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  • Photobucket Media Kit Final

    1. 1. Media Kit Advertising Sales Click to Play delivering visual expression
    2. 2. Agenda Click to Play • Company Overview • Demographics and Benefits • Content Moderation • Advertising Products • Contact Information delivering visual expression
    3. 3. Who we are – Fastest Growing Site of 2005 Click to Play Source: Nielsen//Netratings 11/05  Founded in 2003 ~35 employees  4 million new images uploaded/ day (80/sec at peak)  2.5 billion image and video requests served/day (30K/sec)  Photobucket handles close to 2% of US internet traffic  10 Million unique visitors/month  Well funded and profitable Photobucket is the leading service for consumers to upload & publish their visual content (photos, graphic art and videos) online. Content can be directly linked to sites like MySpace, eBay, Google’s Blogger, Neopets, and many more. delivering visual expression
    4. 4. Photobucket has over 18 Million members and is adding 70,000 new members per day Click to Play (~ Million/month) 2 Accelerating User Growth through word of mouth delivering visual expression
    5. 5. Photobucket enables users to host and publish their own content Click to Play to any other site delivering visual expression
    6. 6. Over 3 times larger than nearest competitor. We’re serving 67% of all links to social media Click to Play sites like Myspace, Neopets, Blogger, etc. * Based on Google search spider analysis of direct links on top 25 social media, blogging, and eCommerce sites delivering visual expression
    7. 7. Demographics and Click to Play Site Statistics  18 Million Registered Users  10 Million Monthly Uniques  1.5 Billion Impressions per month  4 Million Digital Uploads (Images and Video) / Day  1 Million Daily Unique Logins  70,000 new Registered users/Day  65% of registered users are 18-34 years old  55% Female / 45% Male  59% HHI > $60k/yr delivering visual expression
    8. 8. Benefits Click to Play  Targeted Reach:  Top 100 site by unique visitors (Alexa and Nielsen)  The top Photography Destination site, beating Yahoo! Photos, Kodak, Webshots and Flickr (Nielsen)  Ability to target by demographics:  Geographic (zip code and country)  Age  Gender  Frequency  Access to increasingly hard to reach “Tivo Generation” that is brand impressionable  Clean Content via Moderation:  Few advertisers want to be associated with objectionable content  Active monitoring to maintain highest standard on clean content  Engaging & Sticky Service:  90% of active users who registered 12 months ago are still active this month  Switching costs are high as links cannot be broken or duplicated, content is difficult to move delivering visual expression
    9. 9. Active Content Click to Play Moderation  Content moderation is Photobucket’s #1 priority  Content application and team is now in fully implemented  As the largest holder of online visual content, Photobucket is elevating the urgency of online safety across partners Tier 1 – focus on speed  We are open to combining technologies, best practices and patterns to find efficiencies  Photobucket is a mature organization and has the capital, scale, and resources to be the trusted partner for advertising  Proven 250,000 images/day by single moderator Tier 2 – focus on accuracy delivering visual expression
    10. 10. Ad Placements: Click to Play Album and Search Album Page Album and Search Pages  Leaderboard (728x90)  Shown at the top of each page for maximum exposure  Rich Media enabled  Max file size: 30k Search Page Album Page  Medium Rectangle (300x250)  Most integrated placement, shown where users spend the most time  Rich Media enabled  Max file size: 30k delivering visual expression
    11. 11. Ad Placements: Click to Play Home Page Sponsorship and Logout Homepage Sponsorship  Leaderboard (728x90)  Ensure widest reach to 18-34 year old demographic  Rich Media enabled  Max file size: 30k Logout Page Exit Ad  Large Rectangle (425x600)  Shown on log out confirmation page  Best call of action opportunity  Larger size captures attention  Rich Media enabled  Max file size: 40k delivering visual expression
    12. 12. Contact Information Click to Play C o n ta c t A d v e r t is in g S a le s a d s @p h o t o b u c k e t . c o m delivering visual expression
    13. 13. Appendix Click to Play delivering visual expression