Mobile Web site options by Reactive


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What is the best solution for your mobile Web site? This presentation by Reactive provides you with options and ideas.

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Mobile Web site options by Reactive

  1. 1. Mobile Web sites // Options and Ideas
  2. 2. Building a mobile Web siterequires thought and consideration• Plethora of options makes it confusing to establish a clear way forward• Is there a business case for it?• What are the exact options available?• How can I ensure my choice will be scalable and robust for the long term?
  3. 3. Mobile: A global trend Customer satisfactionOver 15% of global traffic today is generated A customised mobile user experience has beenfrom mobile devices. shown to be an effective way to retain the attention of your mobile audiences for longerUnderstanding your current mobile audience and increase their likelihood of converting.and visitations are essential for establishingimmediate and longer term ROI metrics and Understand how a mobile user experience cancreating a relevant mobile centric user enable smarter interaction with your audiencesexperience – use your current analytics as a on the move.starting point. Mobile Web sites // Some thoughtseShops Build for the futureFor eCommerce vendors, the ROI case is simple The mobile space is changing fast. Using– mobile visits are already there, so providing techniques and solutions that are scalable willthem with a mobile centric user experience will allow you to minimise redevelopment needsincrease conversions. over time and attain greater ROI.Providing your customers with a simple HTML 5 is now commonplace for creating Webshopping and checkout process should be the sites which function identically on bothstarting point for enabling a fuller mobile desktop and mobile devices. Tools likeexperience between your brand and Netbiscuits can ensure that the mobile ‘longcustomers. tail’ (older devices) are also catered for.
  4. 4. So, what are the choices?
  5. 5. Device specific solutionA device specific solution allows you todeliver a tailored user experience perdevice.The example shown here shows the fullCaritas Web site and mobile friendlyversion which introduces a simpler userexperience (the main menu only presentsLearn, Act & Donate options).
  6. 6. Responsive solutionResponsive layouts use intelligent code todetect the screen size and repurpose thesame content to the screen size.The example shown here shows the samecontent being presented with a 3, 2 and 1column grid layout depending on thedevice used to visit the site.
  7. 7. Mobile friendly designMobile friendly designs are created withmobile visitations in mind (e.g. largebuttons), but use the same design acrossall devices.The site shown here uses the same layoutacross all devices and has been build withHTML 5 (as opposed to Flash) to ensureinteractive elements like the banner workon mobile.
  8. 8. Summary Mobile friendly design Responsive layout Device specificPros • Cheap (design only) • Cost effective solution (uses • Delivers a user specific mobile same functionality across all solution devices)Cons • Does not offer a mobile • Limited mobile user • Can be costly centric user experience experience • Does not deliver mobile specific functionalitiesGood for… • Web sites with no • Web sites with limited mobile • Web sites with specific specific mobile user user needs mobile user needs needsBad for… • Web audiences with • Web audiences with specific • Web audiences with limited specific mobile needs mobile needs mobile user needsCost • Low • Medium • High
  9. 9. Next stepsReactive has experience delivering a widerange of mobile solutions – why not give us acall to discuss your options.Perspectives 2012Our latest edition of Perspectives 2012 coversresponsive layouts in great detail. Why notrequest a copy or download a copy from here: Ross – General ManagerM: 04 88012336E: