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Twitter101 pdf

  1. 1. “What is Twitter and how can it help my business?
  2. 2. WHAT IS TWITTER Twitter is a real-time information network powered by people all around the world that lets you share and discover what’s happening now. “Twitter is like texting online”
  3. 3. Go to Click Here
  4. 4. Create an Account Personal or Business @Handle Needed to Confirm Account Click to Create
  5. 5. Twitter Confirmation Email Click to Confirm
  6. 6. Logging In Login Tab Login Box
  7. 7. Customize Homepage Account Toolbar Tweet Box
  8. 8. Password Page Settings Tab Password Tab Password Tips
  9. 9. Text Tweeting Allows You to Tweet From Anywhere Mobile Tab Your Cell Phone Number
  10. 10. Text Code Number Code Word Additional Mobile Commands
  11. 11. Mobile Tweets Message Sent Through Text
  12. 12. Notices Notices Tab Receive Email Notifications to Stay on Top of Your Twitter Account
  13. 13. Create Your Profile Profile Tab Your Avatar Personal or Business Name Location Your Website Tell Who You are and What You are About
  14. 14. Your New Profile Page Check Link Check for Spelling and Content
  15. 15. Customize Your Profile Page Design Tab
  16. 16. Choose a Pre-Designed Standard Twitter Twitter Pattern or Customize Backgrounds With a Pattern of Your Own Click to Change Background Browse Your Own Designs Check to Tile
  17. 17. Change Design Colors Text Links Sidebar Border Sidebar Click to Change Background
  18. 18. Link Color Click on to Change Slide to Move to Approximate Specific Color Desired Color Change design colors to personalize your profile page
  19. 19. Standard Customized Profile
  20. 20. Brand Yourself With an Advanced Profile Page
  21. 21. Find People Tab 2 Tab 1 Suggested Tweeters Enter Names Tab 3 Tab 4 Twitter Suggests Search These Accounts
  22. 22. Searching Search Word Using a Hash Tag Click to Search
  23. 23. Searched Word Page Save Search Topic Searched Word
  24. 24. Search Without Hash Tag Non Hash Tagged Word
  25. 25. Searched Word Page Non Hash Tagged Word
  26. 26. Search @Username Searched Name Found Search for Users With This Name Searched Name
  27. 27. Searched Name Usernames With Searched Word in Them
  28. 28. How to Follow Someone Place Mouse Over @Username Click to View Mini Profile Click to Follow
  29. 29. Mini Profile Mini Profile
  30. 30. Following Page Receive Mobile Tweets From This User Retweet Setting You are Following Click to View
  31. 31. Break Time
  32. 32. Creating Lists Lists Drop Down Tab Click to Create New List
  33. 33. Lists are a Great Way to Keep Track of Those You are Most Interested In Name Your List Describe List Make Lists Public or Private
  34. 34. Lists Created By Others That You Lists Page Appear In Lists You Follow Tab Lists Created By You Short Description Click to View List Created By Someone Else That You Follow
  35. 35. Followers Page Your Followers Click to View
  36. 36. Let’s Tweet Remaining Characters Click to View Previous Tweets Tweet Box Click to Send
  37. 37. View Previous Tweets Your Delete Previous This Tweet Tweets
  38. 38. Reply to a Tweet Reply Going To Your Reply Original Message Sent Click to Reply
  39. 39. Retweeting Message Being Retweeted Click to Retweet Click to Click to Confirm Cancel
  40. 40. Tweet to Someone Drop Down Tab Public Tweet
  41. 41. Public Tweet @Username Message Being Sent Publicly To Message Being Sent
  42. 42. Direct Messaging Drop Down Tab Send Private Message
  43. 43. Private Tweet Remaining Characters Compose Click Message to Send
  44. 44. Unfollow-Block-Report Drop Down Tab Click to Unfollow Block This User Report User For Spam
  45. 45. Messages Mentioning @You Sent By Tweets Mentioning You Click to Time Sent View Page
  46. 46. Direct Messages Message Sent to You Message Sent By You Sent By Private Tweet Click to Check Messages
  47. 47. Your Favorite Tweets Click to Add to Your Favorites Click to View Favorites
  48. 48. View Your Retweets Click to View Retweets
  49. 49. Retweets Pages Those You Retweets Follow By You Your Messages That Have Been Retweeted By Others
  50. 50. Trending Topics Trending Topics
  51. 51. The Future Look of Twitter Click for Home Page
  52. 52. Click to View Your Profile
  53. 53. Click on Mini @Username Profile
  54. 54. Highlighted Tweet Original Tweet
  55. 55. Youtube Search Video Link Video Link Play Video On Twitter
  56. 56. Twitter Terms • @Handle • Following • Avatar • Unfollow • Tweet • Hashtags(#) • ReTweet(RT) • Favorites • Direct • Block Messages(DM) • Follow Friday(#ff) • Followers • #CharityTuesday
  57. 57. Congratulations! You Are Now a RealTime Marketing Group 101 Graduate!
  58. 58. Don’t forget we offer classes in: Blogging Twitter Social Media Strategy And we are ALWAYS here to help!