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[Other Elements] Analysis:
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[Other Elements] Analysis:


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Published in: Education
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  • 8.
    • Size of writing
    • Font choices/ font styles
    • Size of images- encourages and persuades audience to buy
    • Central image: attract target audience (lure) as it is the first thing seen boldness makes product=more noticeable
    • Images+colours- gives extra info on product (clothes?)
    • Image placement and placement of those within the image- does the product or band come across as dominant etc-
    • Overall appearance= related to band or song???
    • Extras- freebies, competitions etc-
    • Do they offer more than one product?
    • Does it engage fans of the genre? or broaden target market?
    • Reiterate =repeat, go over
    • Time limits- make product more exclusive and in demand as people want things that no one else has
    • Institution logos- helps convince and reassure audience that the product has been approved by an official company name
    Poster :Look for:
  • 9. Importance of information shown through size Image covers majority of the area show that it is the most important above everything –’picture worth a thousand words’-taken literally as a pic covering most the poster=reoccurring thing Record company –BELLA UNION- reassures consumer OUT NOW-statement- command Awards earned- used as a promotional device to impress consumers and influence them Repeated word -’year’ - magnify the achievement and the competion Available at iTunes=more accessable Image=painting-artistic –slightly odd if looking at it without knowing who they were however, painting = medieval –during these times folk music was popular –relates to the bands folk music In a review from The Gaurdian’s The observer they mention ‘agricultural labour ‘ being ‘as folk a theme as you could wish for’ further explaing the reasons behind the choice of image. Image-a lot going on suggests that music on album=either fast or use of a number of instruments
  • 10. Noise- associated with storm Use of metaphor allows – artist to portray message through the use of image 2 sets of storm clouds –symbolic? Of 2 people involved in love- argument- fights Mention the difference in colours and what they represent as well as the majority of the poster being covered by the lighter half-suggest that good love overcomes bad love-however light part has darker parts showing that love can be penetrated Gives different ways of receiving album=accesible
  • 11. Lungs=clear what the album is called fghdfjhdfjfdjdj
  • 12. Image links to genre and convention of music video-links to performance based genre
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  • 15. [ CD COVERS ]
  • 16. CD :Look for:
    • Modern=simplistic
    • Area image covers -importance
    • Image:text ratio-importance
    • Content of record influences album artwork or like videos –element of disjuncture
    • Allows people to relate to artist(s) and genre
    • Contrasts to background colours
    • Amount of writing
    • Colours- do they relate to genre? Dark?bright? Bold? Font style, theme
    • Lighting-used to enhance back ground? Or vice versa-
    • Where is the light coming from? What does this signify?
    • Body language
    • Trend-do genres follow a trend eg futuristic-robotic
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  • 18. gf
  • 19. According to various reviews, and personal opinions, Friendly Fires self titled album, released in 2008, paints a picture of a more ‘glamorous lifestyle’, it allows listeners to imagine ‘the promise of a party that can go anywhere’. It mixes a variety of musical styles, such as dance and lo-fi pop, with it’s apparent rock oriented sound. The record has already been played in both America and Japan, and in comparison to other bands, their music is less angry-considering its rock based origins
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  • 21. Red-connotes danger -links to title-troublemaker
  • 22. All upper case-like shouting-reflects the nature of the artist Colours(blue, grey, black white)-reflect the song title ‘ICE ICE BABY Importance shown through levels-image taking up the most space as they are the brand –their name follows in being the next thing to take up the most space The image shows the jedward boys they are clearly linked due to the fact that they are twins, however, the fact that they are wearing similar outfits emphasizes the link between them. Centre of cover is lighter drawing consumers attention to the centre of cover where the main attraction is
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