UK Journalists' Tweets about PR from Lissted Feb 2013


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Lissted’s new influencer feature finds the PR-related tweets you might have missed

PR jokes and PR jobs, pet peeves and glowing endorsements: UK journalists have taken to Twitter this month to talk about PR, and there are some big names among them. RealWire used the latest feature of its Twitter-based influencer relations platform Lissted to line up ten of our favourite tweets.

The tweets were collected from 1.7m UK media tweets tracked by Lissted over 30 days.

The keywords “PR”, “public relations”, “media relations” or “press release” appeared in 4,801 tweets from over 2,000 different journalists and bloggers.

These 4,801 tweets were analysed using Lissted’s new Influencer feature, which allows users to search the recent tweets of local, topical journalists, bloggers and outlets for relevant keywords, and turn that data instantly into a personalised dashboard of potential media influencers around a topic.

The feature creates a potential go-to list for outbound media relations, and a shortcut to finding and following conversations around your brand, your client, or your industry.

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UK Journalists' Tweets about PR from Lissted Feb 2013

  1. 1. Twitter Bio: I am on Radio 2 every day and I have just written Its AllNews To Me about my 25 years in the BBC. All views are my brother Tims.Your kitchen, by the toaster ·
  2. 2. Twitter Bio: Host of PremierLeague Football on BT Sport,& BBC Show Beat The Pack.2009-2012 BBCF1 host & Iwrote a book about it - .Hello!!
  3. 3. Twitter Bio: Anchor,Channel4News: hungry for info.Interests:development/homelessness,/the abroad/people/politics/art./life!
  4. 4. Twitter Bio: The audial essence of pure black evil. I write for TheIndependent & play in Scritti Politti. Used to be moderately funny once.No longer the case. Unfollow.
  5. 5. Twitter Bio: The BBCs technology correspondent. This is my personalprofile - if you dont like the dog etc go to @BBCRoryCJ
  6. 6. Twitter Bio: One day youre the cock of the walk, the next a featherduster.New York, LA, London ·
  7. 7. Twitter Bio: Columnist. Sarcastist
  8. 8. Twitter Bio: Author of Tent, the Bucket and Me,Wilma Tenderfoot series,Killing Handbook, Guardian Travel Writer, Becky Butters, Fun Editor atTatler, Masterchef Champ
  9. 9. Twitter Bio: Writing the fuck out of shit since 1992.
  10. 10. Twitter Bio: Scribbler about apps, digital music, games and consumertechnology. Skills: slouching, typing fast. Usually simultaneously.