Film magazine analysis

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  • 1. Film Magazine Analysis Rebecca Paterson
  • 2. These magazine front covers are not specifically horror genre but have some elements of horrorin them.
  • 3. Forms and Conventions Each magazine has its own colour scheme, this may vary depending on what the front cover image is. Most magazine front colours are variations of Black, White, Blue and Red and Green, mostly because they are colours that stand out and contrast with one another. Empire title is Red to stand out on the background colour of the image. They have a sell line above which has a yellow highlighted section, it is meant to clash with the red title screen and this highlights the theme of the issue or sell the issue. The images main focal point is the face and or a prop. They character is looking directly forwards so that it attracts the reader to the issue. They are well lit, big images, where the text fits around the image rather then the text dominating the page. There is little background on the front cover and the colours usually link in with the colour scheme and text.
  • 4. The text is bold, attracts attention, due to its size and colour, it is the largest text on the front cover apart from the title. This is so that the reader can clearly see the theme and main article of the issue. The text also usually fits in around the image so that it does not dominate the page. There is smaller text that tells you about the other things that are going on in the issue in the from of stickers, banners, or plain text. The text on the front cover is usually the same font and is clear and simple to readColour is very important not only in terms of the colourscheme and over complicating so that there are to manycolours and it becomes to busy, but also because thereader can associate the colours with genre andatmosphere, tone and feel of the movie that is beingadvertised.