9 shot analysis - my production


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9 shot analysis - my production

  1. 1. 9 Shot analysis { A2 music video Destroy the skyline – For Contradiction
  2. 2. This low angle pan of the trees sets shows theaudience that it the music video is set in a woods. Thecolours are associated with an indie genre and alsoshow the season in which gives connotations settingthe atmosphere. This is cold but still bright because ofthe leaves.
  3. 3. This high angle shot is used to show the characterwalking through the woods, this allows the audienceto see the body language and pace. The visuals areillustrated by the music as the beat of the guitar ismatched to the pace.
  4. 4. This close up on the hand gives a sense of voyeurismwhich links to Laura Mulveys theory. In this part ofthe clip, the Alice in Wonderland style bracelet can beseen and references the idea of being in the woods tothe book.
  5. 5. This medium shot of the characters hair makes us feellike we are directly walking behind the character.Because of this it makes us feel involved in the musicvideo and grow an emotional attachment to thenarrative.
  6. 6. This side close up of the characters face allows us tosee the facial expressions in which is portrayed.Linking to the mood of despair and emptiness, thecolours tie in with the overall mise en scene andproduce a cold music video.
  7. 7. This close up of the hand again is used to showfemininity. The focus pull on the branch and sceneshows the depth of the woods and also shows thecolour. The connotations of the green could be envyand selfishness which would then illustrate the lyrics‘I wait for no one’.
  8. 8. This high angle shot allows us to see the characteropening the book. This is also a shot reverse shot ofthe book which allows us to see what the charactersdoing from a different angle. In this part we can seethat the video fits into the indie genre because of theprops, costume and colours are unique in style.
  9. 9. This over the shoulder shot as an audience makes usfeel like we are secretly watching what the character isgoing to look at in the book. this will bring theattention to focus upon the relevance of the book. Thelighting in this shot is clear and appears like it is in aspotlight.
  10. 10. This wide shot allows us to see the character andsurroundings. The sky is white which could connotepurity, coldness and emptiness. This also applies toher dress as it ties in with the overall mise en scene.