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How charities can succeed on Facebook | Ed Couchman – UK Sales Manager at Faceboo
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How charities can succeed on Facebook | Ed Couchman – UK Sales Manager at Faceboo


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  • I wanted to share some insights about how you can get the most of Facebook.
  • People build their connections over time, inviting and approving only the friends they really want to connect and share with. At Facebook, to keep things simple, we call these people “friends”. The place where all this sharing happens is on the Home Page, or what we refer to as the “News Feed” because this is where all the action happens. In addition to connecting people to their friends, Facebook also connects people to things they care about. At Facebook, we say we “like” the things that are essential to our lives - This includes charities and organisations. Charities aren ’t just welcome on Facebook, they’re essential. Many of the most popular pages and communities on Facebook are built around a shared connection and in many cases love or passion for a particular cause. In fact, nearly 100 million page likes happen every day. When people connect to an organisation on Facebook, that charity or non profit has a direct connection with their supporters and an opportunity to engage them in conversation.
  • Today there are 1 billion people on Facebook. They form a living map of human connections. Over 500 million of those 1 billion people use Facebook on their mobile devices. This means conversations and sharing are happening at a scale never seen before. <Click to next slide>
  • In the UK alone, there are over 31 million active users, two-thirds of whom are using Facebook on mobile. Over 50% of UK Facebook users come back daily.
  • These connections are happening on a massive scale (cont.) Speaker notes: Today there are 800 million people on Facebook. They form a living map of human connections. 350 million of those 800 million use Facebook on their mobile devices.
  • So what does this mean for organisations on Facebook? Charities can utilize Facebook to help drive awareness and support, and here are three examples of charities doing just that… (read examples from projection slide) Movember – uses photos of real supporters and encourages them to upload directly on to their page. Last year in the US, they raised $14m through Facebook. WWF focus on rich and emotive photographs of wildlife in danger. They feature fans and supporters on the page. JustGiving is a fantastic example of an organisation putting social at the heart of what they do. In 2011, Facebook drove over a million donors to JustGiving They gave £22 million on JustGiving, with just under £1 million raised alone from mobile Facebook. In May 2012, 32% of donations came from Facebook, a 130% year on year growth. Over £100,000 has been raised so far in 2012 through Facebook canvas application. By 2015 they estimate 50% of donations on JustGiving will come from Facebook.
  • As we just showed you, Facebook is the best way to influence your fans and their friends through mobile. We want to show you how mobile fits into your Facebook strategy and to make the best out of our mobile opportunities. For most of you, you should continue to follow the same strategy on Facebook, which is connecting with the right people and engaging them through actions from your Page. Then, you can make sure to influence your fans and make sure that people see your powerful stories through any device by stories in news feed. A small percentage of clients are building social into their product, app, and/or websites. These businesses are INTEGRATING social as a key part of their business from design, creation, to execution and promotion. However, even the businesses that are building apps that are integrated with Facebook, will get the most value by focusing on influencing people and their friends. You will have so many rich stories from your app, and its really important that you reach friends with these stories So let ’ s now go through this in detail
  • IT’S FREE – emphasize this throughout It allows you to express your identity on Facebook using the cover photo and the Timeline and communicate with your supporters where they already are
  • The new Pages layout has a range of key features – from the Cover photo to express your brand, and a profile picture that people will associate with your business… We recommend that you don’t change your profile picture too regularly as this is the image that will represent you across Facebook – when your stories appear in Newsfeed or when you comment on other pages. It’s important that this is an image that people can easily associate with your brand. Your cover photo is there to capture the essence of your organisation and can be associated with a campaign or event.
  • Find your voice and create a conversation .  Finding your voice is a very simple, but often overlooked, best practice.  What does “ find your voice ” really mean?  Connect with people in an authentic way.  Talk to them like they are real people, or a good friend.  Reach out to individuals with touching stories or beautiful photographs.  Talk to people in the same way that you would engage with your friends or family.  Your Facebook Page is not a mechanism to talk “ at ” people, but to truly have a conversation with people who support your brand.  And this does not have to be complex.
  • Composer: Post regularly on your Page to reach your audience and drive engagement Direct messaging: Supporters can contact you directly with questions or feedback Friend activity: People can see how their friends are engaging with your Page Pinned post: Anchor your most important story to the top of your Page for up to 7 days
  • Milestones Star important stories so that they have greater prominence on the page. Set milestones to define your key moments over time. This WWF story is a great example – if your organisation, like WWF has a rich history, use your Facebook page to tell this story.
  • Once you have started telling people about your Page and connecting with customers, the next step is to start engaging them. I’m going to now go over a few tips for communicating with your fans and making your Page a more engaging place to spend time on Facebook Program your Page .  Ability Path is an online hub and special needs community for parents and professionals.  The people that run the Ability Path Facebook Pagedecided to create a weekly program called “ Foto Friday ” .  Supporters that connect with the Page are asked to upload their photos each week.  Every Friday, the organization chooses photo highlights from real people who have submitted them to the Page.  Small programs like this one get supporters excited and keep them involved.  Give people something to look forward to on your Page by creating special and unique programs around your fundraising campaigns, awareness months or simply an ordinary day of the week. <<CLICK>> Keep it fresh: Make sure you are posting a variety of content to keep things new and interesting. Photos and videos normally perform very well and are highly engaging. (talk about local example/screen shot) 2. <<CLICK>> Ask questions: Ask for supporters opinion or feedback. This will give fans a unique voice and show them you care. Make sure that you respond to supporters if they comment on a post of yours or asks you a question. This two way conversation helps deepen customer loyalty and makes your relationship more personal. (talk about local example/screen shot) 3. Post at least once a week: This will help keep your business top of mind and keep people coming back to your Page and into your store. If you have U 1000 fans, try not to post more than 3 times a week. 4. Lastly, use your page to offer exclusive content, such as Lauren Laverne telling Shelter fans exclusively why she’s supporting their campaign. Or, this more unconventional mix of Samaritans and TOWIE.
  • A very important part of your posting strategy is learning about your Page Insights and familiarizing yourself with what’s working and what’s not working with your Page posting strategy and learning more about your fans. It’s beneficial to continually check insights once you have started communicating with and engaging your fans. Insights are meant to be referenced frequently and can help you learn more about your fans, better understand the performance of your Page, and work to create a more effective page posting strategy. From your insights you can learn 3 main things: 1. You can learn more about the kinds of fans you’re getting, <<CLICK>> including where they live, their age, and their gender. 2. You’ll also be able to see how people are talking about your business. This means that you’re able to see specific information regarding what kind of stories are being created about your Page, whether it’s Page Likes, Stories from Page posts that you make, people mentioning your Page, posting your Page in photos, or check in to your business’ physical location. 3. Lastly, you can learn about what content is most interesting and engaging for people, whether it is photo posts, links to articles, videos, or questions that you’re asking. This is all information that will help you continuously learn and improve your Page strategy. For example, if you start seeing that women between the ages of 20 and 35 are connected to your Page, you can promote your organisation to that group more often and tailor your posts accordingly. You might also find that posts with video or images get a lot more “likes” and comments from your fans and you can start posting this type of content more often in the future. Not only can you learn about how to improve your page management strategy but you can also take what you learn about your fans and apply it to targeting or content you select when creating Facebook Ads or Sponsored Stories.
  • Make supporters the stars .  Once they have effectively fostered a two-way dialogue, many organizations often ask me: “ now what? ”   We always tell nonprofits that they should pay attention to supporters because they can serve as highly effective evangelists for your brand and cause.  Organizations recognize their volunteers and supporters all the time, so it makes sense to take this into your online presence, as well. Both Marie Curie Cancer Care and Save the Children are just two organisations who are doing this regularly. It ’ s especially easy when your supporters are as cute as Harry and Joe Organizations see great feedback when they put supporters at the center.  People feel like they are connecting with not just the organization, but truly affiliating with your cause.  More importantly, they will tell their friends.  Your supporters will spread the word about your organization in an authentic way.
  • Once you’re familiar with all the features on your page and started posting regular, high-quality content, you can consider using our paid products, Ads and Sponsored Stories, to promote all the great social activity and stories being told on your Page - There are 845 million users on Facebook. Once you develop your Page, you will have a fan base. Facebook Page Ads and Sponsored Stories allow you to increase this reach 3-4x times by reaching out to friends of the people who have already indicated that they care about your business.
  • You can use our paid products to connect with your existing supporters, or fans, as well as attract new audiences Because a typical facebook user is connected to so many people, organizations, and things that they care about, and they’re generally digesting this content so quickly on the news feed, it’s possible that they might miss your updates. Because our system tries to deliver the most relevant and engaging content to each user, about 16% of your fans will see your page posts in their news feed on average. You can increase this reach by promoting your Page posts. If you decide to use Facebook Ads, we strongly encourage you to create multiple variations to understand what your potential supporters like best. (talk about ability to set your own budget – more ads doesn’t mean more money) Use the various targeting features that are available to you to make sure that you’re focused on the people that are most likely to be interested in your cause
  • As I mentioned earlier, the true power of facebook for businesses, is the ability to reach and influence the FRIENDS of your fans. Think of how many friends you have. Now multiply that number by 100, that’s how many friends of fans you could influence with 100 fans. On average, a facebook user has 130 friends – that’s a lot of potential customers! Where it’s eligible, VOB vs VOF The Page Like Sponsored Story and Page Like Ad are highly engaging because we care about what our friends are doing and what they enjoy. So for example, I see here that my friend, Francesca likes “United Colors of Benetton”. I am far more likely to click on this Page because I see that my friends have “liked” it. This is more compelling to me than any other type of advertising content you could show me, because I trust my friends.
  • So why run a Sponsored Story or advertise to friends of people who have already liked your Page? What does this mean? This shows the results of building these essential connections on Facebook. Nielsen and comScore have done studies that show that friends sharing the small things with friends have a big impact. My friends talking about you is better than you talking about you   Sponsored Stories, which are inherently about friends, drive 2X increase in engagement Friends make ads more effective. This is a shift from the generic impression to the personal impression 68% more likely to remember an ad when associated with a friend’s name (Nielsen) 2X more likely to remember the ad’s message (Nielsen) Friends make friends more likely to act 4X more likely to purchase (Nielsen)
  • Our new promoted posts feature makes it easier to promote particular posts at low budget. It’s a 3 step process – this was especially designed for time-poor organisations like SMB’s and charities.
  • While all of these tracking methods are available, we have found that most people judge performance based on the number of likes and comments their promoted post has received Can also look at Page insights
  • Access to safe drinking water is taken for granted, but nearly 800 million people lack it, and Unilever, Population Services International, developer Betapond, and Facebook set out to remedy that with their announcement at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in France of open graph application Waterworks. Waterworks enables Facebook users to partner with “Waterworkers” — real women working toward achieving the goal of providing safe water — by connecting the app to their timelines and pledging a small daily donation to support the effort.
  • I wanted to quickly finish by telling you about all the great resources we have on Facebook for you to use.
  • Please go and check out our Non profits page – it ’ s where we post all our resources and will let you know about webinars or live events we ’ re holding.
  • Like our Facebook Tips page for advice on best practice on Facebook as well as updates about all our new products
  • It ’ s also worth connecting to our Known Issues page – as a professional Facebook user, you can use this page to check for up to date information on bugs and issues on the site.
  • Ads are becoming stories and community management is merging with media planning. So do what you do best, and let the ads work for you.
  • Transcript

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    • 2. Ed Couchman Sal es M anager , UKGl obal M k et i ng Sol ut i ons ar
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    • 5. St or i es shar ed each mont h Sour ce: Facebook I nt er nal Dat a, Oct 2012
    • 6. Peopl e c onnec t wi t ht he t hi ngs t hey c ar eabout
    • 7. Non Pr of i t s and Char i t i es c an useFac ebook t o m ch peopl e wi t h c auses att hey c ar e about• Uses phot os of r eal • M x cam i pai gn • Use t he page t o suppor t er s and messages wi t h hi gh s howc as e gr eat quest i ons t o keep t he qual i t y i mages. s oc i al cam pai gns page cont ent f r esh. • Feat ur e f ans and • Appl i cat i on al l ows• Last year , t hey suppor t er s on t he i ndi vi dual r ai sed $14m t hr ough page. f undr ai ser s and
    • 8. Execut i ng Soci alSt r at egi es
    • 9. A s i m e f r am pl ewor kCONNECT I NTEGRATE wi t h your Soci al i nt o t he cust om s t he er C cor e par t of your r i ght way t hr ough busi ness, t ar get ed ads CONNECT websi t e, and appENGAGE wi t h t hem t hr ough I E I NFLUENCE post s and i nt er act i ons f r om I NTEGRATE ENGAGE your Page your f ans and t hei r f r i ends I t hr ough st or i es on deskt op andI NFLUENCE I NFLUENCE m obi l e your f ans and t hei r f r i ends t hr ough st or i es on deskt op and MEASUREMENT & I NSI GHTS m obi l e
    • 10. Ev er y t hi ngSt ar t s wi t hy our Page
    • 11. Ex pr es sy ouri dent i ty… Pr of i l e phot o: Cover phot o: Vi ews a nd a pps : Us e a l ogo t hat Us e a c ov er phot o t hat Your phot os , peopl e as s oc i at e c apt ur es t he es s enc e of ev ent s , and c us t om wi t h y our y our or gani s at i on and apps ar e now eas i er or gani s at i on s howc as es c ampai gns or f or peopl e t o f i nd
    • 12. Fi ndyourvoi c e…
    • 13. Engagey ourf mes s agi ng: ans … Di r ect Suppor t er s Com pos er : can cont act Post younned ect l y Pi di r r egul ar l y on wi t ht : pos your Page t o Anchor your quest i ons or Fr i end your r each f m i vi t y: act ost eedback audi ence and Peopli et ant im por can dr ve st or y t o see how ent engagem t thei r t op of he f your Page e r i ends ar f or up t o 7
    • 14. St ar and hi de M l es t ones i s t or i es : Set m l est ones i Hi ghl i ght t o def i ne your im por t ant key m ent s om st or i es and over t i m e. hi de st or i es t hat ar en’ t asEngage engagi ng or r el evanty ourf ans …
    • 15. Post qual i t y c ont ent on a r egul ar basi sPr ogr am e y our page: m• Keep i t f r esh, use phot os• Ask quest i ons• Post at l east onc e per week 1X• Of f er ex c l usi v e c ont ent
    • 16. Use I nsi ght s t ool t o l ear n what ’ swor k i ng Di scover who i s connect i ng wi t h your or gani sat i on by age, gender , and l ocat i on See who i s t al ki ng about your or gani sat i on i n t he past mont h Al l Post Types Post Phot o Lear n what cont ent i s most Li nk i nt er est i ng Vi deo and engagi ng Pl at f or m
    • 17. Make suppor t er s t he st ar s
    • 18. Pr om e s oci a l a ct i vi t y on your otpa ge wi t h Ads a nd Spons or edSt or i es Ed Couc hman l i k es UNI CEF
    • 19. Connect wi t h c ust om s and new er audi enc esConnec t wi t h pot ent i alsupporcl er s eye- cat chi ng• Use t ear images and st r ong cal l t o act i on• Cr eat e m t i pl e ul Facebook Li ke Ads t o connect peopl e t o your Page• Us e t ar get i ng t o t ai l or your m essage t o t he r i ght t ar get audi ence
    • 20. I nf l uenc e f r i ends of f ansReac h and engage f ans• Feat ur e voi ce of t he or gani sat i on or a f r i end• Hi ghl i ght f an i nt er act i ons wi t h your• busi ness n t he r i ght - hand Appear i si de or i n t he news f eed on hom epage or m obi l e
    • 21. 2x i nc r eas e i n engagem entwhen us er s ar e s hown an ad 68%wi t h a f r i end’ s nam i n i t e m e l i k el y t o r em ber an ad or em when as s oc i at ed wi t h a 4x f r i end’ s name m e l i k el y t o pur c has e af t er or s eei ng an ad as s oc i at ed wi t h a
    • 22. Pr om ed Post s ot St ep 1: St ep 2: St ep 3: Cl i ck on t he Sel ect your budget Your pr om i on i s ot “ Pr om e” but t on ot and hi t “ Save” . r unni ng!
    • 23.
    • 24. Res our c es at y our di s pos al
    • 25. Facebook Ti ps :www. f ac ebook. com f acebookt i ps /
    • 26. Known i s s ues on Fa cebook www. f ac ebook . c om KnownI s s ues /
    • 27. Quest i ons ?
    • 28. ( c) 2009 Facebook, I nc. or i t s l i cens or s . " Facebook" i s a r egi s t er ed t r adem k of Facebook, I nc. . Al l r i ght s r es er ved. 1. 0 ar