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Time Management PowerPoint PPT Content Modern Sample
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Time Management PowerPoint PPT Content Modern Sample


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130 slides include: time wasting culprits and eliminating them, strategizing for time management, techniques of organization, prioritizing, to-do lists, scheduling tips and guidelines, 9 ways to …

130 slides include: time wasting culprits and eliminating them, strategizing for time management, techniques of organization, prioritizing, to-do lists, scheduling tips and guidelines, 9 ways to handle drop-in visitors, how to say no responsibly, 5 tips to stop procrastination, managing crisis, 10 ways to clear your desk, controlling paper, 9 techniques to control telephone interruptions, how to's and more.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. TimeManagement 2013
  • 2. Time Management Matrix Urgent Not Urgent Important Do Now Spend Most Time •Projects with On Deadlines •Relationship •Crises (Personal Maintenance and professional) •Recreation •Main projects Not Do Quickly Reject Or •Routine activities Decrease Important (Calls, emails, •Time wasters reports, etc. (Calls, emails, checking facebook, internet surfing, etc.) Page 2
  • 3. Program Objectives (1 of 2)  Clarify participant objectives.  Recognize signs of chronic disorganization.  Learn to clear your desk of clutter and create a filing system.  Identify the most common interruptions of working time and ways to eliminate them. Page 3
  • 4. Program Objectives (2 of 2)  Determine why and where you procrastinate and overcome procrastination.  Apply the practical techniques, concepts, and strategies developed through this program. Page 4
  • 5. Definition  The predictable control an individual can exercise over a series of events. Page 5
  • 6. Why Is It Necessary?  What does “Time” (SELF) Management do for you, your job, your group and/or your organization? Page 6
  • 7. Controlling The Demands  Manage the work (use time constructively).  Improve productivity/effective-ness (spend time on results-producing activities).  Let’s look at this thing called, “Time Management.” Page 7
  • 8. Time Wasting Page 8
  • 9. Time Wasting Culprits  What Are The Most Common Time Wasters, Thieves and Culprits? Page 9
  • 10. Time Wasting Culprits (1 of 2)  Telephone Interruptions.  Inefficient Delegation.  Extended Lunches or Breaks.  Cluttered Work Space.  Poorly Run Meetings.  Socializing On The Job.  Misfiled Information. Page 10
  • 11. Time/SelfManagement Page 11
  • 12. Time/Self Management  You do not manage time!  You manage: – Yourself, – others – and work. Page 12
  • 13. Priority Setting/Scheduling Page 13
  • 14. Control Your Reading Page 14
  • 15. TelephoneInterruptions Page 15
  • 16. Download “Time Management” PowerPoint presentation at ReadySetPresent.com150 slides include: 5 points on having a balanced life, 5 points on devoting your time, 3 points on controlling the demands, 14 timewasting culprits, 13 points on how to use time effectively, 11 points on stopping time-wasting culprits, 7 strategies, 8 techniques for organizing, 8 scheduling tips, 9 scheduling guidelines, 6 points on methods of prioritization, 8 points on daily to-do lists, 10 ways to clear your desk, 14 points on controlling paper handling, 12 points on paperwork, 4 points on correspondence, 5 points on controlling your reading, 40 points on telephone interruptions, 15 points oncontrolling telephone time, 5 more points on interruptions, 18 points on drop-in visitors, 6 points on how to say no, 7 points on getting more done, 21 points on management by crisis, 7 points on worrying, 5 keys to deal with procrastination, 13 points onconquering procrastination, 5 extra suggestions, 16 action steps and much more! Royalty Free – Use Them Over and Over Again. Updated & Expanded 2013 Now: more content, graphics, and diagrams Page 16