Wheelchair inclsive society


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Wheelchair inclsive society

  1. 1. Supporting Aging Adults with Developmental Disabilities Wheelchair accessible tourism India
  2. 2. Home Adaptations Older people need more light, and they also have more difficulty adjusting from one light level to another. Walking from a well-lit house into the dark can be difficult and dangerous. Wheelchair accessible tourism India
  3. 3. Getting into the Home • Driveway – Flat, wide, and level and not-too-steep is safer whether or not the person uses a wheelchair, cane or walker • Steps – All steps need railings on both sides – Rectangular steps are ideal; other shapes are dangerous • Walkways/Entrances – Free from trees/shrubs that obstruct access Wheelchair accessible tourism India
  4. 4. Getting into the Home • Ramps should have: – Non-skid surfaces – Cylindrical railings on both sides – A smooth transition to the footpath at the bottom or to the porch/landing/vehicle at the top – Additional space for opening the door if there is an entry at the top of the ramp – A lip or curb on the sides of the ramp to prevent the wheelchair from veering off the ramp – Proper width between ramp railings – A landing with ample turning space Wheelchair accessible tourism India
  5. 5. Getting into the Home • Design/Redesign Tips – Repair/repave all uneven walkways – Re-grade walkways to create a more gradual incline, or install a cylindrical railing for a steeper incline, or steps – Repair or repave transitions between different walking surfaces – Remove steps (if possible) and re-grade the walkway – Mail boxes should be accessible – Patios and pathways should be free ofIndia tripping hazards Wheelchair accessible tourism
  6. 6. Inside the Home • Clutter is a serious concern for the entire house • No telephones on stair landings. People could trip and fall down the stairs in their haste to reach a ringing telephone • Ensure that older people are able to easily open/close the windows in their homes and in their bedrooms Wheelchair accessible tourism India
  7. 7. Inside: Hallways & Doorways • • • • Night lights Low (preferably no) thresholds on door sills. Handrails in hallways Sunken rooms that have steps must have handrails or grab bars. • Hallways and doorways must be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. • Tripping hazards should be corrected or removed Wheelchair accessible tourism India
  8. 8. Inside: Stairs • Anti-skid strips at the end of each stair tread • Stair treads should be the same size and in good condition • Top and bottom steps clearly marked • Secure handrails on both sides of the stairs • Carpets should be in good condition and firmly tacked down • A grab bar at the top of the stairway • Low hanging ceiling beams should be padded in a bright color to remind tall people to duck their heads Wheelchair accessible tourism India
  9. 9. Inside: Living/Family/Dining Rooms • Furniture problems to correct or avoid: – Furniture with hard, sharp edges – Chairs and sofas that are too low, too soft and/or armless – Too many pieces of furniture (and throw rugs) • Wheelchair accessibility Wheelchair accessible tourism India
  10. 10. Inside the Home: Bedroom • Drawers should not be too high or too low for people to reach into and retrieve items • Repair broken or sticking drawers • Explore the use of open shelving to make clothes more accessible • Use “C” pulls • Beds adjusted to the appropriate height • Bedside table • Grab bars/poles • Wheelchair accessibility Wheelchair accessible tourism India
  11. 11. Inside the Home: Bathroom • The bathroom is the most dangerous room – – – – – Tight spaces Hard Surfaces Slippery Surfaces Sharp edges Lack of bars/railings to use Wheelchair accessible tourism India
  12. 12. Inside the Home: Bathroom • General Renovations – – – – – – Replace bathtubs with walk-in or roll-in showers Install a hand-held shower head Utilize a shower seat Provide a shower caddy for each reach of toiletries Remove old shower doors If small, consider making the entire room part of the shower by installing additional floor drainage – A wall hung toilet increases the floor area and provides more room for a wheelchair or walker – Install toilet arms to lift on/off the toilet Wheelchair accessible tourism India
  13. 13. Inside the Home: Bathroom • General Renovations – Grab bars • Using the towel bar or soap dish as grab bars is dangerous. Install grab bars so that the bar is the first object within reach. – – – – – Easily accessible hooks on doors/walls Easy-to-reach/locate shelves for toiletries Replace door knobs with lever handles Install anti-scald devices to control temperature Sensor faucets for sinks • Use “double cueing” on faucets – Cover all pipes attached to wheelchair-accessible sinks Wheelchair accessible tourism India
  14. 14. Inside the Home: Kitchen • Lower shelves and cabinets to make things easier to reach • Raise dishwashers for wheelchair access • Replace drawer/cabinet knobs with ‘C’ pull handles • Grabbers can help people reach light weight items • Use/purchase stoves with knobs in front. • Install kitchen sink faucets on the side of the sink • Anti-scald devices for kitchen sink Wheelchair accessible tourism India
  15. 15. Wheelchair accessible tourism India