Items to be discussed         Minutes                           Action pointsTitle of film, genre, plot,   Suggestions mad...
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Agenda, minutes and action points


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Agenda, minutes and action points

  1. 1. Items to be discussed Minutes Action pointsTitle of film, genre, plot, Suggestions made were; Think about how we will createcharacters “Behind Closed Doors”, “The our title screen in our trailer (to(Week 1) Girl Next Door” and “The be done by Ellie for next week) Neighbour”. Title chosen was “The Girl Next Door” because it List of code and conventions of had a sense of enigma, and was psychological and slasher more powerful as a title. horrors (to be done by Rachel We discussed the option of for next week) creating either a psychological or slasher horror. After Plot outlined in detail and ask discussion we decided on a actors when they are free (to hybrid of the two. be done by Rebecca by next The plot was outlined in our week) preliminary, we refined it, and finalised details as well as deciding our main characters and who would play them.Filming schedule Discussed how and where we House scene schedule to be(Week 2) would film, locations such as written up (to be done by the forest and Rachel’s house Rachel by next week) were decided on as key parts in the trailer. Also what time of To film first scene (to be done the day for different scenes. by all)Filming What scenes can be filmed Film all day time scenes. (to be(Week 3) next. done by all) Started discussion into editing first scene. Edit first scene (to be done by all to be done by next week)Filming Reviewed footage of day time Re-film the first scene and(Week 4) scenes to see if any changes complete filming. (to be done were needed. by all by next week)Filming and Editing Discussed footage we still need Film the rest of our trailer (to(Week 5) to film and when. be done over the October half Used audience feedback to term to be done by Rachel and discuss how we can improve Ellie) our editing to progress our Edit first half of trailer in lesson trailer. to add fade to black transition (to be done by all by next lesson)Final editing Discuss final editing sessions Edit in lesson (to be done by all(Week 6 and onwards) and what needs to be done to in the next 3 weeks) create the final product.