Chatterpack Power of Five Walker Books


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Chatterpacks are fun activities to get your children's reading club reading and talking about books. They are produced by The Reading Agency as part of our Chatterbooks children's reading club programme.

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Chatterpack Power of Five Walker Books

  1. 1. Chatterpack Anthony Horowitz The Power of Five
  2. 2. About the PackThe Power of Five series is guaranteed to captivate older Chatterbooks members. Thisthrilling supernatural adventure series from Anthony Horowitz, author of the bestsellingAlex Rider series, is packed full of action and suspense and will have your group sitting onthe edges of their seats.The pack contains activities to get your group talking about the books in the series. Startyour session with some of the short warm up activities and then move on to the activitysheets.Top Tips  Have a quick look through the pack and choose material that suits your group  Find out which Anthony Horowitz books your group has read  Read ‘ About the Author’ to your group  Watch Anthony Horowitz talk about Oblivion  Read ‘Praise for The Power of Five’ to your group (see p2 of this pack)  Be positive, flexible and have fun  Encourage listening to each other and sharing opinions  Talk to parents about the session and about the books & encourage parents to read the books too!About the AuthorAnthony Horowitz is one of the most popular contemporary children’s writers. His AlexRider series has inspired thousands of previously reluctant readers. Hailed as a readinghero, Anthony has won many major awards, including the Bookseller Association/NielsenAuthor of the Year Award, the Children’s book of the Year Award at the British BookAwards, and the Red House Children’s Book Award. The first Alex Rider adventure,Stormbreaker, was made into a blockbuster movie in 2006He lives in Clerkenwell with his wife and the ghost of his dog, Lucky.Find out more about Anthony and his books in the SeriesThe Power of Five (Book One): Raven’s GateThe Power of Five (Book Two): Evil StarThe Power of Five (Book Three): Nightrise
  3. 3. The Power of Five (Book Four): NecropolisThe Power of Five (Book Five): OblivionPraise for The Power of Five“A supernatural adventure of the most chilling kind... The tension explodes into the sort ofchase scenes that makes this author a favourite.” The Times“A fantastically fluent, fast-moving, intelligent, action –packed read.” Ian Hislop, The DailyTelegraph“Go. Visit. Have an exhilarating read.” Kirkus Reviews“If Harry Potter and a new Power of Five were coming out on the same day, it would be hard todecide which to read first.” The Sunday Times“This series promises to be darker and more mysterious and it is another that can be relished bygrown-ups.” Mail on SundayShort Warm Up ActivitiesIn three minutes write down...  As many words you can think of that mean ‘supernatural’  As many words you can think of that mean ‘danger’  All the evil forces that appear in The Power of Five Series  All the super powers you can think of  All the things that frighten you  As many things as you can think of which could stop environmental damage  As many things as you can to make the world a happy and healthy placeTwitter Reviews:Write a review of The Power of Five Series as a ‘Tweet’ using only 140 charactersThe Power of Five  Think of five words to describe The Power of Five Series  Think of five words to describe the Gatekeepers  Think of five words to describe the Old Ones  Think of five words to describe Nexus  Think of five words to describe the dream world
  4. 4.  Think of five words to describe the fortress Oblivion  Think of five words to describe Chaos The Power of Five – CharactersAnthony Horowitz is an exceptional writer. He provides so much detail about hischaracters they seem real. Write down three things about each of the Gatekeepers.Discuss these characters. Talk about how they think, how they feel, what they say andwhat they do.Three things about Matt Freeman   Three things about Pedro   Three things about Jamie Tyler   Three things about Scott Tyler   Three things about Scarlett Adams   
  5. 5. The Power of Five – Write a Newspaper ArticleImagine you are a newspaper reporter and have been asked to cover an eventin The Power of Five Series. Choose an incident in the Series that would makean interesting article. Use the questions below to help you write your article.Who is the story about?What happened?Where did the event take place?When did it happen?Why did it take place?How did it take place?Can you get a quote from somebody who was there?
  6. 6. The Power of Five – Likes and DislikesWho is your favourite character and why?Which character do you dislike the most and why?What is your most favourite part of the book and why?Is there a part of the book you don’t like ? if there is, why do you think this?Which part of the book makes you feel scared?Which part of the book makes you feel happy?
  7. 7. The Power of Five – Dream WorldThe five Gatekeepers meet up with each other in the dream world. Whatwould your dream world be like?Describe your dream worldWho would you meet there?What would you do there?Would your dream world be in colour or black and white?How often would you go there?