Bringing Science To The Art Of Marketing


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ReachLocal has worked with tens of thousands of customers to help them acquire customers online. We’ve seen time and time again an opportunity to improve lead capture and conversion.

In this presentation we will outline How to Identify Leaks in your current marketing process and provide 15 ways to increase leads.

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Bringing Science To The Art Of Marketing

  1. 1. Bringing Science To The Art Of Marketing 15 Ways To Increase Leads @ReachLocalAu
  2. 2. Paul Liascos General Manager - Sales ReachLocal Australia Speakers
  3. 3. YOUR OBJECTIVE : Clients Start As Consumers…. YOU WANT CLIENTS?
  5. 5. Don’t Leak Leads Saving Customers One Lead At A Time
  6. 6. Where Are You Losing Leads? Prospects Discover You when they search, surf and socialise online and then click to visit Leads Contact You when they are impressed with your website Customers Choose You when you stand out with good, timely follow-up
  7. 7. Identify Your Leaks In Reality Leads leak out At each stage Ideally All visitors become leads and all leads Become customers
  8. 8. To Increase Leads 15 WAYS
  10. 10. Claim & Optimise Business Listings & Review Sites1 Google Listings + Organic Search account for 58% of visits to local business websites 50% of business owners have seen wrong information, which causes consumer frustration, on their business listings.1
  11. 11. Include Tracking Phone Numbers & Website in Offline ads#32 Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. John Wanamaker, Department Store Innovator 02 8235 9364
  12. 12. #63 Advertise on all Major Search Engines 7.1% of Internet users use Bing or Yahoo! to search online.2 Optimise all Search Campaigns IDENTIFY Local Search Terms WRITE Better Paid Search Ads LINK to Highly Relevant Landing Pages REALLOCATE BUDGET daily based on which keywords get clicks & calls CONSIDER Enhanced Campaigns Extensions for Location, Phone #, Website, Sitelinks, and Offers
  13. 13. Set up & Actively Manage Social Media Profiles & Respond to Questions#84 of consumers require up to 5 reviews and 29% need 6 or more before deciding to purchase.5 66% Actively Request Positive Reviews from Happy Customers Follow-up Survey Follow-up email within 24 hours
  14. 14. Create Relevant Content That Gets You to the Top of Search Results PAGE 1 PAGE 2 #75 of searchers don’t scroll past page one of the search results.485%
  15. 15. Example: Blog Post, Facebook & Twitter Craft a magnetic headline Open with a bang Use persuasive words Insert killer bullet points Create exquisite subheads Keep attention with internal cliffhangers or relatable examples Choose an arresting image Be authentic
  16. 16. Use Display Advertising to be discovered more online#106 DISPLAY ADVERTISING on the top sites where consumers are searching most, will raise awareness for your brand & help to keep it top-of-mind. News Your Display AdYour Display Ad Your Display Ad
  18. 18. Use Site Retargeting to Remind Past Website Visitors About Your Business#107 RETARGETING is an effective way to keep your institution top of mind after they leave your website without converting.
  19. 19. Harness Leads With a Beautiful Website8 Phone number in upper right corner Calls-to-action and conversion paths on every page [phone, form, email] List call to action, clear value prop & products / services 88% of consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad user experience.6 9234 2194
  20. 20. Example: Before No Clear Call to action No Phone # at the top right No form No Clear Value Prop
  21. 21. Example: After Clear Call to action Phone # at the top right Value proposition Access to details about services offered (02) 9345 2034
  22. 22. Dynamic Landing Pages to Boost ad Conversions9 1300 120 284
  23. 23. Website Must be Mobile Friendly Make it easy for contacts to call you from your mobile site10 of mobile searchers trigger quick follow up actions - without a mobile friendly site advertisers may be missing out.8 73% (02) 9345 2034 (02) 9345 2034 (02) 9345 2034 Pickens Technical College Serving Sydney, NSW Enroll Now! (02) 9345 2034 168 Walker Street North Sydney NSW 2060
  24. 24. Offer Additional Contact Methods10 Live Chat Social ChannelsEmail Forms Reception Chat with: Visitor, Nicole Nicole: Would you like to speak with an Sales Coordinator using our Call Connect feature? 9 (02) 9401 3852
  25. 25. Example: Live Chat 1300 120 284
  26. 26. Timely Follow-Up11 100x greater chance of reaching a lead when calling back in the first 5 mins vs. first 30mins.10 Answer your phone or have a call- system service set up Call back new contacts or leads within an hour Reply to web forms & emails within an hour Check all phone numbers, web forms & email addresses are active Responding to a lead in the first five minutes vs the first 30 produces a 21 times greater chance of converting your lead. 21X.11
  27. 27. Collect Contact Information & Create Lead List12 (02) 9254 9287 (02) 9234 1047 (03) 3029 5029 (02) 8204 0238 (08) 2309 0384
  28. 28. Make a Good Impression on Lead Follow-up (02) 9531 8357 Increase conversions by when using follow-up emails.12 30% (02) 8104 2860 835 Pacific Highway Sydney, 2000 Call: (02) 9531 8357
  29. 29. Special offers to take next step Send a few follow-up emails: • Why Your Business • Benefits of your products & services • Unique offerings Nurture Leads That Aren’t yet Ready to Buy13 Businesses that use marketing automation experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.13
  30. 30. Admissions Coordinator (02) 9531 8357 Example: Lead Nurturing (02) 9531 8357
  31. 31. Listen to Calls to Coach & Improve Sales Skills, + GET ALL DETAILS REQUIRED14
  32. 32. Track Customers’ Purchasing Paths & ROI15
  33. 33. Fixing The Funnel 30% of contacts are active leads interested in your products or services 30% of leads convert into customers 1,000 Contacts 300 Leads 90 Customers 50,000 Visitors 2.0% of visitors contact you [phone, form, email] ContactChoose Small changes make a BIG impact on increasing your Customers Discover
  34. 34. arketing-math/
  35. 35. Follow Us ReachSource Central Ebooks Subscribe & Download:
  36. 36. Resources 1. Yellow Advertising 2. Ad News 3. Digiocial 4. ABC 5. Sensis F 6. CIO 7. ReachLocal internal Data 8. Big Egg Media business-website-fresh/ 9. ReachLocal Internal Data 10. Jack Media 11. Jack Media 12. ReachLocal Internal Data 13. LoadTech