Success Kit Part I: Quick start guide


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Success Kit Part I: Quick start guide

  1. 1. “We are totally obsessed with this software.” Morgan Sommerville, Stevenson University
  2. 2. Great to meet you! You can call us anytime at 800.552. 2194 Danielle Valenti Head of Customer Success m Jackie Vetrano Customer Success Manager Erin Mark Customer Success Manager Merit on Twitter: @Merit_Pages LinkedIn: Merit Power Users Group
  3. 3. Welcome to Merit We want you to be successful. This guide will show you how to get immediate results with Merit. We’ll provides lots of examples for getting the most out of Merit, tips from other colleges, how-to guides, and more, but the most important thing to know is this: Just do the basics and you will win.
  4. 4. What are the basics? Enrollment Recognize incoming freshmen and transfer students to reach their younger peers who are beginning the school search process. End-of-term Dean’s Lists Broad-based measure of attainment is popular and appreciated, with high engagement rates; core element of Merit page. Graduation Classic outcome-oriented achievement is a milestone in social and local media, generating discussion among new students and alumni.
  5. 5. Getting started In this section •Quick start guide •Badges •Granting your first achievement ‣ Step 1: What is it? ‣ Step 2: Who receives it? ‣ Step 3: Where else do you want to send it?
  6. 6. Quick start guide We provide a free orientation and training whenever you or your team needs it. contact us to set something up: Get started with Merit right away: Log in to your Merit account at (your account info was already emailed to you) Go to “Settings,” follow the easy steps to create your badges and set up your Merit page. (to make look the way you want) Click “Start” on the dashboard and grant your first achievement! (we bet you can figure it out on your own but the next pages will show you exactly how to do it) 1 2 3
  7. 7. Badges You need badges to send an achievement. Merit makes it easy to get badges fast! Whether you decide to create your own badges or not, log in to your Merit account, go to “Settings” click “Branding.” Enter your institution’s primary and secondary colors and we’ll create badges for you and they’ll be in your account in just a few days. Why badges? The “badges” that Merit associates with the achievements you grant are important because they carry your brand into social networks and identify students’ accomplishments on Think of them like your branded apparel, bumper stickers, official documents and other university-approved items. Badges distinguish your achievements and create brand affiliation with everyone who sees them.
  8. 8. Granting Your First Achievement Achievements have three simple elements: 1. What is it? 2. Who receives it? 3. Where else do you want to send it?
  9. 9. Granting Your First Achievement Step 1: What is it? Describe the achievement. •Select a badge •Give your achievement a headline •Write a short intro
  10. 10. Granting Your First Achievement Step 2: Who receives it? Tell Merit who you’re recognizing. You can add students on the fly by clicking a button and adding basic information about them. Better yet, if you’ve ever granted an achievement to a student, you can start typing the student’s name into the achievement granting workflow and Merit will populate the rest of the fields for you. For big achievements, like the Dean’s List, you can request a list of students in a spreadsheet using an email like this. Your registrar will provide it. They may want to know about FERPA. Merit is 100% compliant with the strictest standards of privacy. Be sure to ask for the students’ first name, last name, email address, hometown, and zip code. This information helps Merit create a unique identify for each student.
  11. 11. Use an email template to collect student information
  12. 12. Granting Your First Achievement Step 3: Where else do you want to send it? Now you have a chance to broadcast your achievements to a wider audience than your students and their followers. Distribution channels Send to newspapers •National hometown newspapers Post to social media •Facebook •Twitter
  13. 13. Press release types When you choose to include local media as part of your distribution, Merit writes two types of press releases for you: Type one: A press release that includes a list of all the students from the same newspapers coverage area. Rather than send several, identical press releases, Merit combines them into one release with a bullet-point list of students. Type two: A press release for a single student. If there is only one student in a newspaper’s coverage area.