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A presentation that explains a few of the services available from the MyHeritage genealogy powerhouse.

A presentation that explains a few of the services available from the MyHeritage genealogy powerhouse.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Using Effectively Dick Eastman October 1, 2014
  • 2. Today’s Slides may be found at:
  • 3. MyHeritage is Now the Third or Fourth Largest Family History Site  and are #1 and #2  MyHeritage and FindMyPast are #3 and #4 • The exact numbers vary depending upon who compiles the numbers!
  • 4. MyHeritage:  Is a large collection of vital records from all over the world  Contains a large collection of digitized newspapers from many different countries  Contains billions of records from all over the world  Is a web site to store your family tree  Is a place to compare your family tree against those submitted by others  Is a photo storage and matching web site • And much, much more
  • 5. MyHeritage is available:  In more than 40 languages (far more than any other genealogy web site).  In countries all over the world.
  • 6. Build Your Own Family Tree Web site  Upload a GEDCOM file  Use the MyHeritage Mobile App for iPhone and Android  Use Family Tree Builder, a free genealogy program for Windows  Enter the data on the web site, one at a time
  • 7. Build Your Own Family Tree Web site  You always own the data!  You may add, delete, or modify your contributed data at any time.
  • 8. Build Your Own Family Tree Web site  Use Smart Matches, Record Matches, and SuperSearch to compare your entries against vital records, census records, newspapers, entries contributed by other MyHeritage users, and more.  Searches may be performed on U.S. records as well as records from many other countries, especially from both Eastern and Western Europe.
  • 9. Build Your Own Family Tree Web site
  • 10. The Best Things in Life are FREE!  MyHeritage has three levels of users:  A FREE basic website for registered users, with up to 250 persons permitted in the tree  A Premium website permits 2,500 persons in the tree  A Premium Plus website permits an unlimited number of persons in the tree
  • 11. The Best Things in Life are FREE!  A Data Plan to view a few databases also may incur additional fees. These are because MyHeritage PURCHASED these databases from other companies. Much of the content is EXCLUSIVE to MyHeritage.  You never enter a for-pay service without being warned ahead of time and being asked if you wish to proceed.
  • 12. MyHeritage:  Contains no publicly-visible info about living persons  Contains family trees, historical photos, census records, birth/death/marriage records, military records, immigration records, newspapers, yearbooks, historical maps…  Is built by genealogists for genealogists
  • 13. Search for names  1,500 databases  Records from 75 million users  1.2 billion profiles  200 million images  Search for Exact, Soundex and Megadex options  Save the search results to your MyHeritage site and click through the matches at your leisure
  • 14. SuperSearch contains  Super algorithms  Super Name Matching
  • 15. Smart Matches  Once the tree is online on MyHeritage, the their "Smart Matches" system finds potential matches of the user's tree persons with persons in the trees of other MyHeritage users.  These Smart Matches come in the online email at MyHeritage and at the user's home email address. This is truly "finding relatives without searching.”
  • 16. SuperSearch looks like this:
  • 17. Advanced SuperSearch looks like this:
  • 18. “But Wait, There’s More!”  The Name Dictionary is Amazing!  For instance, let’s say you are looking for a person named Alexander who may have lived in any of several countries. Family members called him “Alex.”  Should you search for “Alex” or “Alexander?”
  • 19. “But Wait, There’s More!”
  • 20. Different Records Automatically Use Different Search Methods  Newspaper searches are non-structured. That is, all words are searched.  In contrast, census records are always very structured in columns. Only names will be searched when you specify a name. • Photos are searched by metadata
  • 21. International Search Engine  Can search the world or  Can search by continents or  Can search by country  Or combinations of these areas.
  • 22. All Records Found may be Saved Directly to Your Family Tree  It will be visible to you and…  (optionally) visible to others  Including complete source citations
  • 23. Your Data May be Saved…  A member's tree on the MyHeritage website can be downloaded in GEDCOM format to import to a user's desktop software.  A member's tree on the MyHeritage website can be synchronized with the Family Tree Builder Version 4.0 software for Windows  A member's tree on the MyHeritage website can be synchronized with the handheld iPhone/iPad and Android apps.
  • 24. Collections Include:  One of the largest online collections of newspapers  High School yearbooks  Other members’ family trees  Census records  Military records  Many vital records
  • 25. “But Wait, There’s More!”  Family Tree Builder • A full-featured genealogy program for Windows • Fun to use • Supports SmartMatching Technology • Private family sites
  • 26. “But Wait, There’s More!”
  • 27. “But Wait, There’s More!”
  • 28. Pricing
  • 29. Pricing
  • 30. But wait, there’s more…
  • 31. But wait, there’s more…
  • 32. But wait, there’s more…  Check your email tonight or tomorrow for the half-price offer.  If you are not an EOGN subscriber, drop a note to me at and I will send the offer to you.
  • 33. For more information: 
  • 34. Today’s Slides may be found at: handouts/myheritage