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Demistifying digital strategy

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A presentation explaining the background and purpose of digital strategy and sharing some tips on how to approach it. Originally presented at Reading Room Manchester's Digital Strategy breakfast event …

A presentation explaining the background and purpose of digital strategy and sharing some tips on how to approach it. Originally presented at Reading Room Manchester's Digital Strategy breakfast event on 31st October, hence the Halloween theme.

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  • 1. Digital strategy is currently one of the greatest scariest challenges facing most organisations © Rhea Thierstein
  • 2. Demystifying digital strategy • How we got here • What’s the problem • What is a digital strategy • What makes a good digital strategy • How do you go about making one
  • 3. It’s been one hell of a ride Disruption Proliferation Transformation
  • 4. Now we can achieve anything with digital
  • 5. The question is what, how & why?
  • 6. So what’s freaking us out? Choice Cost Resource Performance!
  • 7. But… “When a leader characterises the challenge as poor performance it sets the stage for bad strategy. Underperformance is a result. The true challenges are the reason for the under-performance.“ Richard Rumelt – Good Strategy/Bad Strategy
  • 8. What is a strategy? Diagnosis Research Consultation & Insight Planning Policy Action
  • 9. What is not a strategy? wishful thinking best practice a vision statement
  • 10. What’s so special about strategy? Strategy focuses effort and provides a pragmatic context for decision making. It engages the whole organisation in systematic progress toward a clearly defined goal
  • 11. An example…? • Huge and complex marketplace • Reductions in funding • Consolidate technology • Focus on inspiration & engagement • Work with the sector to satisfy the rest of the journey
  • 12. Developing a digital strategy Research & Investigation stakeholder engagement & requirements gathering multi-channel customer journey mapping audience research & persona development review of internal processes and staffingcapabilities technology and infrastructure audit content , platformsand publishing audit Analysis & Insight review and analysis of findings organisational goal and objective setting problem identification and insight generation explore potential strategies and agree direction of travel with senior stakeholders Strategy & Planning high level strategy development • journeys •engagememt •content • channels •data/CRM • technology • measurement digital roadmapplanning infrastructure optionsand cost evaluation feasibility review (resources & budgets) and prioritisation programme planning and business case development Guidance & Implementation content planning and editorial calendar development publish guidance documents implementation briefings & training workshops measurement and reportingprocess initiation initiation of key programmes and projects Issue tenders for external support Continuous Improvement analytics and benchmarking reports Internal crossfunctional team meetings to review progress ongoing skills monitoring and training programme periodic strategy refresh / roadmap review
  • 13. Apply system thinking Creating a realistic roadmap requires a full appreciation of the interdependencies. From technology projects to training and resource allocation you must capture the tasks you need to complete.
  • 14. Sounds scary again?
  • 15. Planning can (& should) be simple and low-fi Make the process collaborative and inclusive. Aim to present it on one slide!
  • 16. Some useful approaches • Personas • Customer Journey Mapping
  • 17. MargaretOlder family Age: 44 Location: Northampton Occupation: Estate agent “We want the kids to learn and discover new things and always try and include activities that support that” Background  Busy working Mum with 2 kids  Family time together is important  Will take both family trips and trips with husband  Conceptualisation is the key stage  Digitally connected – less use of social media Attitudes, beliefs, motivations Holiday history Media Influences
  • 18. Customer Journey Mapping
  • 19. That’s all folks Happy Halloween