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  1. 1. ==================================================================Crysis(R) 2ReadMe File - March, 2011==================================================================Thank you for purchasing Crysis 2. This ReadMe file containsinformation that may be of use before proceeding into battle.==================================================================System Requirements==================================================================Crysis 2 requires DirectX 9.0c. You can install DirectX 9.0c byfollowing the onscreen prompts during the games installationprocess.REQUIRED SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS:OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ or higher • RAM: 2.0 GB • Hard Drive: 8 GB or more of free space • Video: NVIDIA 8800 GT 512 MB / ATI 2900GT or HD3850 or higher • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound cardMultiplayer: • 2 to 12 players Internet connection required (512Kbps Cable, DSL, or faster connection)Note: While you will be able to play Crysis 2 with the specificationsabove, play experience may improve if you have additional RAM, afaster CPU or a better graphic card.==================================================================Installation Instructions==================================================================IMPORTANT: Before running Crysis 2, please be sure you have the latestdrivers for both your video card and your audio card installed.An outdated video or sound driver can lead to slow and choppygameplay, or in some cases can prevent the game from running at all.You can download the appropriate drivers from your video and audiocard manufacturers Web site.Crysis2 requires the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)installed on the target machine. This will be installed during theCrysis2 installation process.DVD---Avoid running any other programs in the background, as this mayconflict with the game. This includes any virus-protectionprogram that you have running, which can hinder performance.
  2. 2. For all other users, to install Crysis 2 in Windows XP, WindowsVista or Windows 7: 1. Insert the Crysis 2 disc into your DVD-ROM drive. If the disc does not automatically launch when inserted in the drive, you may have the AutoPlay feature disabled. To enable AutoPlay, please consult your Windows user manual. If you are unable or do not wish to activate AutoPlay, please browse to the location of the Crysis 2 DVD-ROM using Windows Explorer, and double-click the "Setup" application in the root directory. 2. Follow the instructions that appear.Digital Retail Installation---Please contact the digital retailer through whom you purchased thisgame for instructions on how to install the game or how to downloadand reinstall another copy of the game.Note: If you•d like additional information about your game as well astips and patches please visit or uninstall Crysis 2 if your operating system is Windows XP: 1. Click the "Start" button in the Windows taskbar. 2. Click "Control Panel" in the Start menu. 3. Double-click "Add or Remove Programs". 4. Click "Crysis 2" in the program list and click the "Remove" button next to its name. 5. Follow the instructions that appear.To uninstall Crysis 2 if your operating system is Windows Vistaor Windows 7: 1. Click the "Start" button in the Windows taskbar. 2. Click "Control Panel" in the Start menu. 3. Click "Uninstall a program" under the "Programs" heading. 4. Double-click "Crysis 2" in the program list. 5. Follow the instructions that appear.==================================================================Troubleshooting==================================================================Please be aware that an outdated video driver or sound driver canlead to slow and choppy gameplay, or in some cases can preventthe game from running at all. To ensure an enjoyable experiencewith this game, be sure that you have the most recent video andsound drivers installed. These drivers are typically availablefor download from your system or hardware manufacturers Website. If you are not sure what type of video or sound card youhave, or you need assistance with updating the drivers on your
  3. 3. system, please refer to the documentation that came with yoursystem or peripheral.==================================================================Saved Games and Screenshots==================================================================In Windows XP, saved game files, and captured screenshots for Crysis 2are stored in the "Crysis2" folder. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, savedgame files are stored in a different location--see below.To access the "Crysis2" folder, click the "Start" button in theWindows taskbar, then click "My Documents" in Windows XP.In Windows Vista and Windows 7, saved game files are usually stored inthe following location:C:Users<your login name>Saved GamesCrysis2To access this folder, click the "Start" button in the WindowsTaskbar, then click "Computer" in the Start menu. Thennavigate to the folder.==================================================================Known Issues====================================================================================================================================NAT/Firewall==================================================================Game Port UsageFor all traffic between server and client game port is used(default 64100 - net_lobby_gamespy_online_port).PortsSDK Service Hostname TypeLocal RemoteAvailable hbmaster3 UDPAny 27900NN natserver1 UDPgame 27901NN natserver2 UDPgame 27901NN nat neg Game client UDPgame game*(other game)QR2 hbmaster3 UDPgame 27900QR2 Incoming queries Game client UDPgame AnyCDKey keymaster UDPgame 29910SAKE Profile settings/stats TCPAny Any (def:80)Chat Any IRC server TCP
  4. 4. Any 6667GP gpmanager TCPAny 29900GP searchmanager TCPAny 29901SB gmaster3 TCPAny 28910SB Server queries game servers UDPAny game*(target server)RSS RSS Feed TCP 80 80Default value for game is 64100 (can be adjusted).For incoming UDP traffic, only port "game" ( default 64100)is required to be opened.==================================================================*Administrator Privileges==================================================================Please note that you may not be able to add Crysis 2 to your softwarefirewalls exceptions list if you are not logged in as an administratorin Windows. You will either need to do so from an account that hasadministrator rights, or add your existing account to theadministrators list.To do so, do the following:In Windows XP, 1. Log out of Windows and log in with an Administrator account. 2. Once logged in, click on "Start" in the Windows taskbar. 3. Click "Settings". 4. Click "Control Panel". 5. Click "User Accounts". 6. Select the "Users" tab. 7. Under "Users for this computer:" click on your account name. 8. Click "Properties". 9. Select the "Group Membership" tab. 10. Select the "Other" radio button. 11. From the pulldown menu, select "Administrators". 12. Click "Apply" and then "OK".In Windows Vista, Windows 7, 1. Log out of Windows and log in with an Administrator account. 2. Click the "Start" button in the Windows taskbar. 3. Click "Control Panel". 4. Click "Change account type" under the "User Accounts" heading. 5. Under "Users for this computer:" click on your account name. 6. Click "Properties". 7. Select the "Other" radio button. 8. From the pulldown menu, select "Administrators". 9. Click "Apply" and then "OK".==================================================================End of ReadMe File.==================================================================