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marketing plan of shampoo

  3. 3. INTRODUCTION ZAPOTOL corp is established in january 2014.This company’s first product is shampoo and this shampoo will be distribute in PAKISTAN.ALLENORA means “beauty” Shampoo is very important everyone use shampoo on daily basis .Both gender can use this shampoo,but basically this product is for women.There will be three size of bottle 100 ml,200 ml and 400 we also give sachet packet to the consumer because this will easy to carry out.our plan to become a strong brand of shampoo in 5 years.
  4. 4. FEATURES
  5. 5. MISSION STATEMENT The mission statement is fulfilling the needs of its target market by offering smart product,help people feel good,look good and get more out of life we are trying to providing self satisfaction and confidence” VISION STATEMENT Our vision is sharing beauty and confidence with all!
  6. 6. OBJECTIVES • To determine the average level of customer preferences towards ALLENORA shampoo. • To identify the most sigfnificant variable affect the level of preferences. • To recognize the potential benefits that customer expect from ALLENORA shampoo. • Explore consumer reaction towards packaging. • Understanding consumers perception of quality advertisement in term of it impact. • Examine consumers assessment of the product,in terms of product performance and related benefits
  7. 7. PRODUCT REVIEW • product name is ALLENORA shampoo • This product is 7 in1 with hair fall ,dry hair,dull hair,rough hair,anti dandruff,anti-dandruff with conditioner Product benefits • magically puts freshness and bounce back into your hair • Infusion of Needed Nutrients • Medicine and Active Ingredients • There is an added vitamin bonus Availability: • This shampoo will be available in all the provinces of pakistan
  8. 8. PRODUCT REVIEW FEATURES: • Anti damage • Anti dandruff • 2 minutes oil remove • Conditioner • Strong hair • Nourishing splits ends • Long lasting fragrance
  9. 9. COMPETITORS REVIEW HEAD N SHOLDER: Head & Shoulders shampoo is the most popular brand in anti-dandruff shampoos and is provided by P&G. It is considered as the world’s no. 1 anti dandruff shampoo.It comes in different categories like: • Classic clean • Dry scalp • Ocean lift • Smooth and silky • Refreshing menthol • Intensive treatment • Active support • Clinical strength • Restoring shine
  10. 10. COMPETITORS REVIEW CLEAR: Clear stands for confidence to provide a healthy, deeply nourished scalp which has a natural resistance against dandruff and is the foundation for strong and beautiful hair, so that you feel attractive, confident and ready to boldly engage the world! • Clear Soft and Shiny • Clear Hairfall Defense • Clear Clean & Itch Control
  11. 11. COMPETITORS REVIEW SUNSILK: Sunsilk is a hair care brand, primarily aimed at women". Sunsilk shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products are sold in 80 countries worldwide.these are the segments of sunsilk • Think & long • Soft & smooth • Black shine • Hair fall • Clean & fresh • Anti-dandruff
  12. 12. COMPETITORS REVIEW DOVE: • Dove brand’s heritage is based on moisturisation - proof not promises grew Dove from a Beauty Bar into one of the world’s most beloved beauty brands. • Dove Dryness Care Shampoo • Clean & fresh • Smooth and silky • Long & strong
  13. 13. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: • The company has advanced technology and skilled professionals • ALLENORA shampoo is a highly quality product in terms of hair protection. • The target market is middle class. • Network of distribution is wide. • Availability of product in different sizes WEAKNESS: • Competitor has strong promotional activities. • Customers are offered better alternatives by the competition. • The position of another brands. • Poor promotion of free samples • Poor advertisement • Lack of brand awareness
  14. 14. OPPORTUNITIES: • Population expanding at a rapid rate. • Consumers are becoming more quality conscious • Anti-damage ,anti- dandruffand and conditioner are another area where ALLENORA company earn huge profits • High rates of imported shampoos • Heavy investment in the research of shampoos THREATS: • economic factors • rapidly increase in price of raw material • Possibilities of new market entries. • High rate of competition
  15. 15. Marketing environment • The marketing environment is a marketing terms and refers to factors and forces that affect a firm’s ability to build and maintain successful relation ship with customers .
  16. 16. Components of marketing environment  Micro environment  Macro environment
  17. 17. Micro environment • The marketing-environment affects the organization directly. It refers to the environment that mostly closely linked to the firm . • This environment is also not under the full control of business.
  18. 18. Company
  19. 19. Company In designing marketing plan the company must take other group into their account the company have to keep good relationship with R&D with top management, with finance department.
  20. 20. Customers Our product will be valuable for customers because we develop this product according to their need and want it has all better quality of material which has other shampoo. But we compare this product to other’s its price is quite lower than other shampoo. We have to create strong relationship with the customer through giving the best quality and different features. We targeted consumer markets who buy shampoo for personal consumption.
  21. 21. Suppliers
  22. 22. Suppliers Our shampoo Aleenora is not very expensive but if we want to manufacture our quality image so its depend on our suppliers performance . We treating our suppliers like a partner to supply our product in all area which is critical to company’s start-up success
  23. 23. Public
  24. 24. Public • Public is any group that has potential to effect organization’s ability to achieve goal. • Financial public: we have to maintain credibility or strong relationship with financial institutions because in this way we can get funds and loans this will help in the production or promotion of ALLENORA.
  25. 25. Types of Publics • There are two types of publics • Media • Internal
  26. 26. Media Publics we will have to maintain good relationship with media public because media is a source that can spread positive or negative views about product and create bad or good brand image in the mind of consumer.
  27. 27. Internal publics We are providing all facility to our employees to earn more productivity we giving them better salaries to other’s shampoo company and giving reward to appreciate their ability in this way they will do work hard and in this way we will get large productivity
  28. 28. Macro environment • The conditions that exist in the economy as a whole, rather than in a particular sector or region. In general, the macro environment will include trends in gross domestic product (GDP), inflation, employment, spending, and monetary and fiscal policy. The macro environment is closely linked to the general business cycle, as opposed to the performance of an individual business sector.
  29. 29. Technological
  30. 30. Technological Technology can affect this shampoo through online purchasing in internet which is new trend in market so people can buy our shampoo online through our websites and also by Facebook just poke in our page that which type of Alenora do you want? And we will send our product into your home according to your demand.
  31. 31. Natural
  32. 32. Natural Natural environment can affected because of Unavailability of water, chemicals for e.g. sodium chloride that is used to thicken the mixture, glycerin that works as a preservative and other ingrediance which prevent fungal and bacterial spoilage and oil. If we didn’t get this thing from natural we cant produce shampoo with different features and best quality. If we recycles the raw material we can save the natural reserves.
  33. 33. Economical
  34. 34. Economical • Consumers are taking interest on our product and increasing there purchasing power and spending patterns • We launch new product in shampoo industry which is focusing more on low budget shampoo in the market.
  35. 35. Demographically
  36. 36. Demographical • Demographical environment can also affect. Increase in population large amount of population can purchase this shampoo. Wide distribution network in cities areas of PAKISTAN ,all PAKISTAN can purchase this shampoo where they want in PAKISTAN.
  38. 38. DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION • The largest segment for ths entire industry is women .This product is both for women and men but mainly this product is designed for women because women want to look preety. • we segmented this product in income level also ALLENORA shampoo targeted those customers who have low income.
  39. 39. BENEFIT SEGMENTATION we targeted those customers who find the benefits while purchasing any segmentation is basically based on consumer preference for a specific product attribute or characteristic.first this product is 7 in 1 this product has low price and make strong hairs.because Some customers are interested in two or three benefits, not just a single one.
  40. 40. GEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION • In this we offer this product in just PAKISTAN and in small and big cities of pakistan
  41. 41. PSYCHOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION • psychograpic segmentation is also called lifestyle in this we targeted those peoples who prefer bestest shmapoo for their hairs in low price who are now very concious about their hairs. • This shampoo is also 2 minute oil remove shampoo in busy life style people haven’t time for anything there is no need to use shampoo for 2 times even if consumer’s hair is this we targeted those consumer those have busy life style.
  42. 42. • In which segment we got the better response of consumer and in which segment we can earn more and in which segment we can satisfying the customer basic needs and wants. We selected damage and dandruff. • Black shine hairs • Skiny hairs • Long & silky hairs • Oily hairs • Straightening and smoothing hair. • Damage and dandruff • Soft baby hair • Colour care hair • Natural shine hair
  43. 43. PRODUCT: This product is good because we are providing 1 solution of measure 6 problems and 1 is conditioner means this is 7 is 2 minutes oil remove shampoo wtih long lasting fragrance with these qualities at a low price. PRICE: This product is affordable jus 55 pkr of 100 ml, ,200 ml about 120, 400 ml about 240and 5 ml about 3 rupees in this we targeted middle class people.
  44. 44. PLACE the production plant of this shampoo is held in karachi we will put this product at the right place that will be available at right time in supermarkets,cash n carries, and also in stores because consumers can buy at any time when they want PROMOTION: We will use celebrities in product promotion ,free sampling,bill boards and sign boards of ALLENORA SHAMPOO.and also advertisement in television at prime time for the public beacuse these things will give awareness about the product.
  45. 45. MARKET DIFFERNTIATION AND POSITIONING: ( COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE) DIFFERENTIATION: This product is less than all leading brands and this product is 7 in 1 there is no one any product that have damage free+anti-dandruff+conditioner.this problem is common in pakitan everyone have dandruff in hairs and almost everyone hair is damaged beacuse of using straightner dryer.and this shampoo is 2 minute shampoo for removing oil and this is high affordable shampoo.this shammpoo giving long lasting hair fragrance.
  46. 46. POSITIONING: The desire of the customer is basically thay want their hairs strong means damage free and free from dandruff we create position in the mind of customer that this is the product they want this is the whole product for them.Allenora shampoo will satisfy their needsALLENORA shampoo at a affordable price a mild shampoo which reparis hair damage and give fragrance and shine with conditioner to their hairs.
  47. 47. IDENTIFY THE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE • Black shine hairs • Skiny hairs • Long & silky hairs • Oily hairs • Straightening and smoothing hair. • Anti-Damage and dandruff+conditioner • Soft baby hair • Colour care hair • Natural shine hair • Think & long • Soft & smooth • Black shine • Clean & fresh
  48. 48. CHOOSING THE RIGHT ADVANTAGE • We offering the good advantage then others anti dandruff and anti-damage of hair is a basically problem of everyone dry hair,hair fall,rough hair,hair fall,nourishing splits end,conditioner,2 minutes oil remover with long lasting hair fragrance. it is a good advantage that we are offering no one giving these advantages in one product or shampoo.
  49. 49. SELECT AN OVERALL POSITIONING STRATEGY • For those customer that we targeted this is the whole product or this is the product that you want we are saying this is 7 in 1 no one giving this types of features or advantages in one product with best quality and with low price.
  50. 50. 120 90 70 50
  51. 51. POSITIONING STATEMENT • ALLENORA is for hair concious people providing anti-dandruff,anti damage and conditioner.
  52. 52. control Zapotol Company send their groups for survey that this product satisfying their needs or not? Consumer’s are aware from this product or not? What consumer’s expectation from this product? what is consumer’s desired? If sales decreases in any city or area what is the reason is there packaging issues? or any complain about product. Company will oversees that how much sales in current month & also need to consider about expenses,& will be aware about new techonology & know about new competitors from this we can controlling all these things.
  53. 53. ACTION PLANAction programme is basically considered with the resources and activities of other department including buying,finance and so on. •In june we will launch about 120000 shampoos bottles and 100000 sachet packet. all over in th pakistan and will give awareness about the product to the people. •In july we will start an integrated print ,internet,tv and radio compaign targeting womens and consumers.the compaign will show haw many benefits and qualities of ALLENORA shampoo.This compaign motivates and convience to the people. •In august the multimedia advertising compaign continues in whcih we will add consumer sales promotions for example contest in which consumer share their views,how they feel with allenora through videos we will also ditribute new point of purchase displays to support our retailers
  54. 54. ACTION PLAN •In september we will offer prizes to the retailer organization and salesperson that sells the most allenora shampoo. •In october we will run new advertising compaign.In tv and radio ads the celebrities will tell them about the product that how thay feel with allenora with 7 solution in 1 shampoo. •In november we will survey overall pakistan that the consumer are satisfy with allenora shampoo,Is allenora shampoo satisfying their needs and wants what are more expectations towards shampoo.
  55. 55. BUDGET • We are selling ALLENORA shampoo is about 55 PKR 100ml,200 ml about 120, 400 ml about 240and 5ml about 3 rupees less than all leading brand shampoo • our project is about 22500000 crore • Total cost production is with 130000 units is about 15400000 • our selling price is about 16900000 • profit margin is about 1500000 • In first year we will distribute 120000 bottles,40000 of 100ml,200 of 40000,and 400 ml about 40000 and 100000 sachet packet. • public warehouse we hier is about 600000,insurance will be 1500000,distribution cost will be 2000000,advertisement and promotion cost 900000 in sampling or different schemes 60000