7 steps to enabling your new Facebook timeline for business


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  • Do a quick run through of the key features of a facebook page – probably easiest to do this live online rather than through this slide.
  • 7 steps to enabling your new Facebook timeline for business

    1. Argh! They’ve changed Facebook again!What will it mean for my business page? ©Reach Further 2012 www.reachfurther.com
    2. It’s actually good news, honest! What can you donow on your Facebook page?• Ability to moderate comments• Cover photo is a great opportunity to show off products and make a big impact• Facebook visitors can message you – a new way to receive enquiries• Ability to ‘stick’ a story to the top of your page• Business pages now look like personal profiles providing a consistency of experience across Facebook for users ©Reach Further 2012 www.reachfurther.com
    3. What does the new Timeline look like? Cover photo – 851 x 315px Customers can send you a private Profile picture message Like button Choose which apps appear here ©Reach Further 2012 www.reachfurther.com
    4. Make a post ‘stick’ See which ofto the top your friends like View the page too history Double column for the wall ©Reach Further 2012 www.reachfurther.com
    5. Here are our 7 simple steps to take to get a brilliantnew Facebook timeline for your business page ©Reach Further 2012 www.reachfurther.com
    6. 1. Enable the new Timeline for your personal Facebook profile (if you haven’t already) – get used to the look and feel on your own profile before you start using it for your business page – there are a lot of similarities. Go to: https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline ©Reach Further 2012 www.reachfurther.com
    7. 2. On your Facebook page take the tour and browsethe new look timeline:• Experiment with adding different photos as the cover photo. Choose a profile picture (the small square image in the bottom left of your cover photo).• Click around and ‘play’ with it. ©Reach Further 2012 www.reachfurther.com
    8. 3. Choose a cover photo for your new page – it shouldbe 851 x 315 pixels in size – although Facebook doesresize images automatically.• Remember that you can change your cover photo at any time – so you could have different ones for different seasons.• A photo is much better than a logo. You can’t use your Cover Photo as advertising space – ie. like a banner advert – it should be a photo.• Look here for inspiration: http://on.mash.to/yWkOrh ©Reach Further 2012 www.reachfurther.com
    9. 4. Fill in your company history – you can go right backto when your organisation was founded. Have you gotany old logos or photos? Put them on the timeline! ©Reach Further 2012 www.reachfurther.com
    10. 5. Decide if you want to moderate comments on yourwall and other privacy settings in ‘Edit Page’, ‘BasicInformation’, then manage comments in your ActivityLog: ©Reach Further 2012 www.reachfurther.com
    11. 6. Tidy up your wall – you can hide posts, delete themor highlight them (so that they spread across bothcolumns) ©Reach Further 2012 www.reachfurther.com
    12. 7. Tell people about your new look page! Why not‘pin’ a story on your new page to the top? ©Reach Further 2012 www.reachfurther.com
    13. For further help with developing a strategy for yourFacebook page, why not come on our next onlinecourse, Four Weeks on Facebook?Book here:http://fourweeksonfacebook.eventbrite.comOr call us today: +44 (0)113 2781800 ©Reach Further 2012 www.reachfurther.com