Media evaluation screen shots


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Media evaluation screen shots

  1. 1. Evaluation of horror trailer shot screens. Rebecca Paterson
  2. 2. Setting and location The shots depicting the setting an location are a series of pans and trackingshots showing a secluded and isolated road of old Victorian houses thepurpose of which is to show how isolated and quiet the setting is. This alongwith the eerie atmosphere adds to the build of tension for the audience torelate to the horror genre.
  3. 3. CostumesThe villains in the trailer are clear shown by the symbolism of the top hat anddark clothing. Also by the fact that it is hard to make out their features as thisadds a hint of mystery and enigma to the trailer. The purpose of the costumeis to add symbolism and motif to the characters.Every character in the trailer is depicted in the same clothes this to helpidentify the characters as villains or victims, one of the characters is wearingred and this symbolises danger and death, like a foreshadow, as she dies first.
  4. 4. EditingIn the trailer there are fades to black and fades out of black this was to cut upeach scene so that the trailer wasn’t one big chunk. This is effective inbuilding up tension and enigma to keep the audiences attention. This wasalso enforced by editing techniques such a jump shots.
  5. 5. Introduction to the charactersIn the trailer we are introduced to the villain in the child’s form first who isshown to be “spying” out of the window, the sun disfigure her face and thesound in the trailer adds a eerie atmosphere. We are then introduced to thevictims as they are moving into the house next door. Then we are introducedto the villain again in the adult form where the link is made between the twoego’s. the introduction to the characters are important as how they areportrayed lets the audience know their identity. This is also helped by thesound on screen.
  6. 6. Special effectsIn the trailer there is a running theme of a flashing effect (in the scenedepicted above, on the title screen and the scene after the title screen) onthe scene depicted above we used an effect called blinkers from final cut, thiscreates enigma and tension in the disequilibrium stage of the trailer. It linksin well with the theme and genre of horror.
  7. 7. Opening scene and genreThe opening scene sets the trailer up as it shows the location andintroduction to the characters this is important as it allows the audience torelate this information to themselves which in turn leads to them forming abond with certain characters allowing them to empathise with them and thisallows an effective build of tension and enigma in the trailer to allow them towant to go and see the movie. Which is what an effective trailer does.The opening scene also hints to the genre of the movie, as the isolatedsetting and the “peeping tom” villain, helped by the sound on screen, hints tothe audience that the genre is horror, which is important as to inform theaudience what type of film it is.
  8. 8. TextThe text that was chosen for the title screen and text for the story line hints is??? And ???. This text was chosen as it fitted in with the genre of horror,white and red stand out against the black background and all colours areconnotations of the horror, good against evil, blood, danger, and death.