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  • 1. INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE EXHIBITION GENEVA 2014 UNIQUE CONCEPT • International Real Estate Exhibition Geneva 2014 - is a place where International professionals and clients of real estate market meet; it aims to create an opportunity of a quick and efficient search of both new Partners for and direct buyers from different part of the World. • For the real estate companies, who want to enter on an international Arena of global real estate market or to work on it more effectively, Participation in I R E E GENEVA 2014 will be a unique opportunity to hold dozens of meetings with both international Professionals and clients during just a few days. The event gives you opportunity to strike 2 goals at one shot 1) find partners from different parts of the world 2) find direct buyers or investors to propose your competitive product • For the Real Estate agencies, meeting with a wide range of developers And agents from different countries of the globe will help to enlarge your database of international real estate, and get new opportunities For developing of your business.
  • 2. Content of the event Dates : 2014 First day: 11:00 am • Opening of the Exhibition • Welcome of the exhibitors • Professional conference: 17:00 PM - Interest in sharing properties and buyer - Opportunities for establishing an international network of real estate agent. Second day: • Pull of presentations of exhibitors: 10:00 am • Public Conference 17:00 PM - International Real Estate Market, law and strategy to be successful investor - Advantages and inconveniences of Investment in Europe and abroad. • Interviews with the International Mass Media Last day: • Pull of presentations of exhibitors: 10:00 am • Closing of the exhibition 18:00 PM
  • 3. PACKAGE FOR DEVELOPERS, looking for international partners and clients • Mini-stand 6sqm (table for negotiations, desk, 4 chairs) name company Internet, phone. • Opportunity to make presentation of your company • Information in the printed catalogue of the exhibition • Company information on the web-site of the event • 2 personal badges of the event participant • Participation in Conferences on the 1st and 2nd days • Special terms for advertising on the real estate portal • Wi-Fi connection up to 256 kb for free • Price of the package – 2500 £ GBP PACKAGE FOR VISITORS , looking for foreign developers • Company information placed in the printed catalogue of the exhibition • Company information placed on the web‐site of the event • 1 personal badges of the event participant • Participation in conference • Special terms for advertising on the real estate portal • Price of the package – 150 £ GBP Optional Support : • High speed Internet up on request. Lunch express 3 days. Invitation Gala Cocktail • For any Special requirement please ask and complete the optional form. EXHIBITOR PARTICIPATION OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE PARTICIPATION
  • 4. Venue The Starling Hotel & Conference: Is one of the most relevant places in Geneva, for organization of an international expo. The hotel has a very high business activity location since it is situated Near the of Geneva International Airport and the Palexpo - the Site of all The Exhibitions and Massive Events in Geneva! The Starling Hotel & Conference is the biggest hotel in Geneva with huge number of conference rooms of different size, and more than 2000 sq. m. showroom. Several restaurant, cocktail and lounge bar, parking. Swimming pool, fitness...
  • 5. Contact details Phone + 33 6 14 62 15 16 Email : More details