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This slideshow describes an intensive program that immerses participants in Silicon Valley culture.

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You noodle entrepreneurship_immersion_summer_camp_may16_2011

  1. 1. YouNoodleEntrepreneurshipImmersionSummer CampSan Francisco, CAJune 6 – July 1, 2011<br />
  2. 2. Objectives and Background<br />Program components:<br /><ul><li>Theory and Practice
  3. 3. Startup Visits
  4. 4. VIP Networking
  5. 5. Mentorship
  6. 6. Weekend Excursions</li></ul>Objectives:<br />To immerse students in the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial culture <br />2) To teach students the fundamentals of high tech entrepreneurship as pioneered in Silicon Valley<br />3) To connect students to resources, and to thought leaders and serial entrepreneurs<br />4) To help build startup projects by the end of the course.<br /> Tools and delivery:<br /><ul><li>Curriculum designed and delivered by Fenwick and West Consulting Professor at Stanford
  7. 7. Book “Gear-up.” new multimedia and interactive book by former Managing Director at Skype </li></li></ul><li>YouNoodle Background<br />Over 300 universities and entrepreneurship groups have used YouNoodle’s technology, including Berkeley, Stanford, Duke, Yale, and Princeton<br />YouNoodleis a San Francisco based company specialized in designing and implementing entrepreneurship programs. YouNoodle works with governments (e.g. Chile, Singapore, Denmark) as well as top Fortune 500 companies (e.g. Intel, IBM, Microsoft) in building the next generation of entrepreneurs.<br />Located in the heart of the elite network of Silicon Valley, YouNoodlehas access to the best entrepreneurial know-how, people and resources in the bay area. YouNoodle was originally founded by organizers who lead programs at Stanford and Oxford Universities with the intention of connecting and scaling up business competitions on campuses. <br />The company is funded and advised by some of the world's foremost Internet, technology, investment and news innovators, including the first angel investor behind Facebook and both cofounders of PayPal.<br />
  8. 8. Program Description<br /> Networking:<br /><ul><li>Weekly VIP events to meet potential teammates, investors, and advisors
  9. 9. Visits to iconic startups, incubators and university programs</li></ul>Theory: <br /><ul><li>Designed and delivered by Fenwick and West Consulting Stanford professor Tom Kosnik and supplemented by guest speakers including tech experts, venture capitalists, and serial entrepreneurs.
  10. 10. “Gear-up” is an interactive framework authored by a Stanford Professor and an early Managing Director at Skype. This innovative teaching tool will be launched for the first time to students during the camp. It will help students to transform your idea into a high-potential venture in real time. </li></ul>Practice:<br /><ul><li>Teams work on startup projects over the course of the program and learn interactively. Mentors and mock judges provide honest feedback every week</li></ul> Fun:<br /><ul><li>Hackathonweekend project building competition
  11. 11. Weekend excursions to Bay Area sites and team building activities</li></li></ul><li>Theory<br />June 14: Intellectual Property, How to Create, Leverage and Defend your IP<br />June 17: Venture Finance Workshop <br />June 20: Project Presentations and Venture Capital Panel<br />June 24: Social Entrepreneurship and Careers<br />June 27: Final Team Presentations<br />July 1: Course Summary and Final Presentations <br />June 6: Course Overview and Intros, <br />Silicon Valley & Key Frameworks and <br />Overview of “Gear Up”<br />June 8: Building the Startup Team, <br />Creativity & Improvisation<br />June 10: Business Models and Key Metrics. From Idea to Opportunity and <br />Customer Development, Entrepreneurial Marketing<br />June 13: Incorporation, Term Sheets and Cap Table<br />
  12. 12. Gear-Up – The “UnBook”<br />“Gear Up” is a framework that will help you to transform your idea into a high-potential venture in real time. Our Top 10 gears are the most critical components to launch a high-potential company. Behind each gear is a set of models, tools, and frameworks. Everything in this book and the virtual wall behind it has been tested in the trenches by entrepreneurs around the world. The gears are all connected to each other. You know what that means! They all have spin, they have to be in sync, and they have to be connected. Gear Up is based on over 75 years of experience in working with and teaching two generations of global entrepreneurs. <br />Authors: <br />JonasKjellberg, formerManaging Director at Skype<br />Tom Kosnik, Fenwickand West Consulting Stanford Professor<br />Lena Ramfelt, co-founderGearUp Ventures<br />
  13. 13. Key instructors<br />TOM KOSNIK<br /><ul><li>Fenwick and West Consulting Professor, Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP), at Stanford School of Engineering.
  14. 14. International Advisor for National University of Singapore Entrepreneurship Center
  15. 15. Cofounder of Gear Up Ventures
  16. 16. Teaching: Global Entrepreneurial Marketing, Technology Entrepreneurship, New Venture Creation, and Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Program. He taught Marketing at Harvard Business School from 1985-89, and launched HBS’s Entrepreneurial Marketing course in1995-97.
  17. 17. Has served as a leadership coach and advisor to hundreds of entrepreneurial leaders and teams from 1980 to the present.
  18. 18. Clients include:; Apple Computer; Applied Materials; </li></ul> HP China, ; Ernst & Young, IBM; Microsoft and over 50 <br /> startups.<br /><ul><li>Education: BA, History/International Relations, Duke University (1972), MBA, University of Virginia (1977), Ph.D., Stanford Graduate School of Business (1986).</li></ul> REBECA HWANG<br /><ul><li>Chemical Engineer, Civil and Environmental Eng., MIT PhD Candidate, Social Network Theory and Water, Stanford
  19. 19. Lectures High Tech Entrepreneurship, Stanford University
  20. 20. Lead Organizer, Social e-challenge Competition at Stanford
  21. 21. Co-founder, Clean Tech Open Competition
  22. 22. Advisor, Imagine H2O
  23. 23. Co-Founder of the Consortium of Social Entrepreneurship and Education (SEEC).
  24. 24. Judge, World Bank Competition
  25. 25. Co-author book, Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs: The Economic and Social Impact of a Global Phenomenon.
  26. 26. Worked 4 years in IP and tech transfer
  27. 27. Holds 2 patents, one pending
  28. 28. Winner, MIT Ideas Prize, LemelsonPrize, Junior Achievement Competition, Finalist, MIT 100K
  29. 29. Speaker on university entrepreneurship for Ministry of Education in Denmark, University University of Zaragoza in Spain University of Porto, in Portugal University EAFIT in Colombia, EnterPrize Puerto Rico, IEEE Egypt, Tech de Monterey Mexico, IIT India, Global Startup Workshop in Buenos Aires, Norway, Spain, South Africa and Iceland,</li></li></ul><li>Practice<br />Practice: Teams work on startup projects over the course of the program and learn interactively.<br /><ul><li>Team work in startup projects
  30. 30. Mentorship by Silicon Valley luminaries
  31. 31. Piching to investors
  32. 32. Elevator pitches and tips on networking
  33. 33. Tons of feedback
  34. 34. Innovation workshop and hackathon</li></li></ul><li>Startup Visits<br /> Incubators: <br />Plug and Play<br />Founders Den<br />500 Startups<br />i/o Ventures<br />The Hub<br />TechBA<br />Startups:*<br />* At least 4 startup visits to companies on this list or of similar caliber<br />Twitter<br />Google<br />Zynga<br />Square<br />Tesla <br />Better Place<br /> Yammer<br />Formspring<br />Quora<br /><br />Tapulous<br />Eventbrite<br />Universities:<br />Stanford University<br />UC Berkeley<br />USF<br />
  35. 35. Networking Events<br />Networking Events: Opportunities to meet and practice meeting potential teammates, investors, and advisors:<br />June – 9 Meetup<br />June 11-12 - Hackathon<br />June 15 - Meetup<br />June 22 - Meetup<br />June 30 - Cocktail Reception<br /> Xbox and Kinects will be raffled at events<br />
  36. 36. Weekend Excursions<br />Weekend Excursions: Day trips to beautiful Bay Area sites and a chance to bond with fellow students in a fun and relaxed setting. <br />White Water Rafting and Orientation (Weekend 1)<br /> San Francisco City Tour (Weekend 3)<br />Napa Valley Tour (Weekend 4)<br />
  37. 37. Hackathon<br />Hackathon:Intense project-building event held in San Francisco.<br />Focuses on building a web or mobile application which could form a basis of a credible business over the course of a weekend. The weekend brings together people with different skill sets to build applications and develop a commercial case around them.<br />
  38. 38. Student Residences<br />
  39. 39. Student Residences - Directions<br />Monroe Residence <br /> Club<br />1870 Sacramento Street<br />San Francisco, <br />CA 94109-3598<br />(415) 474-6200<br />Included in the room price are full-choice American-style breakfasts and tasty, four-course dinners served Monday through Saturday, with a continental breakfast and hearty brunch offered every Sunday.<br />The Monroe affords as much privacy, or company, as you choose—with a television lounge, billiards room, study room, and laundry room available to guests. WiFi (54Mbps) is available for FREE. On winter's days, many enjoy reading and chatting by the polished mahogany fireplace, a gracious reminder of historic San Francisco.<br />Complimentary maid service is also provided. <br />Check-in: June 3, 2011<br />Check-out: July 1, 2011<br />
  40. 40. Fun in San Francisco<br />Dancing: Lessons at a San Francisco venue.<br />Beach: Half Moon Bay<br />Pub Quiz Night: Teams answer trivia in a light-hearted competition<br />Giants Game: Tour of AT&T Park and a baseball game <br />
  41. 41. Summary for benefits <br /><ul><li>Best Curriculum: a combination of theory and practice designed and delivered by Stanford Faculty and by Silicon Valley entrepreneurial celebrities and by experts in entrepreneurship in Latin America
  42. 42. Project-based: students will finish the program with a startup project, a team and feedback and validation from Silicon Valley luminaries
  43. 43. Full immersion in Silicon Valley culture and best practices: students will visit real startups (those that will likely become the next Facebook) and famous startups (e.g. Twitter). VIP networking events and mixers that are by-invitation-only will plug students in the heart of the entrepreneurial elite in the bay area, which will result in long-lasting bridges
  44. 44. Incredibly Fun - San Francisco has a lot to offer: beaches, mountains, wineries, a cosmopolitan city with great character and night life.
  45. 45. More affordable: similar programs cost a minimum of $11,000 per student (which does not include startup visits or fun activities)
  46. 46. Widespread impact and social capital value: this program is not just another class students will take. Each student will come back with a knowledge, know-how, a project reviewed by those who made Silicon Valley happen and possibly, leads for funding and advisors. Each student will become an evangelizer that will contribute to strengthening the local entrepreneurial ecosystem</li></li></ul><li>Budget<br />Weekend activities (optional) includes orientation weekend, team building NAPA, city and beach tour and white water rafting <br />US$ 1000/student<br />MANDATORY:<br />Tuition: <br />Includes lectures, mentorship, startup visits, networking events and afternoon workshops and hackathon<br />US$ 2500/per student<br />Accommodation:<br />June 3-July1, 2011<br />At Monroe Residence Club.<br /> Includes breakfast, dinner, maid services and <br />Wi-Fi<br />US$ 1000/per student<br />Extras: <br />Flight (students are responsible to book their own flights to SFO)<br />Book “Gear Up” - US$69.45<br />Lunch and local transportation, entertainment<br />
  47. 47. How to Sign Up<br /><ul><li>Only a few spots left!
  48. 48. Any students, entrepreneurs and program managers can sign up
  49. 49. Email to register ASAP and indicate:</li></ul>1) if you are interested in weekend events<br />2) Whether you are a student, young professional or program manager/educator<br />3) Preferred payment method (paypalor wire transfer)<br /><ul><li>Make flight and VISA arrangements</li>