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babberly, founded in 2012, is a user-based app designed to connect people around the country by providing real-time access to local area experts, deals and hotspots. As the first hyperlocal mobile ad platform to directly connect merchants with current and potential customers whenever and wherever needed, babberly provides local businesses with easy entree into the SoLoMo scene. Local goes social with babberly. Our primary offices are located in Menlo Park, CA.

babberly is a free, local community-based app that helps users figure out where to go, what to do, why a particular venue is so popular, and ultimately how to get the most out of life through social connections and recommendations.

As a location-based social app, babberly offers users several new and unique ways to boost the social aspect of sharing community happenings in real time. These include:

-Photo sharing capabilities
-Robust community chat
-Coming Soon: Video posting

*babberCRED = App users earn credits for exchanging tips and recommendations. The babberCRED virtual currency transforms into exclusive real-money vouchers redeemable at participating merchants. Every 2500 credits in babberCRED translates to a $25 voucher.

Additionally, babberly’s robust offerings for merchants serve as a low cost, real time marketing solution that is superior to other platforms.

Some of the key merchant-forward features included in the app include:

-Fully customized offers defined right down to the very last detail with a potent offer-generating tool.

-Merchant-generated offers that instantly appear in the users’ local landscape via their mobile device.

-The ability to track multiple stats to determine how the business is faring locally, as well as the ROI on active offers.

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The Power of babberly - Local Goes Social

  1. 1. Local Goes Social
  2. 2. For Consumers:Real-time access to local area experts, deals and hotspotsFor Merchants:1st hyperlocal mobile ad platform with a direct connectionto customers & community in real time
  3. 3. •Time is becoming more and more non-existent.Review sites have stale information and can’t address a direct question.No easy way to find out where to go or what to do locally.People are looking for information NOW!
  4. 4. A total of 16.7 millionmobile phonesubscribers usedlocation-basedservices on theirphones inMarch, 2011. Thatamounts to about7.1% of the entirepopulation of mobileusers. But amongsmartphone usersspecifically, 12.7million checked inwith such sites duringthemonth, representing17.6% of allsmartphone owners.(source: MomentFeed SoLoMoReport)Local search volumeis growingexponentially at 50%every year, from 1billion local searchesper month in 2009 to1.5 billion in 2010;2.3 billion localsearches per monthare projected for2011.(source: SoftwareConsortium, 2010)
  5. 5. The Merchant-End SolutionCurrentlyavailableoptions arecumbersome,overlyexpensive, orbothMerchantsneed an easyway to tap intothe SoLoMotrendKeeping inconstantcommunicationwith consumerswhen and wherethey are isincreasinglyimportant
  6. 6. The Need75% of US small business ownersbelieve the ability to target ads bylocation is an important facet of amobile campaign, and the ability tooptimize promotions in real time isequally critical.”(source: Borrell Associates Report, 2013 Local Advertising Outlook: Get Ready for theRebound)
  7. 7. Connect with localsGet the scoop onwhere to go andwhat to doReal-time updatesfrom people that arealready thereEarn virtualcurrency(babberCRED) for usingthe platform
  8. 8. babberly’s RoleThe #1 reason for using a mobile device for a local businesssearch is because shoppers want information fast becausethey’re on the move to buy.”for consumers:Provides real time access tolocal merchants with offers andnews that instantly appear intheir local landscape on theirmobile devicesfor merchants:A seamless, on-trend, andlow cost local ad platformthat allows merchants toinstantly connect with thelocal community
  9. 9. # of smartphone users in US 133.7 million smartphone users in the U.S.(up 8 percent since November 2012)*based on Feb 2013 data, comSCORE 44% of people in the U.S. now own a smartphone 66% of smartphone owners access the Internet daily 62% of smartphone owners perform daily searches 94% use smartphones to search for local info 66% visit the business & 90% take action as a result of their search 35% make purchases on their smartphone*Source, Googles - Our Mobile Planet
  10. 10. 1st Year Revenue: $2.8millionSubscriptions100,000 merchants signed up 1st year2,500 signed up free97,500 signed up39,000 merchants x $9.99/mo. = $389,61058,500 merchants x $39/mo. = $2.28mil1st Year Revenue = $2,671,110DealsWe take 10% of each deal transaction2,000,000 users first year3% = purchase a dealAverage deal price = $2360,000 deals purchased/1st year = $138,0001st Year Revenue = $138,000
  11. 11. • Doesn’t offer the ability to share photos(here) or video(coming soon)• Have not managed to generate the kindof interest apps like Foursquare hasgained• Very basic means of conversationamong users (as compared to moreinteractive method offered by)
  12. 12. • Bobby Marhamat - CEOStarted by successful serial entrepreneur and mobilemarketing executive Bobby has founded and built 6startups, including 21 EVO² Verizon Locations, ServerPlexHosting, SpinnerMail Email Marketing. Four of which heSuccessful exited (sold or were acquired).• Ivan Turkovic - CTOIn charge of mobile product development and technologydirection. Turkovic has extensive experience in UX/UIdesign, iOS applications, Android development, RoRinfrastructure development and software architecture.
  13. 13. Asking for: $2 millionSelf-Financed Development: $125,000 Mobile Development Merchant Development Consumer Acquisition