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How to transform your closet from storage into a custom boutique.

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  • 1)Less is More\na)Would you rather shop at an overstuffed, disjointed Marshalls or a clean streamlined Caroline Herrera\nb)Hoarder vs. Art Collector\nc)Hang all your garments backwards (with the hook facing open towards you.) As you wear a garment replace it in the closet in the reverse direction. If you have transposed hangers at the end of twelve months, item extermination should be executed.\nd)If you struggle to part with a well-loved, but useless item of attire, take a picture of it. Write a story to accompany the image, draw therapeutic hearts and stars around it if it helps, but abandon the actual item.\ne)Find a home for items, which are in good repair, but do not match your current size, style, or fashion goals. Gift what is mismatched to a fashion deprived family member, friend, or charity. \nf)Only seasonably appropriate items should be presented for your daily fashion evaluation. Wool sweaters should not clutter July diurnal dressings nor should gladiator sandals muddle January’s daily dandification. Switch your clothes, shoes, and other accessories out every season. If your abode does not accommodate a separate closet, section off your available space so only the most relevant items are directly in front of you, dominating your attention.\n2)Closet Cleaning Procedure\na)Preparation\na)Set aside a day\n(a)Make a tradition at least two times a year, preferably quarterly/seasonally\nb)Set the mood\n(a)Turn on music that relaxes and inspires you\n(b)Get a cup of tea or glass of water\n(c)Invite a close, intimate friend who will give you honest opinions\nb)Just try it on\na)Get everything out and evaluate it on the criteria below\nb)Fit: Clothes do not exist to humiliate or reward us. Don’t keep 3 sizes of clothing in your closet – one smaller size set for good days, one large set for bad days, and one average set for average days. Only keep items in your closet that fit you right now.\nc)Color: During good daylight hours, take one category at a time and put each item up against your face. Do your eyes look brighter, your dark circles worse? Is your skin radiant or flat?\n(a)Cool & Bright (Sunrise/Winter)High contrast between hair & skin, highly saturated eye color, ring around iris. Cool ashy hair and cool rosy skin. Can wear pure color, jewel tones.\n(b)Warm (Sunset/Autumn)High contrast between hair & skin, sunburst of eye color. Warm golden/honey hair and warm peachy skin\n(c)Warm & Fresh (Midtones/Spring)Lower contrast between hair & skin, Mixture of warm and cool tones, but more warm overall.\n(d)Cool & Delicate (Midtones/Summer) Lower contrast between hair & skin, Mixture of warm and cool tones, but more cool overall.\nd)Style\n(a)Evaluate repeats, do you have 8 of the same item in different colors. Or is your closet dominated by a single hue, if so diversify.\n(b)Do you feel confident, self assured, attractive\n(c)What message are you sending\n(d)Do you feel unique, definitive?\n(e)More information available in Signature Style class\nc)Divide into 5 Piles\na)Keep: Everything in this pile should delight you\nb)Repair: This is a fashion ambulance for clothes & shoes that are in pair repair – items that are torn, missing buttons, in need of a new hem, requiring a heel repair, etc. \nc)Archive: No more than 5 items in this pile, including your wedding ensemble. Your closet is not for costume. Get rid of your stack of race t-shirts and remove at least 90% of your high school formal wear.\nd)Give Away: The items that no longer suit by size or style may be a fashion delight for someone else. This of the good your clothing will do for others.\ne)Throw Away: Don’t get put on PETA watch (people for the ethical treatment of apparel). If your white shirt has yellow stains under the arms, if your knit skirt is pilling in every direction, if your thighs have rubbed holes between your denim legs, let these pieces of clothing rest in peace. Do not wear them beyond ethics approval.\n\n
  • 1)Organization/Care\na)Store your seasonal items in clean plastic bins where they will remain cool and dry. Keep infrequently used items up high or in less accessible sections of your wardrobe. And do not let me catch you with maternity garb in your daily mix when your baby is more than three months old.\nb)Immediately place items that are soiled, torn, de-buttoned, or otherwise injured in a fashion ambulance. If they have not been hemmed, cleaned, or repaired within a week, consider how much these items mean to you.\nc)Fold knits to avoid stretching them out, but keep the entire pile visible. If them roost in a drawer, roll them so you can see each player, not just the top fold. If they nest on a shelf, make sure there are no more than a handful of items per pile and put the heaviest items at the bottom of the pile.\nd)Shun wire hangers like Tineid moths. These clothing predators will create shoulder nipples in the favorite wears. Even plastic, tubular hangers are an inferior choice as they lack the power to hold a wide neck top or heavy denim. Instead opt for a crystal dress hanger, wooden hanger, or my favorite the quilted hanger (made by loving grannies everywhere). All should offer slip, crease, and snag-free protection. \ne)Class you closet out by life roles initially: casual pants and casual tops, professional trousers and professional blouses, social dresses and social layers. After your roles are zoned, you can pretty it up by category and color: group like items together; color sort from dark to light, solid to pattern. When a specific occasion arises you’ll know exactly where to reach.\n\n
  • a)Hanging StructuresStraight sideways rods aren’t the only solution. Expose your closet or just a few of your favorite pieces on non-traditional layouts. Expose your industrial, natural, eclectic leanings.\n\n
  • a)Hanging StructuresStraight sideways rods aren’t the only solution. Expose your closet or just a few of your favorite pieces on non-traditional layouts. Expose your industrial, natural, eclectic leanings.\n\n
  • a)Lighting\na)Whenever possible pursue natural light to illuminate your reflection, but keep this color sapping thief away from your clothes. Wall sconces around your mirror to avoid shadowing your complexion.\nb)To illuminate your clothes, you want true color bulbs that provide sharp, clean, distributed lighting.\nc)Chandeliers offer ambiance, but you may want to supplement with recessed downlights for directional light on your items.\nd)If you have a small space, ensure you have recessed, closed, or covered lighting. Flames have only fleeting, though contagious beauty.\n\n
  • a)Mirrors\na)Ensure you have access to every angle of your figure. You should be able to make well informed decisions.\n(1)A standard full length mirror is an obvious solution\n(2)But consider creative solutions\n(a)A collection of smaller mirrors grouped together\n(b)Reflective ceilings, walls, or closet doors\n(c)Shiny furniture can also be used to check \n(3)Nothing beats the power of the three way mirror\n\n
  • a)Exhibit-Put something personal in your closet that inspires you\n(1)Artwork, Photographs, Quotes, Rugs, Polaroids of favorite outfits\n(2)Add your favorite Scent, Play your favorite music\n\n
  • 1)Display your wardrobe like art\na)Pinterest Gallery\nb)If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it.\na)White Space\nc)Decorating your closet\na)Lighting\nb)Wallpaper\nc)Make it personal\nd)Form & Fuctional\n(1)Sanctuary, not just for clothes\n\n
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