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Connecting Crossplatform Content with Customer Behaviors
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Connecting Crossplatform Content with Customer Behaviors






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Connecting Crossplatform Content with Customer Behaviors Connecting Crossplatform Content with Customer Behaviors Presentation Transcript

  • Connecting Cross-Platform Content withCustomer BehaviorsAnne ClaudioDecember 9, 2010
  • Topics• Ad effectiveness and TV show monitoring through social media• GameSpot Trax• 3 Screen learnings 2
  • Examining Sprint Sponsorship of Survivor & Other TV Shows • Objective: Gauge online buzz of Sprint & TV shows − CBS: Survivor (Heroes & Villians) − ABC: Flash Forward & Desperate Housewives − NBC: Heroes − Fox: 24 − Sprint* • Measure patterns of Social Media Activity – February through June, 2010 • Examine the co-occurrence of Sprint with each show − How salient is the Sprint name with each show in social media mentions? − Which show couples the best with Sprint in social media?3
  • Survivor Edges Out Heroes for Overall Mentions Social Media Activity for Feb – Jun 2010, by Show Sprint Fox:24 ABC:Flash Forward ABC:Desperate Housewives NBC:Heroes Adjusted NBC:Heroes CBS:Survivor 0 50000 100000 150000 200000 250000 300000 350000 Blogs Forums News Twitter4
  • Survivor and 24 have Similar Mention BalanceAcross Social Media Sources Share Percentage of Social Media Activity by Show for Feb – Jun 2010 Fox:24 ABC:Flash Forward ABC:Desperate Housewives NBC:Heroes Adjusted NBC:Heroes CBS:Survivor 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% BlogSP ForumsSP NewsSP TwitterSP5
  • Sprint & Survivor Trend Similarly Survivor Sprint Blogs Twitter 47% Communication 34% Content Day Before Day Before Total Season Premiere Season Finale6
  • Sprint, 24, Desperate Housewives Trends 24 Desperate Housewives Blogs Sprint Day Before Season Finale Twitter 47% Communication 34% Content Day Before Season Finale Total7
  • Sprint, Flash Forward, Heroes Trends Heroes FlashForward Blogs Sprint Twitter 47% Communication 34% Content NBC announces cancellation Total8
  • Co-Occurrence Defined • For our purposes, co-occurrence is the frequency of the keywords for Sprint and a particular TV show mentioned together in the same utterance. – An utterance here means: − A tweet − A blog post − A forum post − A news story – Example: “Sprint Player of the Week on Survivor” • Implications: frequent co-occurrences create semantic relations and associations.9
  • Survivor and Sprint Tied Together Much More Than Other Shows Sprint & Show Co-occurrences for Feb – Jun 2010 NBC:Heroes ABC:Desperate Housewives ABC:Flash Forward Fox:24 CBS:Survivor 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 News Forums Blogs Twitter10
  • Sprint-Survivor Word Cloud11
  • Sentiment on Sprint & TV shows TV Show Subjectivity1 Polarity2 Comment CBS: Survivor 0.15 1.3 76% co-occurrence in tweets Fox: 24 0.3 N/A NBC: Heroes 0.19 0.33 36% co-occurrence in tweets ABC: Desperate 2.3 0.75 Most Twitter traffic is about loving being able to watch Desperate Housewives Housewives on Sprint TV or hating the product placement in show ABC: Flash Forward N/A N/A1 Subjectivity is defined as positive mentions plus negative mentions divided by neutral mentions2 Polarity is defined as positive mentions divided by negative mentions12
  • 13
  • THE BIGGEST ENTERTAINMENT LAUNCH IN HISTORY First 5 days of sales = $650MMDark Knight opening weekend = $158M & LTD box office = $533M
  • Why Gamespot and Trax Matter to the Gaming Industry• 2.5 million daily & 45+ million monthly unique users across GameSpot Network• 700 million page views per month• 15+ million total registered users and growing• 60,000+ N. American gaming SKUs covered• 260 online & print editorial outlets monitored
  • Key Benefits of Trax GameSpot website traffic data is highly indicative of actual sales - High correlation between Trax metrics and sales. Used by top publishers and retailers as a major factor in the demand planning process. Market Intelligence & Industry Analysis - Allows game publishers to track the competitive landscape - News on emerging trends, monthly newsletters and quarterly deep dives, and partnership with the NPD Group provide a comprehensive market intelligence layer PR, Marketing, and Advertising efficacy - Easily show correlation of campaign and its effect on purchase intention Consumer Insights - Monthly awareness survey tracking purchase and game play behavior, brand equity, and consumer confidence
  • Trax as a Leading Sales Indicator 2009 Holiday Top Game Top 10 Holiday Games 2009 Prediction Results • Beginning of Q4 2009, GameSpot Trax released – Top 10 Holiday 2009 Games – Next 15 Top Games of Next 15 Top Holiday 2009 Games Holiday 2009 • 100% accurate with the Top 10 Holiday 2009 Games • 93% accurate with the Next 15 Top Holiday 2009 GamesThe NPD Group. October through December 2009 PC and video game software sales. Note: Gran Turismo 5 was originally in the top 10 list, but slipped into 2010. Final Fantasy Versus XII was originally in the next 25 list, but slipped into 2010.
  • Holiday Predictions for 20101. Call of Duty: Black Ops2. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood3. Fallout: New Vegas4. Fable III5. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II6. Just Dance 27. Medal of Honor8. NBA 2K119. Rock Band 310. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Predictions for titles released in Q4 2010 by retail sell-thru dollars
  • Trax Reflects Real World Outcomes Call of Duty franchise sales vs. GameSpot Page Views Last 4 iterationsM 10.0MM Page Views 3 month sell-thru 9.4MM 9.0MMM • High correlation between site 38.2MM traffic and real world outcomes. 8.0MMM As traffic grows, so do sales. 7.0MMM • 6.0MM Black Ops is tracking slightlyM higher than Modern Warfare 2. 5.2MM (Activision just announced first 5.0MM 4.7MMM week sales to be 18% higher than 4.0MM Modern Warfare 2)M 3.0MMM 12.3MM • Post-release traffic activity is also 10.4MM 2.0MM 2.0MM indicative of “second wind”M 7.4MM opportunities – DLC, etc. 1.0MM 2006 2007 2008 2009M 0.0MM Call of Duty 3 Call of Duty 4: Call of Duty: World Call of Duty: Modern Warfare at War Modern Warfare 2 Sell-thru data provided by the NPD Group. Page view data provided by GameSpot Trax (six months of page views prior to release)
  • The Tool
  • Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, theegg of the phoenix. -Christina BaldwinWhenever you find yourself on the side of themajority, it is time to pause and reflect. -Mark Twain
  • Traditional Media PlatformsEmerging Media Platforms 23
  • Background • CBS Interactive partnered with Insight Express to better understand the flow emerging between the “three screens” – TV, Internet and mobile – utilizing a cross-platform survey • The goals of this study were to delve into initial questions: – Do consumers have specific content they consume on each screen? How does content flow from one screen to another? – How can advertisers follow users across the different screens they use? • Special attention within the survey and in this analysis was given to the emerging screen of mobile24
  • The Need to be Connected is Pervasive• Over one quarter (76%) of people reach for one of the 3 screens as first choice each morning• Mobile recruited users were over 3x more likely to say check mobile device than total respondents• Dominance exhibited in mobile is not seen by dotcom or TV panel consumers to their relative platforms First Thing Consumers Do In Morning 17% 54% of mobile recruited consumers 24% Check mobile device Check computer Turn on TV None of these 27% 32% 34% of TV Panel recruited consumers 36% of dotcom recruited consumers 25
  • Mobile Affinity is Coming on Strong ONCE YOU GO MOBILE, YOU DON’T GO BACK • 80% of Mobile recruited say they’re increasingly using their mobile device for things they used to do on their computer – 11% of TV and 22% of Dotcom recruited say they are • Nearly two thirds (61%) of Mobile recruited are replacing dotcom behavior by going to the same sites on their mobile devices as on their computer – The app market will drive usage/experiences different from dotcom26
  • Consumers Expect to be Messaged to Differently on the Different Screens Top answer to “Has TV Panel CBS CBS advertising that…” Dotcom Mobile • TV = Impact and entertaining Internet on • INTERNET = Specific andKeeps you up to date TV (62%) TV (39%) computer (48%) informativeYou notice TV (59%) TV (52%) TV (49%) • MOBILE = Specific and useful TV (43%) & Internet onIs useful to you Internet on computer (51%) Mobile (34%) Computer (41%)Is entertaining TV (67%) TV (57%) TV (52%) Internet onYou are likely to act on TV (45%) computer (41%) TV (34%) Internet onIs targeted to my interests TV (41%) computer (51%) Mobile (29%) 27
  • 3 Screen Learnings • Screen preferences by content exist • Mobile users aren’t simply a subset of online consumers • TV and mobile play well together • To date, consumers see distinct benefits of advertising messaging by screen • Need for fully integrated 3-screen communication plan to completely reach audiences28
  • Yesterday Today Tomorrow LINEAR NON-LINEAR PLATFORM CONTENT POV DRIVEN DATA DRIVEN TV TV Radio Radio Print Print TV “Internet” Radio CONTENT “Digital” Print Facebook Twitter YouTube Smartphones CONTENT Xbox Live iPad Etc…29
  • 30