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This is a Brand Management project made in the Year 2006 in association with Gini and Jony. There was a three Tire Brand startegy which was applied post extensive primary research work. It may be of use as a sample guidelines and anything that you may require it for in your college.

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Gini and jony

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  3. 3. _____________________________________________________________ BRAND HISTORY1980 CIRCAFrom small and humble beginnings in 1980, Gini & Jony has come a long way; It startedwith a Dream to build an empire in the realm of kids clothing; To build a Brand thatwould stand tall and outshine all others. Being “Not Just Big But The Very Best”The LAKHANI BROTHERS - 3 ordinary men who created the Gini & Jony brand. Theywere three Ordinary men with an Extraordinary Vision.  A Vision to occupy the pinnacle in kids clothing.  A Vision to offer the best in quality, the latest in fashion trends and the most comfortable in fit “Quality Never goes out of Fashion”THINKING BIGThe success of Gini & Jony can be attributed to 2 golden words that is a daily mantra ofthe Lakhani Brothers “Thinking Big”. This mantra began way back in 1980 andcontinues even today1980’sIn the early 80’s, the organized kids wear category was almost non – existent. Gini &Jony was one of the foremost brands in kids wear. That actually helped build the categoryof kids wear clothing.AWARDS WON:Gini and Jony has won several awards all over these years, Marjory forits strong branding strategies one of which is the Shoppers StopPinnacle Award – Best Kids Brand – 2004 3
  4. 4. 1990’s: A Decade of Brand BuildingPost liberalization the Indian Economy bloomed in the early 90’s.A host of Brands beganto spring up in the country. As this took place Gini & Jony took a Leadership role anddictated market & Product trends, for the rest to follow.2000 OnwardsGini & Jony today is way ahead in the market. It dominates the kids wear category inevery aspect – Quality – Styling – Designing – Fashion trends – Range of fabricsToday Gini and Jony is the top most brand in its category.HISTORY SO FARHistory of Gini and Jony is a testimony to the Achievements of the Lakhani Brothers. It isclosely knit team that is a Force to reckon with. It has always been feared for theirCourage and Daring to “Launch out into the Deep”Today, 24 years later it has withstood against all Odds, Uphill tasks and ChallengesTHE SECRET OF THEIR SUCCESS • A strong sense of Business • Prudent Investments • Building and Nurturing Human Assets • Planning and Goal setting • With hands on right approach • And plenty of Hard work, Determination, Commitment and Sleepless nights 4
  5. 5. BRAND EXTENSIONWhy Brand Extensions?? It has been the Pioneer of organized Kids wear segment in India. It has alwaysbeen a Lifestyle Brand. It is known for its International Design and Quality Standards.And has a National presence in Customer Base• FOOTWEAR: The freedom launch • CMAI, Product Announcement The Loft, Market Launch • Talent show • Celebrities • Fashion show • Media coverageUSP of Freedom Footwear• Phylon Sole for comfort and Shock Absorption- Largest Range in Multi Color Phylon for Kids.• Ergonomically designed and tested for growing feet- Sizing and structuring as per Indian feet• Perforated, Lightweight Breathable Mesh for uppers- Tested against wear and tear• Genuine Leather Lining for better absorption • Reinforced Soles & Toe Caps for Toddlers • Stitch out Construction 5
  6. 6. • EYEWEAR - Eternity LifestylesEternity Lifestyles brings to you, this new range of Eyewear in partnership with Gini & Jony.• Sunglasses range signifies the outlook of Gini & Jony  Stylish,  High quality  Colorful with an attitudeAbout G&J Eyewear• World’s largest range of inconceivable eyewear for children.• 112 variants available in unconventional styles and trendy colors  Polycarbonate frames - 16 models with 5 colours in each model  Metallic frames - 8 models with 4 colours in each model• Trendy packaging• Quality sunglasses at unbelievably affordable pricesFeatures of G&J Eyewear• Provides Eye Protection  High Optical Grade Polycarbonate Lens  Protection against Impact  Extremely Light Weight  Offers superior comfort and clarity  Protection against UV rays 6
  7. 7.  Metal Frames  Nickel Silver frame material  Polycarbonate Frames  Much stronger ordinarily used plastic  High strength to weight ratio  Varied Frame Colors  Non allergic• A Fashion Accessory  Unique in appearance  Never heard before frame colors  Chic lens colors  Re-define style  Give a smart new look to the kids  Colors in tune with the apparel shades  Unconventional and trendy with an attitude• Reasonably Priced MRP – Rs. 495 & Rs. 595• Competitive Advantage  No equitable competitors.  The brand equity is extremely high  Combination of a fashion accessory and protective shield gives it a potent advantage  Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses are ideal for kids  Value for money pricing 7
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  9. 9. ADVERTISING PLAN • Budget fixed for 04 – 05 ending 31/03/05 o Rs. 250 lacs • Actual amount spent for 04 – 05 ending 31/03/05 o Rs. 325 lacs • Budget earmarked for the year 05 – 06 o Rs. 460 lacsHow they Advertising?TV advertising on National Channels and Product related lifestyle campaign.  TV Hungama  NDTV  NDTV 24 x 7  Star News  Zee News  Sahara Mumbai  Sahara Rashtriya  Sahara U.P.  Sahara M.P.  SonyEvents / Campaigns - (From Late January’ 05 to Late February’ 05)  GJ Jeans Launch – Consumer Level --- Mid March  GJ Eyewear Collection --- 1st March  GJ Belts Collection --- 1st March  New Arrivals “Change Your Wardrobe” --- 1st March  Health Related Advertisement – 1st April Award Advertisements (Press Campaign) – 1st April 9
  10. 10.  In Shop Visual Merchandise – 15th Feb – 28th Feb Hoardings for GJ Jeans “City wise” – 1st March Tags, Carry Bags, Visual in Store carrying Awards. “Best Kids Wear” Promotion – CD Album free with bottoms.Lifestyle Brand-G & J -The year of Brand Extensions• Time wear• Footwear• Eyewear• Sleepwear• Fashion Jewellery• Leather products• Body sprays• Toiletries 10
  11. 11. ________________________________________________________________________ ANALYSIS – UsersSTORE BRANDING How w ould you define the am bience of Gini & Jony? 6% 11% 0% 39% 7 44% DULL LIVELY FRIENDLY CHIRPY CHILLED OUT STRENGTHS:• From the survey made from 15 samples it was noticed that consumer’s Recall the brand name at the first go.• It was found that most of the consumer bought their cloths directly from the EBO’s (the Retail Shop of Gini & Jony) and preferred to buy them over the malls mainly because of the variety in the particular brand and the ambience provided to them.• It was also noticed that mothers along with their children found the Ambience quite Lively at the store. 11
  12. 12. • They also gave their views as to why they mostly bought from the store; this was because of the assurance by the showroom in terms of quality of product and latest styles and trends. Why do you buy from GJ store? 10 8 6 4 2 0 One stop The The Sales Quality of Status shop service is Ambience manship product great Excellent Good Average Needs Improvement BadWEAKNESS:• A section of consumers did not like the appeal of GJ. GJ being a kid’s brand the store was not accordingly designed; it should appeal to the kids (at least toddlers-10 years) as their store.• It should emphasis on being hip and happening or even friendlier than being chilled out. It should keep in mind the brand strategy, which is, making it a Premium Brand. Some time we lose out the charm by making things look too sophisticated.• GJ Being a premium brand should make sure that the perception of the consumer about the salesmanship should improve from good to excellent, in order to maintain long term customer relationship. 12
  13. 13. • Awareness needs to be increased about GJ being a one-stop shop for the consumer and about what special things they are offering.MERCHANDISE BRANDING: What do you genrally bye from Gini and Jony? 8% 12% 13% 19% 17% 19% 12% SHIRT T-SHIRT JEANS TROUSER CAPRIS SKIRTS OTHERSSTRENGTHS:• GJ has been very aggressive in selling the GJ Jeans, which has been a great success for Gini and Jony in terms of merchandise clothing.• The brand emphasises a lot on the Freedom Wear, it being the most comfortable children clothing range among its competitor and as one of the main brand strategies.• It has been successful in terms of the quality of fabric that they use; the consumers have loved it, as it is very durable and comfortable. The over all quality of the product was found to be really good by the consumer. 13
  14. 14. What do you think about G&J clothings? 12 Respondants 10 8 6 4 2 0 ey es t s ts le it r ric on fo F rin m ty om ab M S he P F r C T fo ue al V Excellent Good Average Needs Improvement BadWEAKNESSES:• While doing the research it was noted that the product line (apart from the clothing) was not merchandized. The consumers were not aware about them. The two main brand extensions the shoes and the eyewear have not been noticed by the consumer’s at all.• During the survey it was noticed that the consumers hated the round logo on the garments, which gave them an idea of a peon’s shirt with a logo on it. In short, it was found to be too loud.• The strips and the checks of the garment became too common in the market; hence it may make the brand diluted over a period. 14
  15. 15. • The Themes were not registered in the user’s mind while advertising. They could not recall the theme of the last season. It should be made simpler in order to reach out to the people so as to increase brand awareness along the present and the aspirant buyers in the competitive market. 15
  16. 16. SERVICE BRANDING: What do you think about service provided by GJ? 12 10 Excellent 8 Good 6 Average Needs Improvement 4 Bad 2 0 Ef ficiency Friendly AlertSTRENGHT:• Consumers who visit the shop find the service good.• Salespeople are helpful to the customers, and also quite efficient at their job.• The staff is friendly with the customers. They mingle well with the kids and cater to the demands of their mothers as well.WEAKNESS:• The only major draw back found was that some times the sales man was not alert enough; it surely has marked the lowest in the service.• The brand needs to extend itself from being just good to excellent. This should be done in order to maintain its position in the mind of the consumers. 16
  17. 17. GINI & JONY -BRAND PERCEPTION:• It was reviewed that most people perceived the brand to be an International Brand, and not an Indian brand. It is a great success for the company as this is exactly how the company wanted the brand to be perceived by the consumers (Brand Identity).• Most of the consumers came to know about GJ by viewing advertisements. Since international models are used in the advertisements, GJ gets an image of being a Premium Brand as well as an International Brand. (Brand identity)• The G&J cards are not common among the consumers, infact they were not even aware about it. There were consumers who felt that owning a card would became a big problem, as they would have to carry it every time. Though they were ready to own a card. They also suggested having something more innovative and convenient to manage as an alternative to the card.• When asked about who they think are Gini & Jony, some found them as cartoon characters, Gini being a girl and Jony being a boy, in the age group of 7-11. Despite the fact that GJ sells clothing upto an age of 16!! The basic conclusion was that they found them to be fictitious character. This shows that the consumers were actually not aware of exactly what to associate with GJ (brand association)• The typical characteristics of consumers are that they are educated, rich, energetic, and simple in nature at the same time having the snob appeal.• It is also noticed that the mothers watch cartoon with their children. This shows G&J’s involvement and scope for advertising in those time slots of those particular channels.• As shown in the perception map G&J ranks the first three slots that’s the: 1. COMFORT 2. PRINTS 3. THEMES 17
  18. 18. Sony What are your Favorite television channels? Star one Star w orld 6% 6% Star plus 16% 3% Cartoon Netw ork 6% Pogo 3% 16% New s 6% Star movies 3% Zee 3% 16% Animal planert 13% 3% National Gegrafic History Channel Disney which other brands do you use? Lilliput Pepe kids Prints 14 Me and 12 moms 10 Barbie 8 Tango 6 4 Toonwaorld 2 Ruff andStyle 0 Comfort tough Beneton Kids Wekender Scram Gini and jony Freelook Themes 18
  19. 19. _____________________________________________________________ ANALYSIS – NON USERS• Amongst the non-users, it has been noticed that they really prefer having one stop shop for their kids.• They are price conscious but also wanted quality at the same time.• They preferred to have a friendly atmosphere around them.• They demanded better comfort in terms of clothing• The brand positioning of G&J is so strong that even though they did not purchase the brand, GJ was at top recall for all consumer, a remarkable achievement. Other brands being Pepe kids, Barbie and Weekender. Which brand are you aware of ? Lilliput Pepe kids 3% Me and moms 17% 14% Barbie 5% Tango 2% Toonw aorld 0% Beneton Kids 15% 14% Ruff and tough Wekender 2% Scram 10% 8% Freelook 10% Gini and jony 19
  20. 20. What kind of cloths w ould You like to w ear? 1 7% 50% 25% 8%Comfortable Unique Stylish Colorfully 20
  21. 21. ________________________________________________________________________ OUR BRANDING STRATEGYWe know by now that there has been no character of the brand “Gini and Jony ” till date.The identity of Gini and Jony has been kept as a secret. It’s high time that Gini and Jonybe given a face – a character, a life. In the research also, it was observed that majority ofthe respondents felt that Gini was a girl and Jony was a guy, we plan to go with the samecharacterisation to the brand. Gini as a girl and Jony as a guy falling in the age group of8 years and are childhood friends.This will help us to relate better to our consumers and the association will make the brandstronger. This is an important strategy in order to face the growing competition posed byNational and International Brands. This association will help develop strong brand recallas they grow and will be loyal to the brand.Brand Image and Brand Identity of Gini and Jony has been well established; hence wewould like to focus our strategy completely on developing and improving brandassociation and brand perception.As Gini and Jony’s retail concept is based on the three tires system we are also buildingupon the branding in accordance of these three sections:STORE: We need to make the store more appealing; by introducing the new characters G&J. Kids between the age group of 4-6 years at an approximate height of 21/2 feet, have a very low vision span. Thus we need to design the store accordingly. E.g.: Pictures of Gini and Jony can be placed at this level. Gini and Jony can also play the traffic police by showing the direction to various departments of the store. E.g.: play house, or the ground floor merchandise. There should also be a play area or a playhouse for the kids. This is done so that the mothers can shop at ease, while the kids are within their “sight”. For this very reason the play area should be available within the store and not out side. 21
  22. 22.  There should also be a play counter with puzzle games that would help to develop the kids learning process. Other toys of G&J and their friends can also be made available, thus helping on brand recall. There should be mascots dressed in G&J gear displaying the products in the brand extension - goggles, shoes, bags, belts etc. Takeaways for the children to take back home so that they look forward to visit the stores again Branding is needed to lay emphasis on one stop shop concept. To convey the consumers that they sell a range of products with the best quality to the consumer.MERCHANDISE: The mascots should dress up according to the latest themes of the store, along with the brand extensions such as goggles, shoes, bags, belts and much more. E.g. Gini and Jony dressed up as the current coming season’s theme, Rock Star, or Thriller Instinct. The whole appearance right from the clothing to the bags, goggles, belts, and shoes should be based on the theme of rock star. The solution for the round logo on the garment to make the branding a bit light, can be replaced by batches or can embroidered the characters G&J which will be famous and liked by the people. The GJ jeans should be having the characters embossed on them (G&J), these characters should be sporty just as jeans or denim is perceived. In short, get the characters printed on the clothing and make create a trademark.SERVICE The most important would be the uniform of the staff. They should be made as per the different seasonal themes. Making different uniforms every season may cost the company a little extra but doing so would surely worth because it would give us to an edge over the competitors. 22
  23. 23.  Research showed that the staff is not alert and receptive to the consumers. Thus needful training can be given to them The store can give away freebees like chocolates, key-chains, pencils, etc. in accordance to the theme of the season and having the Gini and Jony characters. This can be done by the salesperson as soon as the kid enters the store with his/her parents. This kind of strategy will be advantageous to us in two ways, one is overcoming alertness as when the customer enters the child gets a gift hence it becomes a duty of the sales person to compulsory attend the customer and second the excitement for the next type of freebees would bring the child back to the shop.BRAND AS A WHOLE. It was found that the consumer finds it very inconvenient to carry the card every time. Today competition is growing and thus in order to be different we need to come up with an innovative medium so as to make our customers come back. We thus introduce a new electronic / Nick System. Every customer’s database will be feeded into the computers, thus making it available all over India, in any of GJ’s outlets. Every time a customer makes a purchase; he/she will have to give his specific nickname, or password. This would enable him/her to gain points and thus attain a gift at end of every 100th point. Thus retain our customer loyalty at the same time building up new customers. Thus by doing so, we can build up on a new brand strategy. This strategy would help us overcome the brand association –problem, and also gain new customers. Our strategy mainly focuses on the launch of GINI and JONY as characters and thus giving GJ a newer and better brand image, in terms of premium and international kids wear. It also focuses on branding each of GJ’s brand extensions. 23