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Read Twilight Book Online Read Twilight Book Online Document Transcript

  • She had a dream. The dream was about the forbidden love of a human and a vampire. Thisdream is the reason why Stephanie Myer, a housewife, started writing a novel and is nowsuccessful. It is a novel about love for teens. Despite 14 rejects from other agents, the bookbecame an instant success when it was published 2005. Selling over 17 million copiesworldwide, the book became the biggest selling book n 2008. It is very rare for a book to stay inthe New York Times Best Seller list for 91 weeks. Amazingly, the book can be read in 37different languages. Those who haven’t read it was quite intrigued making them want to readTwilight online.The story is basically about a human girl named Bella Swan who came to Forks, Washington tolive with her father. A shy girl and a newcomer, Bella became friends with a handsome vampirenamed Edward Cullen. Their friendship blossomed into a deeper relationship. Edward and hisvampire family drinks animal blood instead of human blood. Another vampire James camewanting to kill Bella. James and his family came to rescue Bella just in time before James killedher. Because of her deep love for Edward, Bella wanted to become a vampire herself butEdward refused. Three more series came out after the first book. New Moon, Eclipse andBreaking Dawn were the titles. All four books were about the love the two main charactersshared and the struggles they had to undergo. On the second book, Edward decided to leaveBella due to the danger he is causing her. There were dangers because of their prohibited loveaffair. In Eclipse, Edward decided to come back for Bella but found she was falling in love withJacob.Jacob and his tribe were humans that transform into wolves. They were married and had adaughter in the last series, Breaking Dawn. The author Stephanie Myers can weave a story oflove that her reader can truly feel. It was a love that no one can ever destroy. The success ofthe books prompted movie producers to film it. Yet, anyone can tell you reading the books area totally engrossing experience. It was how the words were weaved that makes the storycatching and interesting.Everyone wants to read the Twilight series in the Internet. So many people want to experiencefor themselves the Twilight series in the Internet. Websites like Amazon or Ebooks will let youhave it for almost $10 each. But there are also sites that are reliable that can give a chance toread Twilight online. All you need to do is to register on this site and earn points. You canaccumulate points by answering surveys and signing up for their free trials. These points areused to download the Twilight series.