TM Rep Precinct 6 Election


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TM Rep Precinct 6 Election

Roy W. Earley

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TM Rep Precinct 6 Election

  1. 1. When my wife and I first moved to Chelmsford, I was not involved in local issues.We didnʼt know many people in town other than our neighbors.That was 19 years ago. As our children have grown, we have become moreinvested in Chelmsford. Over the years, many issues have arisen in town whichmade me take a hard look at local problems: 40B developments, a proposed Roypower plant on the border of our town, a neighborhood school closing, asphalt Alexplants, neighborhood zoning issues, and a memorial park that was at risk of beingremoved.What was once just a place to live is now a home surrounded by neighbors andfriends I know and love. I have come to appreciate the words, “United We Stand.” DianeKnowledge is power and I want the people in the neighborhoods I represent to bearmed with the knowledge needed to be engaged in what is happening locally. Elisabeth• I formed the Westlands Watchdogs (a coalition of concerned neighbors) as a wayfor neighbors to watch out for their neighborhood and each other.• I started the In-Town Report in 2008, the year I became a Town Meeting Representative, in order to helpresidents stay informed about what was happening in our neighborhood and town. And to help them avoidbeing caught off guard by things that might have a significant impact on them.• During the formation of the latest Master Plan, I asked that language be added to keep the side ofChelmsford Street from Steadman Street to the Market Basket area abutting the Westlands as alwaysremaining residential. This will prevent commercial zoning creep on the residential side of Chelmsford Streetand into the Westlands neighborhood. The language was added to the new Master Plan.• On the Oak Hill land article at last Octoberʼs Town Meeting, I voted that it become conservation land so thatwe save open space in town.• I am a member of the Chelmsford Open Space Stewardship, assigned as one of the stewards of theCynthia Ann Moores Park behind Westlands School.• And from day one, when my head came out of the sand, I have worked to repeal the 40B law because ofthe unfair advantage it takes of towns like Chelmsford.I think the latest fire station plan is the best proposal I have heard and seen so far. I am glad the residentialvoters will get to voice their opinion at the ballot box on how they feel about the project. If the vote is closelike the last time, then I will vote my conscience for the new station. If the vote of the people isoverwhelmingly against the proposal, than I will follow their will with my vote at Town Meeting.As a Town Meeting Representative I will continue to watch and listen, to be informed and to inform and takeaction when needed, all in the best interests of our town. I will continue to do my best for you frommy home in the Westlands where the Watchdogs are watching.I respectfully ask Precinct 6 voters for one of your 18 votes on April 3rd when you go to the polls. I amnumber 15 on your ballot.Roy W. Earley184 Chelmsford StreetTown Meeting Representative Precinct