magazines willyou will be focusing more on the not have that picture of Cheryl Colemasthead than the little writing on the front of the magazineunderneath. Another thing they making that particular magazinehave also put this text in very stand out from all the rest. Thesmall so that the reader doesn’t picture is very different from whatspot it straight away and they you usually see Cheryl Cole styledhave also not put in any colour to like for example usually see her inthe essential information very bright clothes whereas in thebright so that the reader’s eye picture she is in black leather. Thewould not be caught by it. fact that she is opting for a veryThe sell lines are located at the side of vampire pose also the picture getsthe main image so if the main image the reader interested as you don’tappeals to you, the reader may also be often see Cheryl looking that wayinterested in what is in the rest of the usually.magazine. They have put the text in The main sell line is the only part of the front cover that has used different font They have also used theboxes so that they stand out more and style as the smallest part of the main sell line has the words ‘3words’ to make it same colour theme tothey have put them in boxes to match stand out to the reader because it is the smallest writing there so the magazine keep in theme with thethe style of the masthead and so they have to do something to make it stand out. They also have the word ‘ROCKS’ image and the magazinehave done this to keep a theme to the plastered across the bottom of the magazine and you don’t usually assume rock cover. with Cheryl Cole. They also have minimal writing so that they don’t bore the readermagazine. with a long paragraph.
  3. 3. The masthead is behind the main image The main image is appealing towhich is unusual for a magazine unless Billboard – Carrie Underwood the audience as that is mainlythe magazine name is well known brand the first thing your eye is going to look at as that is the onlywhich Billboard is. Another thing that I picture in the front of magazine.noticed that there is 3 colours in the The main image gives a verymasthead unusual as it is usually 2 but womanly feel as the clothes shethey have also added the colour into the is wearing hugs her figure andcurves of the text instead of around it then at the side of here armand they have also not used the same there is a lot of excess materialcolours in the masthead in the magazine and this is framing the celebrityand they have done this so that the as it is making the eye followmagazine masthead stands out as some down the body to the main sell line. They have also positionedpeople just buy the magazine for what it the celebrity so that her elbowis called not for what it is inside. The also creates a frame so that youmasthead is also the biggest text size follow it along and you see theused on the front cover of the magazine title and you go down and youand they have done this so that the see the main sell line.audience is attracted to the biggest They have also put the light onwriting – the masthead. They have also the celebrity so that your eye iskept to the colour scheme with the rest caught by her natural beautyof the front cover. and her messy hair do and this gives an edgier look to theThe sell lines are located at the image not something you wouldside of the image, underneath relate to Carrie Underwood.the masthead and above theimage and they have done this so The main sell line is located atthat once you have looked at the the bottom of the image andmain image your eye travel to is usually the second largestthe information surrounding. writing on the front of theThey have opted for bold colours magazine after the that the writing stands out They use minimal words onagainst the image as they have the main sell line and if theused red, white and yellow. story or model is enough to draw the audiences attentionThe essential information is in to read that magazine theylocated at the bottom left of have also added a littlethe magazine and they have information for what tonot put anything else around expect. They have also keptthe text so that your eyes with the theme of text colourwould not be drawn away from however they have gotthat information but they have different text style so that thealso not put the writing big so audience will notice thatthat they focus more on the information first and o that itstories of the magazine so you will stand outwill be swayed more to but it.
  4. 4. The masthead is displayed acrossthe top of the image and usually Flavour - JLS The essential information is located on the top right of themagazine are displayed behind or magazine. They have also kepton top of the main image however the text style with the rest of thethey have opted for a different magazine. They usually have theapproach by having a strip along essential information with thethe top just for the masthead. smallest text size however thisThey have also decided to go for information is quite big as they area block, black background and advertising that the ‘#18orange, block text and these NOV/DEC – FREE’ and that iscolours stand out on top of each something that they want to boastother. They have also about and something they wantincorporated the masthead with the audience to see but they don’tthe rest of the front cover of the want that information to detractmagazine. They have also used from main image and they havethe same text style though out the not got the information as big asfront cover. the main sell line information.The main sell line is veryappealing to all those JLS fans out The main image is connected tothere and it is not very hard to the main sell line – JLS.. Themiss that they are in the magazine magazine has also got the JLSas the band name ‘JLS’ are boys to look very calm andplastered across the bottom of the relaxed - a very intriguing look.magazine nearly the same size if They have also got Aston to holdnot bigger than the size of the his shirt to make your eye followmasthead and this shows that down and look at the names alongthey are aiming to entice the the bottom and they have also gotmagazine because of the band as the bands name beside so thatwell as the name of the magazine. you follow that up and then youThey have bold colourful writing follow the image round. Theand then smaller writing around so lighting has been done so that thethat the audience has a quick look light hits off the side of the facesat what to expect inside of the and this attracts the audience tomagazine. each of their faces. They haveThe sell lines are artist names along also positioned them so that theythe bottom and this is not in the usual have the other band membersstyle you usually see a sell line as behind in a protective stance.they would normally have a little They have been positioned so thatparagraph along the side of the main the main singer – Aston Merrygoldimage however they have may have is at the focal point of the imagedone this for a reason - to stand out and the magazine have done thisfrom other magazines. They have because Aston is most loved inused the same text style as the rest of the band and so the magazinethe magazines and they have used tobright colours against a black have done this to entice thebackground so that they stand out. audience.