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  3. 3. Like many other promotional posters, importance of information is shown through The main image is a size. The name of the artist can be seen at the top of the poster, showing us that painting, linking in with this is the most important thing above all else. It is also in the biggest font, the artistic element further emphasizing this importance. The image then covers the majority of the within the groups music. poster showing us that even though the band is important, in this case, promoting It reflects the medieval their album is more significant. The significance of this image can also be linked period where folk music was popular, in regard to to the popular saying that a this poster, this acts as ’picture is worth a thousand a link to the bands folk words’; looking at this style music. In addition poster, this saying has been to this, in a review from taken literally as the image The Guardians The covers the majority of the Observer, it is mentioned area. This, importance being that ‘agricultural labour’ reflected by size, seems to be is ‘as folk a theme as you a reoccurring pattern within a could wish for’ further lot of the promotional posters explaining the reasons I’ve seen. behind the choice of image. Incorporating the names of the awards earned by the There is a lot going on in artist acts as a promotional the foreground of the device; their inclusion image –suggesting that the allowing consumers to be music on the album is impressed and also either fast paced or that influencing them to buy the the music incorporates the record. By repeating the use of a number of word ’year’ the poster instruments. magnifies the artists high level of achievement as well The inclusion of the as highlighting their artist’s record company competition. ‘BELLA UNION’ (shown below) reassures the consumer as By making the album they are able to recognise ‘Available at iTunes’ that the product is (shown below) the artist legitimate. In addition to has made their product this, it is also common to more accessible to its see a relative website on a audience. promotional poster,reinforcing this legitimacy. The black background of the poster allows both the white text and the image to stand out and therefore catch the consumers attention.
  4. 4. Again, through There is a clear link between thesize, the name image and text. Through the use of theof the artist word ‘Noise’ we are able to associatecomes across the record name with the image of theas the most storm clouds. By using a metaphor asimportant. the title of the record, the artist isHowever, it able to portray their message throughuses no the use of a metaphorical imagecapitals incontrast to Within the image itself there are twothe all sets of storm clouds. Taking intocapital consideration the image as well as thelettered record title, this may be symbolic ofrecord title, those in love who experience hardshipsthis comes (e.g. arguments or fights). It may alsoacross as eye be the artists interpretation of lovecatching as it which suggests that love is like theis unusual and weather and cannot be predicted.uncommon. In Looking at each set individually, theaddition to majority of the poster seems to bethis, the covered by the lighter clouds,specific suggesting that the good parts withineffect on love overweigh the bad. However, thecertain fact that the lighter area still hasletters due to darker parts to it suggests that thisthe font love can be, e.g.the slight In addition to this, the clearslant of the division between the two sets ofV’s, makes the clouds, also suggest that thetext artist is able to differentiatememorable, in between these good and bad opinion, This allows the product to becomethe font more relatable, enabling consumerschoice is to, in a way, connect with theeffective in product on a more personal level.this way.Again, through the inclusion of the record By mentioning the different ways of receiving the label and artist website, the audience is record, this promotional poster has made its able to recognise that the product is product more accessible to its audience. legitimate.
  5. 5. There are three The main image shows a member of the band looking fonts present on up, possibly to God; this, possibly, links in with this poster all the record title where it reads ‘September Ends’of which contrast -through this idea, we are able to make links towith one another. Judgement day, possibly broadening the audience out Through these to a more religious market. different font styles the The band member looks as though he is performing consumer is able -this may act as a reflection of the largely to distinguish performance based videos that come from the Rock the artist from genre.the song title to By using a large central image, the promotional the information poster becomes bold and makes the product more provided within noticeable to the consumer.the bottom third.The difference in Throughout the entire bottom third, key words have font also makes been highlighted -making them more memorable. In the information addition to this, the other products being promoted clearer as it use the same image as the central one (however one makes it easier has been reversed), by doing this it is easier forto understand. In the consumer to remember what these products lookaddition to this, like. The fact that these images have been repeated importance is, makes this memorability stronger, also creating a again, shown sense of dominance (or stage presence) on thethrough size; the artists part. By wearing the colour black the difference in artist’s authority is emphasized. fonts further highlights these By offering multiple products there is a higher significances. chance that the audience will be interested in buying something, in a way, giving off the impression that The use of the the band is well known and, therefore, allowing colours black, consumers to want to know more about them. However, white and red this approach may be less effective as there is more are extremely for consumers to focus on. suggestive ofthe Rock genre. The repetition The small introductory- By specifying Further persuasion takesThe predominant of the words like paragraph is both the day of place through the mentionuse of black is ‘OUT NOW’ are persuasive and release the of the ‘Make Poverty slightly statement-like. informative. This consumer is History’ charity (shown predictable as In a way, they persuasion is continued given the right), by includingit reflects the act as a with the mention of a impression that this, consumers will be more enthusiastic about dark edge to command, ‘FREE DVD’. By doing it is a special buying the product as they’d know it would be both the genre therefore, this the product being occasion –in a going to a good cause. In addition to this, and music. consumers are promoted becomes more way, making the through the inclusion of logos and websites, more likely to attractive to the product more consumers are reassured c of the products respond to this consumer as it lures exclusive. legitimacy. order. them in.
  6. 6. [CD COVERS]
  7. 7. The image on the Foals record, as well as the title, looks hand drawn – creating a sense of sincerity around the record and also giving off the impression that band has worked hard and put a lot of effort into it. Looking at the image itself, it is very abstract, making the audience feel intrigued to know more. The mouth full of pills, however, create a clear link between the image and record title. This point is further emphasized by the use of colour being concentrated in that area. * In regard to both * The confidence behind both bands are shown through the images of their record covers. Looking at the record covers, they Foals record, the image is sharp and includes the use incorporate the use of defined lines, this shows the consumer that they of a simple layout. know who they are. The fact that the detail of the Through this image, i.e. shading, colour, is centred around the simplicity these face and neck area, shows us that the band is still covers come across developing. In addition to this, the minimal use of as modern and colour along with the use of black on beige suggests stylish, making it more of a Rock edge within the record. In regard to eye catching and the Friendly Fires record, again, the band’s interesting to the confidence is shown through the strength and vibrancy consumer as it draws of the images colours as they stand out from the their attention black background. The main image of this cover directly to the remains sharp and defined but as a whole, there is a softer edge to it -giving us an insight into what the* image. Both records are from the Indie record is like. * genre but take on a completely In both covers, the importance of an different appearance to one element (an image or text) is shown through another. Keeping in mind that size. However, looking at Friendly Fires’ Indie is still a relatively new record, this importance seems to be genre, originating in the 80’s, balanced as the band name uses an opaque, this contrast in approach may block colour to show its significance while come down to the fact that the the album title uses a bigger font Indie genre has no particular equalizing the levels of importance; this colours associated with it balance in importance is further reiterated -further emphasized by use of by the fact that the record title ‘PALA’ is various colours on both translucent. Nonetheless, in both cases the records. images seems to be the centre of attention.This ‘Friendly Fires’ record is based on Aldous Huxleys final novel ‘Island’, ittells the story of a journalist shipwrecked on the fictional island of Pala. This island supports a utopian society which is reflected through the inclusion of an exotic bird. This image is placed in front of a black background, making its presence more prominent, therefore, catching the attention of the consumer. The vivid colours of the bird possibly act as a reflection of the pop/dance element within the music as well as its influences from around the world. In addition to this, the bird is shown mid-flight possibly suggesting that the band are taking off in terms of their music, also creating a sense of freedom and nature which then goes back to records influence from the novels utopian society.
  8. 8. Looking at this cover, it seems as though it has taken some influence from the Sex Pistols single cover for ‘God Save The Queen’ (shown right) –this is a good example of how the Pop genre takes its influences from other genres. However, in order to adapt to stay within the conventions of Pop, this cover incorporates the use of the bright colour pink -linking in with the genres girly origins. Saying this, however, looking at this cover it is clear to see that development has been made within the Pop genre itself as the artist, formally a part of Pop group Girls Aloud, is also widely known within the fashion industry. The fact that her eyes are covered by her Looking at the use of bright record title colours within this cover, wecreates a direct are able to see that thelink between the product is being aimed toward two. Saying a young audience demographic – this, the lack possibly aimed more toward of text makes females through the covers the cover predominant use of the colour straightforward pink. Through its further use and easy to of luminescent lighting, the understand. artist is made to look flawless enabling us to see The vibrancy of how the artist conforms toher red lips can suit the conventions of Pop. be liked to the In addition to this, theginger colour of artist’s flawless-ness allows her hair – its young audience to aspire possibly to be like her. suggesting that this colour is her trademark. Like many covers, this one The paleness of takes on a very simple format the background –making it look more modern allow these and, in my opinion, more vibrant colours professional. The cover also to stand out to incorporates the use of boththe consumer. striking and contrasting colours, making it stand out The fact that the image occupies the entire cover, suggests that the artist amongst its competition and, is the most important factor within her music, it may also suggest that she therefore, more successful is proud of what she has created. This is emphasized by the fact that her sales-wise. name is in the largest font as well as the boldest.
  9. 9. The use of the colour The image shows a black silhouette of the artist, making it seem as though he isred connotes danger a shadow. This, along with the fact that he has his whole body turned away fromwhich links in with the camera and also holds no eye contact creates a sense of mystery; allowingthe record’s title consumers to become intrigued and therefore consider buying the record. Even‘troublemaker’. In though the image isaddition to this, the silhouetted, it isred looks as though clear to see that theit is spreading artist is looking atoutward -slightly the view. This couldmimicking a sort of also be interpreted asburning effect. This him overseeing hissuggests that the surroundings, in which‘trouble’ being case suggests that hecaused is present has the upper hand. Inthroughout the addition to this,record; the ‘burn’ looking at his stanceeffect mentioned and body language, hepreviously also seems comfortable incontributes to the his position,element of danger suggesting that he isthat the title happy with something -suggests. possibly even proud. Saying this, hisThe use of the colour stance also mimicswhite for the text; that of a superheroand the presence of watching over a city,trees and greenery in however, this wouldthe background of the contradict the titleimage, juxtapose the of the record,sense of danger and suggesting that he‘trouble making’ plays a darker partcreated by the use of within his songs,red in the bottom again linking to theleft corner of the name of the record.record cover. Thewhite of the textstands out making itspresence known. The The slight cityscape, also in the background, suggests that the record has an urbancontrasting use of edge to it. The fact that it is in the background and slightly faded suggests thatblack and white on this background information isn’t as important as the artist himself. In addition tothis cover, again, this, a city is often associated with a fast paced life-style. This allows consumerslinks in with its to gain an insight into what the record is like and, consequently, whether or nottitle. they’d buy it based on their preferences.
  10. 10. Within the eyes of the public, Jedward are seen as immature and childish, however, inThe image shows the terms of their music, Jedward take on a slightly more serious approach. Looking at thisJedward boys. They are image, both of these attitudes are on show through both of their facial expressions.clearly linked due to The fact that the more serious expression is in front of the mischievous one suggeststhe fact that they are that the seriousnesstwins, the fact that of their musicthey are wearing career comes first.similar outfits By doing this, theemphasizes this link consumer is able tobetween them. take them seriously. The fact that theyThe centre of the are both wearingcover is lighter, suits furthergiving off the reinforces thisimpression of a seriousness as itspotlight, gives off thetherefore, drawing impression that theythe attention of are professional.consumers to theheart of cover and The colours usedallowing them to on this cover i.e.recognise them as blue, grey, blackthe main attraction. and white reflect the song titleThe name of the ‘ICE ICE BABY’.artist is in capitalsgiving off the The importance ofimpression that it is certain elementsbeing shouted –this within this coverreflects the are clearly beingpersonalities of theartist. In addition shown through the use of differentto this, the lines levels and surfaceseparating their name areas. For example,from the picture and the image is takingthe title of the up the most spacesingle suggests that as they are thethey stand out and brand; their nameare not the same as then follows,everyone else, again, slightly smaller, clearly showing that The featuring artist is shown in white,reflecting the it is not as important as the ‘artists’ linking in with the song and alsopersona of the act. themselves but still significant. distinguishing their importance on the track.