April 2013 chatterpack
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April 2013 chatterpack






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April 2013 chatterpack Document Transcript

  • 1. Fantastical CreaturesChatterpack
  • 2. Contents About this pack Top Tips for a Successful Session Book List Warm Up Activities How to Speak Dragonese by Cressida Cowell (YouTube link & pdf attachment) Septimus Heap by Angie Sage Activity Sheets (pdf attachment) Wizard’s Apprentice Activity Dragon Activity Spells & Potions Activity Wizard’s Apprentice DiaryAbout this packBeware – this pack comes with a warning – it is full of dragons, goblins, ogres, shapeshifters, trolls, giants,and many more fantasy and magical creatures. There is plenty of material to fire imagination and inspirecreativity. The booklist is full of adventure and excitement and is guaranteed to suit all tastes and readingabilities.The activities will engage members into lively discussion. Start your session with some fun warm up ice-breakers which aim to get members thinking about books and magical creatures. Then, progress to thelonger activities taking Chatterbooks members on an exciting fantasy journey. Have a go at speaking‘dragonese’ with Cressida Cowell from the award winning How to Train your Dragon series, courtesy ofScholastic. Try out the Septimus Heap activity sheets from Bloomsbury. For a fabulous dragon craft go tohttp://tinyurl.com/cshkury. Let the magic begin...Top Tips for a Successful Session Look at the pack and use the material to suit your group Remember that some Chatterbooks children will whizz through all the activities while some Chatterbooks groups will only need a couple of activities to keep them busy throughout the session. Be flexible and have fun Photocopy sheets to use as handouts Use the Chatterbooks ‘Bookbites’ post-its to make simple reviews about the books Talk to parents and carers at the end of the session to let them know what your group has been doing Organise activities as individuals, in pairs or as a whole group Make a display of Fantasy books – use our booklist to help you do this For a fabulous dragon craft activity check out this website http://tinyurl.com/cshkury
  • 3. Fantasy Creatures Book List Author Title Publisher ISBNDiterlizzi, Tony The Search for Wondla Simon& Schuster 9780857073006Funke, Cornelia Reckless Chicken House 9781906427658Reeve, Philip. Goblins Marion Lloyd Books 9781407115276Ibbotson, Eva The Ogre of Oglefort Macmillan 9780330513050Golding, Julia Secret of the Sirens OUP 9780192754608Golding, Julia The chimeras curse OUP 9780192754639Golding, Julia Mines of the Minotaur OUP 9780192754622Golding, Julia The Gorgons gaze OUP 9780192754615DLacey, Chris The fire within Orchard 9781841215334Lake, A J The coming of dragons Bloomsbury 9780747570622Grahame, Kenneth The reluctant dragon Egmont 9781405237291Melling, David Stone goblins Hodder 9780340930489 Robson, Mark Firestorm Simon & Schuster 9781847380685Steer, Dugald The dragons eye Templar 9781840117929 Williams, Tad; Beale, The dragons of Ordinary Quercus 9781847248213Deborah Farm Cowell, Cressida A heros guide to deadly Hodder 9780340999134 dragons : by Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIReeve, Philip No such thing as dragons Marion Lloyd 9781407102443Umansky, Kaye The dreadful dragon Bloomsbiry 9781408827642Forward, Toby Dragonborn Walker 9781406320435Mould, Chris Fangs n fire : ten Hodder 9780340944769 dramatic dragon tales Hare, Lucinda The dragon whisperer Corgi 9780552560221Bateson-Hill, Dragon racer Catnip 9781846470462MargaretAbnett, Dan Dragon frontier Puffin 9780141342962Kay, Elizabeth The divide Chicken House 9781903434963Blade, Adam The complete book of Orchard 9781408318669 beastsGates, S P Zilombo Tamarind 9781848530515Our grateful thanks to Coventry Schools Library Service for selecting the titles for this Fantasy Creaturesbooklist.
  • 4. Warm Up ActivitiesThese short and simple activities aim to wake up brains and get your group thinking about words andideas around the topic. Use big sheets of paper to write and draw on and keep these on hand for thewhole session to inspire and motivate.The Power of Five ... Can you think of ...Five books about magical creaturesFive authors who write about magical creaturesFive magical creaturesFive words to describe a dragonFive skills a wizard’s apprentice needsFive magic spellsFive magical creature you likeFive magical creatures you don’t likeFive types of dragonsFive names you would call a dragonQuick Draw DragonsIn 60 secs, looking at the paper, draw a dragon with your right handIn 60 secs, looking at the paper, draw a dragon with your left handIn 60 secs, looking at the paper, draw a dragon but not taking your pencil of the paperIn 60 secs, not looking at your paper, draw a dragonHow to Speak ‘Dragonese’Would you like to speak to dragons? Can you translate the following dragon sentences – ‘Nee-ah crappa inna di hoosus pishyou ‘ ‘Mi mamo mo likeit yum-yum on di bum’Watch the video of Cressida Cowell , the expert on anything to do with dragons and author of the awardwinning How to Train Your Dragon series, teaching the ancient language of ‘Dragonese’ . Here is the linkhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u96Kc_R8iKAConsult Cressida Cowell’s Dragonese dictionary which has been sent out with this pack as a pdf to expandyour Dragonese vocabulary.And try out your Dragonese skills using the activity sheets, too.Septimus Heap Activity Sheets from BloomsburyEnter the world of Septimus Heap wizard apprentice through these four exciting activity sheets (sent as apdf with this Chatterpack) . Try out the ‘Magyk’ - anagram, wordsearch, draw a dragon and storywritingactivity.
  • 5. Wizard’s ApprenticeYou have been selected to become a famous Wizard’s Apprentice.Tell us all about it...Name of your wizardWhat type of magical pet would you like?What will you call it?Draw your apprentice wizard’s robesWhat spells do you want to learn?What is your magical mode of transport?
  • 6. Wizard’s Apprentice DragonDraw your DragonWhat’s its name?What’s its favourite food?What are its special powers?
  • 7. Magical Spells & Potions Spell Name:_________________ ____________________________ What it does:_________________ ____________________________ _________________________ _____________________ Ingredients List: Potion Name:______________ _____________________________________________ __________________What it does:________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ __________________ ________________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ _________________
  • 8. Apprentice Wizard’s Diary Date Time I woke up What I ate today The jobs I did for the wizard What magical creatures did I see? What did I learn today? Time I went to bed
  • 9. ENTER THE WORLD OF SEPTIMUS HEAP, WIZARD APPRENTICE. MAGYK IS HIS DESTINY SEPTIMUS HEAP ANAGR AM How many new words can you make from the letters in: SEPTIMUS HEAP For example: THUMP HAM S even sp ellbin d i n g s to r i e s to c o l l e c t ! Let the adventure continue at w w w. s e p t i m u s h e a p . c o . u k
  • 10. ENTER THE WORLD OF SEPTIMUS HEAP, WIZARD APPRENTICE. MAGYK IS HIS DESTINY SEPTIMUS HEAP WORDSEARCH F E D W K N F S N ECan you find the following D R A Z I W Y L O Pwords in the wordsearch? O U R F P R R L G A Magyk Heap F T K A E H E E A E Flyte Wizard Y A E N O B Y P R H Physik DragonQueste Spells S E P T I M U S D S Syren Fantasy I R I A S O A F I R Darke Creature T C E S N E E G T K Fyre CharmSeptimus N E T Y L F U P Y O L C H A R M E Q S K Words can read forwards, backwards and diagonally. Good luck! S even sp ellbin d i n g s to r i e s to c o l l e c t ! Let the adventure continue at w w w. s e p t i m u s h e a p . c o . u k
  • 11. ENTER THE WORLD OF SEPTIMUS HEAP, WIZARD APPRENTICE. MAGYK IS HIS DESTINY DR AW A DR AGON Put yourself into the Septimus Heap story by sketching your own dragon in the box below!My dragon name would be: S even sp ellbin d i n g s to r i e s to c o l l e c t ! Let the adventure continue at w w w. s e p t i m u s h e a p . c o . u k
  • 12. ENTER THE WORLD OF SEPTIMUS HEAP, WIZARD APPRENTICE. MAGYK IS HIS DESTINY THE DR AGON BY ANGIE SAGE Talmar looked out of the tiny arrow slit at the top of the castle tower, watching the Besiegers far below finishing the trebuchet – a giant catapult. It would not be long now. The siege had turned Talmar into a watcher. She had watched her mother and her little sister being locked into the safe room. Talmar was terrified of enclosed spaces. She had bitten someone and run to the top of the tower. Fast. Talmar had watched her father patrol the battlements. She had watched the arrow that flew in a perfect arc towards her father. She had watched her father topple backwards and fall on the wrong side of the castle: the outside. She had heard the rest. The Besiegers made a particular noise when they ate their prey. Now something was watching Talmar: her baby dragon sat in the palm of her hand watching a tear run down her cheek. Talmar held her hand up to the arrow slit. “Fly free.” Talmar watched her dragon fly high. She saw it settle on top of the trebuchet, and then she heard it call: SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Talmar saw a dark shape appear on the horizon. She watched it coming towards the castle. She watched the mother dragon swoop down to pick up her baby, flames roaring, talons grabbing. She watched the Besiegers flee in terror. Talmar watched the castle gates open, the people pour out and the celebrations begin. Soon she would stop watching. Soon, but not yet. Now you’ve read Angie’s short story, why don’t you try writing one of your own? Visit www.septimusheap.co.uk to discover Angie’s magykal writing tips and to help you get started! S even sp ellbin d i n g s to r i e s to c o l l e c t ! Let the adventure continue at w w w. s e p t i m u s h e a p . c o . u k