Torrens Title Law J W Bell President State Torrens Title Co Los Angeles


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Torrens Title Law J W Bell President State Torrens Title Co Los Angeles

  1. 1. Tke Re&ltaBlue Book ol Ca.Iifomia J. W. BELL PreciitddAtuteIone8 litre Oo. Lot Arteles
  2. 2. Itttrc Bodi,.,l 9!!f ,y 33 'l'i '['on-r'rts t lt' L,Lw BX J. W, BELI, Pt ocedxLre Ctrftents al Pcti.{ia Noti(e ol IriILtLll Petit;ot Ca t Heorin! Cettiliftttcs Liel].s-Fecs I'lt' rjrl' jIrPr" '' llrl' '/|1 - r H E l u r " r . l i I ' 1 . . ! 1^'rrrr" "r) l:i.hartl 1, 'f^r,.. | : r r ' " d r r ' ' l" l r ' s . r ' | : rrstr-ri: ir' ^ "r r'-S':.r or'i lilu' i ll"r^rr''t dih' t8i8. TtoL^pi-lhIr'.n T o r r e n s I S I ^ m i r ' l q 9 ? . 1 r i s A r i r ' D 1 i ' r - | 1'': r b l ' h r r r li t " s r N S I: ^l r'r'Irolr'' d m w r 'a n d a d o t 'r d r ' s j l n I i i i t l ' r r " i , { u r " h l l ' " ' ^ 1 p at'legprprrlple,l'on:r No pnL^r. rll4. TITL!] The les:l1 title of the Act is desisnnted as "An Act lbr the Ccr- tificatiorl oT Land Tji,les arcl lhe Sinl!lificrtiotr o{ the Tl'nnsIeI of Real Estate." AN INII'IATIVE IIIIASTJRD-UNCi]ANCDAFI,E BeiDE alr iritiativc melsrrre it ' , c:uDot be arnended, altered, n d " a 1n ; 1 l n d , p t r 1 , ' l . a d i r ' . 1 v n r a u ' r r , P' , - o l i l o , modiaFd,".l,arrfp o^-falilo'rrj ' aslrn!:o.d l, Il,. an' -lil rl:nr" r"^q a PNOOEDUND Section Five of the -cl provides that "All lands lnav be broughtt e psla u n d p rr h o , , t , o r ' a L ' o rrr r i q . . r h I h p o $ n F r u r o ' c r . o ' r r ' ! o orinrpres iheroin. o ' " t r r ' c l , ' . L J f i i r r P$ l l - l h e c o r r r r l J "irl,nr"'gjll ( ^'rr1ul lr'a C l e r i ,h i s n r h " r o r ' ' h a I r ' r ' i f i a Jl ' . i l u n i a r h , S r r l p ' " ' r County vtithin which such lanrl is situated." CONTDNTSOI P]iJTI,r.ION T h e D e t l l i o r ,r , , r ! s - r i u ' l n l r . i r I r , a r ' p . " c . L p , r r ^ r , . I p ' i d e n c e ond posl oTicc addrn.s ui rlrpal l'jr, nr J 'r'l''nrrr" $' Ler.rrar- rieairnor-"'t:.a,r'd tral]'l Iar ,p! dhP-ofrl'$ lp 'r'nrrsband' r / h e t l ' e "p r o p c r l l i s s e p a t : r t co r ' . n r , n . r , r I ' . d r s " r i l t ' n o l t l r p l a n d - value f lhe arrd.nd p"rmh p|L i nl'fopr'"rr'' ,ll r''rrmlran'ps ano o whether or not the land is occuPied or unoccupied NOTICE A notice of tlle filing of the pctition llrust be Dublished Dr some n c w s p a p eo l g e r ^ f r l c i r r u a r i o r r ' r ' r l - o u r , r l r h ' r a l l r p l i . _ d i 5 s i t u r ' a u r ; o i p , r r L i pN M k q A r l p ' , s o r ' s h " r l ' l ' - i r r u l 1 ! - r r l a l e d ,l o
  3. 3. TlLeRe lt,J Bl e Book of Cottlornin"in,the land..and all adjoining owners, mLsr be ser.ved with norrceor Ine ploceeorngs. COURT FDAT'INC The cout exantines the tacts alleged in lhe pctitjon ancl any other facts presented at the trial, and renalers judgment as to the owrrel.ship of the land, and th€ Dature and character. of all incum- brances, and orders the land r'€gistered in accordancervith the decree. CEBTIFICATE A certified copy oi the court's judsnlent is filed iD th€ olTice of the Registrar of TiUes, lvho issues a certificate to the ollnct's iD ac- coldance x'ith the coul.t's The land is then said to be registered. RECISTRAR The CouDtJ Recorder.under"the l:1w is made Iiegistlat of Titles. I.a,rdbeingon.e rpgis il is he dLi! oi rhp negrstrar to kppp rhe I i l t s L | o , r S h l u $ n I n"red. r t r l . I m e ! . d drlp '|RANSFER Ilegist€r'ed Dloperty may be tr-ansferi.edby the execution and de- hvery of an oldinary grant deed a d the delivcry of the os,ner's dupiicxte celtificate. both o{ }-hich must be fited vith the Registrar. tosether with the transferee's affidavit, and the tlans{er thus be- (()mes conplct€ on the acceplanceof these papels by the, who rssuesa Dcq cer'tificatein the nanre o{ the ne$. o!r.ner',and char.ges Orle Dollar for the ner. ceftificate_ TRANSFDRDiI'S AFFID,{VIT The tnnsferee rlust nrake an afidarit rs to his {ull namet age, llrrd occuDatior: whether maried or siDgle, fLrll nane and age of the sporlse,nnd whether the propelty is cominunitr-'or seDaratc. OWNER'S DUPLICA'I'E CER'IIFICAI'D 'l'he oliginal (ertificate oI registr.ation r.emainson fi]c in the Reg- isrrar's oilice, $4rerc it nla) be irspected at anl tirre and the coDdition of the title asccrtained. A duplicate certificate is deliered to the o.|rrer. This duplicate certificate must ahiavs be Dr.esentedto the Registr'al be{ole ^ tlansfel can be The title rests on the (cr'tificate, not on the deed. LIENS A legister-edtitle (arnot be buldcned .ilh n lien Lurtil the docu- Dent cteatillg the lion be filed r"ith the tlegistur nrld Doted on the .ertificate. Ii a judgnent fo) the pavrreDt of rnonet. be oblrired agairst a registeredowner, a (el'tifiedcopJ.of the judgnrent nlust be filerl belbrc it becones :r lien on the properi) of the iudsment debtor. The snnreis reqLtil'ed all (lassesof 1ien.. in -{ lee of fiftt' cents is ch,1r'g€d , , r f i l i n g . rd u ( ] l m € n ta n d t w e n t y - t . 6re centsto djschargea