The curse of the Penguin


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Andrew Bush, Social Media analyst at Reach Further talks about recent changes to Google and how to create Google-friendly content at the Don't Blink Social Media Briefing 26 June 2012

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  • Before I carry on, I’d like to mention that this has got to be content people will want to share. Talking about your business on your blog is great for helping people buy into you, but to build links you need to talk about things people want to share.
  • Be pedantic - Vi Hart’s maths doodles
  • Smart Car example - an eye on Twitter, Quora, Google Plus and message boards, for mentions and questions of your brand, and of your areas of expertise
  • Kanye West & SEO?
  • OKTrends -
  • Big claims – the elephant in the room – will it blend
  • Highlight the interesting things about tiny details - people and processes that make things work (the cogs)
  • Hamster Jazz Band can have cross-overs – doing research to make a big claim in answer to a boring question, which you then tweet at people who ask it on Twitter
  • The curse of the Penguin

    1. 1. DON’T BLINK – THE CURSE OF THE PENGUINAndrew Bush, Social Media Analyst, Reach Further
    2. 2. Google’s Pet Penguin The Penguin Hates: • Unnatural Links • Dodgy Directories • Perfect Anchor Text
    3. 3. Panda -> Penguin -> Praying Mantis? • Don’t get obsessed with beating the latest algorithm change • Do get obsessed with being natural
    4. 4. Embrace Nature Do what companies do: • Do business • Do research • Do human stuff … and then let people know
    5. 5. But embracing nature can be difficult… EXACTLY!
    6. 6. How to create good content… Be smart can you answer a boring question with an interesting answer?
    7. 7. How to create good content… Be vigilant keep an eye out for opportunities and then react quickly
    8. 8. How to create good content… Be unusual combine two things you don’t usually see together
    9. 9. How to create good content… Do research root around for hidden gems
    10. 10. How to create good content… Go big big data, wide themes, massive claims
    11. 11. How to create good content… Go small pick something everyone else thinks is insignificant and make it significant
    12. 12. How to create good content… Exploit human weakness if all else fails, put a baby animal on it
    13. 13. Get in touch! 0113 278 1800 @amusedbush