9 shot analysis - Taylor Swift (Safe & Sound)


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9 shot analysis - Taylor Swift (Safe & Sound)

  1. 1. 9 shot analysis Taylor Swift – Safe and SoundBy Rebecca Clarke
  2. 2. This extreme wide shot of the tree sets the scene in amisty field. The colours are associated with an indiegenre and also makes the video seem cold. This shotis shown before the music starts so it builds up theatmosphere and timing as they get quicker.
  3. 3. This panning shot from behind the tree tracks theartists movement. This is followed by a mediumclose up in the woods. The pace of her movementsfits in with the timing of the music, thereforeillustrating the music.
  4. 4. This focus pull shot shows the depth of the forest andalso shows how little leaves left on the trees. Thislinks with the atmosphere as she is the only personaround. Only a slightly can red berries be seen on thebush, this could shows that life in the forest is startingbut also the colour connotations from red are dangerbut is more likely to be love in the case of this video.
  5. 5. This close up side shot of the artist shows her facialexpressions and emotion she is portraying. Linkingto the mood of despair and emptiness, the colourstie in with the overall mise en scene and produce acold music video.
  6. 6. This low angle shot of the trees again shows thateverything has gone which was once there, thiscould also be the message within the narrative. Thesky is also white which could connote purity,coldness and emptiness. This also applies to herdress.
  7. 7. Again this focus pull shot inside the cabin, of theother two artists are used as cross over shots toshow the music amplifying the visuals as a guitar isheard. The colours of the scene are brown andorange, these are often associated with a indie folkgenre, therefore conforming to conventions of indie.
  8. 8. This shot eye level close up shot of the artists feetshows the danger of the nails in the bridge. Thiscould show how the artist only cares about theperson she is missing. The length of the artists dresscan represent a fashion era or the fact that it might beset in the past.
  9. 9. This shot high angle of the artist lying down shows arepresentation to an animal in the woods as she islying in the soil. As she is alone it also seems as if shewaiting for someone. One spotlight is used in this partbecause the viewers are supposed to focus on theartists facial expressions and body movement.
  10. 10. This close up of the artists hands shows a voyeuristicside to the video as the artist sings to herself. Theuse of this at the end of the video amplifies the lyricsand visual as it says ‘you and I will be safe andsound’. It seems as if she know who she waiting fortherefore waiting in the woods for them.