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Itr april 2nd 2011

  1. 1. Again, call goes out for new fire station Two years after defeat, scaled-back plan heads to Chelmsford voters By Rita Savard, 03/27/2011 -- When disaster strikes, firefighters rush in to save lives.Looking around the crumbling and cracked Center Fire Station, Town Manager Paul Cohen said its time Chelmsford answers a call for helpfrom firefighters.Since 2003, the stations eroding floor has been supported by a room full of shoring that firefighters squeeze through to access their lockers.Above their heads, a wide net catches pieces of cement flaking off the ceiling."Every six months we have to have engineers inspect the building to ensure the safety of the people working there," there,he said. "Band-Aid solutions, like sealing the floor, arent going to last forever." forever.Voters rejected a proposal for a new $12 million station in 2009. Now officials hope a scaled-back plan for $9.1 million will change minds onApril 5.Supporters say building a new headquarters has come down to matter of public safety for the towns firefighters. Residents railing against theballot question say the pricetag and the location remain problematic.The proposed station would sit on town-owned land at the corner of Chelmsford and Wilson streets, which is now the home of two softballfields. Officials have said those games will be moved to other fields in town.Some have voiced concerns about moving the recreational area, which has also doubled as a free community ice-skating rink this winter."I do think the town needs a new fire station, but I dont understand why it cant stay at the current site," site,said resident Ed Petros. "Seeing kids play on the ballfields on Chelmsford Street is a nice welcome when driving into town." town.But officials say the North Road site has been studied and cannot support the size required for a modern station that needs to house equip-ment and provide an adequate training facility for firefighters.Built in 1952, Center Station was designed to serve a population of 10,000. Since then the town has grown to about 33,000 residents with theFire Department responding annually to about 5,000 calls.Before eyeing the site at Chelmsford and Wilson streets, it was the No. 1 recommended location from an independent study group, said Per-manent Building Committee Co-chairman Pat Maloney.In 2007, the town paid Brookline-based MMA Consulting Group Inc. $85,000 to assess all possible locations for a new fire station headquar-ters. To meet emergency-response time requirements -- no more than four minutes per call -- Chelmsford must have a station in town center,the study stated. Some of the most frequent emergency calls come from elderly housing and assisted living facilities near the center.For size, traffic patterns and ease of accessibility, the corner of Chelmsford and Wilson streets was viewed as the best location. The consultinggroup also cited the North Road location as excellent in terms of meeting emergency response times.After voters said no to the proposal in 2009, planners scaled down the building from 27,000 square feet to 19,000 square feet, with fourgarage bays instead of five. The project has significantly reduced administrative space but still incorporates required building and energycodes."You really cant go any smaller and still house all of the departments equipment," Maloney said. equipment,Chelmsford resident Carole Hanley said she was out of work for more than a year before finding a job again. Although she supports a new firestation, she said a lot of people in town are still feeling the effects of the economy and might not be able to afford the station."Weve been told our taxes wont increase that much," she said. "I felt like I couldnt afford it in 2009. I can afford it now much,but I know other people who are still out of work. Many people in Chelmsford are still struggling, so I think a new de -partment is going to be a tough sell." sell.Funded as a Proposition 2 1/2 debt exclusion, building a new fire station will bring a temporary tax increase that phases out as the loan is paidback, Cohen said.If the project is approved, the excluded debt-service portion of the property-tax bill for the average single-family home assessed for $325,000is projected to increase by $7 for the next fiscal year. The excluded debt service would increase by $13 for the following fiscal year, then de-cline.Fire Chief Michael Curran said firefighters will continue to provide the town with the best service possible, re-gardless of the vote."But it would be nice to go to work without having to worry about where to park the trucks," trucks,he said.In 2009, Methuen-based Daigle Engineers Inc. warned firefighters to park trucks with caution after findingseveral large sections of delaminated concrete, corroded steel beams and shrunken timber shores. The floorabove the locker room was in danger of collapsing.For about $40,000, the Fire Department put a protective sealant over the floor to prevent further erosion. Thatis just a temporary fix, Cohen said, pointing out cracks in the buildings foundation and walls."Money is always an issue for people struggling to pay bills, but the longer we wait, the costof construction will only climb higher," Cohen said. "This is a long-term investment for the higher, Fire Chieftown that would last 50 years, like the current station did." did. Michael Curran
  2. 2. About the $9.1M Fire Station Proposalfrom the Town ManagerChelmsford voters will be asked at the April 5 Annual Town Election to ap-prove a Proposition 2½ debt exclusion to construct a new $9.1M center firestation at the corner of Wilson Street and Chelmsford Street. If the project isapproved, the excluded debt service portion of the property tax bill for the av-erage single-family home assessed for $325,000 is projected to increase by$7 for the upcoming fiscal year. The excluded debt service would increase by$13 for the following fiscal year, before declining thereafter.During these difficult economic times, the Board of Selectmen and I under-stand the difficulty in seeking voter approval for any tax increase. However,four years of study by various town officials and volunteer committees has re-vealed the need. The current fire headquarters facility was constructed in1952 when the Town operated a volunteer fire department and the populationwas less than 10,000.Unlike a traditional residential mortgage with a level-funded payment over thelife of a loan, the Town pays its debt service by making level principal pay-ments each year. This creates a declining amount of interest payments asthe Town pays down more of a loan’s principal. Therefore, as the Town paysdown its excluded debt service, the Town can absorb the debt payments for anew fire station.The Permanent Building Committee investigated several locations in the towncenter for a new fire station. The proposed location is the lowest cost alterna-tive. Renovating or constructing a new building at the current location wouldbe more costly. The proposed project budget includes funds to replace thesoftball field and to raze the current building. There are no plans to sell thecurrent fire station parcel. Any such sale would require a 2/3rds vote of TownMeeting.The favorable construction market suggests that thefire station project may be completed at a cost thatis significantly less than the proposed budget. TheTown will also be able to take advantage of historiclow interest rates which are currently less than 4%.Paul E. CohenTown Manager
  3. 3. ASK THE MANAGERITR: Why do we need space for handling hazardous materials if we dont perform that worknow? If there is an incidence, the current procedure is to call in the state and they send peopleout to handle it and they pay for it. Why would we want to take that on?Shouldnt we continue to outsource this to the state if its working?PAUL COHEN: The Fire Department already responds to hazardous material situations in commercial/indus-trial properties, residential properties, and in other areas such as automobile accidents on the highways and townroadways. The State does deploy regional hazardous material response vehicles across the state. There are noplans to relocate one to Chelmsford at a new fire station. However, if Chelmsford were to house a regional haz-ardous material response vehicle, it would not take on the States funding obligation.The proposed center fire station would include a hazardous materials decontamination area for the Towns firefighters. The Fire Department cur-rently operates a crude decontamination area as part of a one stall shower/changing area at the rear of the first floor of the center station.ITR: Is centralizing the trucks/equipment really a smart move? Perhaps its best to have equipment out at various sta -tions where it makes sense based on geography/access to highways or rivers?PAUL COHEN: Since the Town only owns and operates one ladder truck and one heavy rescue vehicle, having it centrally located is the pre-ferred location. A center location provides a reasonable response time to anywhere in town for this valuable equipment. For example, if the lad-der truck were located in East Chelmsford, the response time to North Chelmsford would be unacceptable. If there were a fire in a multi-storydwelling, these extra minutes waiting for a ladder truck could make a critical difference.ITR: The proposal to rebuild on the current site is most expensive option. Thats because it includes acquiring adjacentland. The town is only presenting options that show costs for building the larger fire station. Perhaps we dont need alarger fire station, just a new one. Where is the option for a building a new fire station on the current site?We need taller bays for the trucks. So why not rebuild on the current site, make the bays taller to fit the higher firetrucks?Sleeping quarters are cramped - need admin space. So make it 2-1/2 stories for more space. The new building be -hind the fire station exceeds two stories, why cant this one? The firemen say we need more space in the front to washthe trucks. Why not build the new building back a few yards.PAUL COHEN: The proposed 19,000 square-foot fire station is the smallest size facility that can meet the current operational needs of theFire Department. The additional construction cost to build a taller fire station by constructing a 2 1/2 or 3 story building on the current Town-owned parcel, would offset the savings from not purchasing the adjoining property. There also would not be sufficient space for parking if theTown were to attempt to construct a new station at the current site.ITR: The town says the firemen need room for training exercises. Why not conduct those at one of the other fire stations(like the closed South station). Perhaps funds are needed to upgrade one of the other stations for this purpose - stillwould cost a lot less than 9.1 M.PAUL COHEN: The four satellite fire stations are essentially garages with a bunk area for a couple of firefighters. What the townneeds/would be replacing is a fire headquarters building. The South station parcel is smaller than the center station parcel. The training exer-cises are conducted at the center station in order to provide the best response time for when a fire call comes in during a training exercise. Forexample, if the training exercise were taking place in North Chelmsford, it would provide an unacceptable response time to an incident in EastChelmsford.ITR: If moving the Dutton House is part of the plan, why hasnt it been decided as to who will pay for the move and therenovation of the house? At the LWV it was a question and no one knew the answer to, just opinions.Im concerned that if the fire station does pass, no one will have the funds for the Dutton House, which could be signifi -cant if major renovations are needed.Not giving a warm and fuzzy feeling about what will happen to the demolished site.PAUL COHEN: If a new center fire station is approved, the design, permitting, and construction time requirements suggest that a new firestation would not be occupied until 2013. Any move of the Dutton House is at least two years away. Discussions among the members of the Per-manent Building Committee and the Library Trustees have revealed a willingness by the Library Trustees to expend a portion of the bequest ofMarjorie Scaboria estate to fund the move of the Dutton House to the current fire station site. The Chelmsford Housing Authority has expressedan interest in moving its adminsitrative offices to a relocated Dutton House at the current fire station site. That organization would be responsiblefor the cost to renovate and refurbish the Dutton House as part of a lease agreement with the Town. The current fire station site cannot be soldwithout a 2/3rd vote of approval by Town Meeting. I would not support such a sale, nor have I heard any such support for a sale of the current firestation property by any of the members of the Board of Selectmen.ITR: Our new Master Plan says "Give preference to reuse and redevelopment of existing structures ... over new develop -ment". Why are we not following our own Plan?PAUL COHEN: Whenever possible, preference is for reuse and redevelopment over new development. Unfortunately, the limited size of theexisting fire station parcel prevents any sound reuse or redevelopment plan.
  4. 4. Q&A with Fireman Hank ITR●3/22/11ITR:How long have you been a firefighter in town and what is your current position withthe fire department?Hank Houle:22 years. I became a Firefighter March 1989. I was laid off in December 1989 due to budget cuts, was hired by AndoverFire, then returned to Chelmsford in 1992. I am currently the Captain for one of our four work groups. Additionally, I am thehead ot the Fire/Explosion Investigation Unit.ITR:What are your feelings about the possibility of leaving the center of town and moving overto Wilson & Chelmsford Street?Hank Houle:I am pleased with the location of the Wilson Street site, which is still in the center of town. The center station location is nolonger a option, we outgrew the building years ago due to department growth and apparatus size. Wilson Street is our bestoption, we already own the land and our response times will stay the same - under 4 minutes. Wilson Street also allows forfuture growth of the department, which North Road does not. However, I do enjoy the Center location and will miss beingpart of the activities on the common.ITR:What is the best memory you have from working at the Center fire station and what was the worst?Hank Houle:The best memory for me is when my son Ryan joined the department. My worst memory was getting my pink slip two daysbefore Christmas.ITR:What is the worst condition you have to deal with right now while working at the Center station?Hank Houle:The worst condition we are dealing with is the plumbing always backing up, and the air quality.ITR:In an average month when the alarm bell goes off, what is responsible for the most calls to the station?Fires? Car Accidents? Elderly Medical emergencies? Cats stuck up in a tree ;)Hank Houle:I will use this past February to display our average call volume out of the Center Station. During this time we responded230 medicals, 80 box (fire) alarms, 20 motor vehicle accidents. Additionally, the Center station was dispatched to numer-ous investigations, lockouts, carbon monoxide calls, inspections, spills/leaks, down wires, structure fires, motor vehiclefires, and building collapses.ITR:Give us your best shot and tell us why we should vote yes when we walk into the polls on April 5th?Hank Houle:In 2010 we responded to over 6,000 emergency calls from the center station. Ifthe new station gets voted down, the department will be forced to eventuallyclose down the current center station and re-distribute department resources tostations throughout the town. We would have to find an additional building tostore apparatus due to the amount of apparatus and already limited storage ca-pacity of department buildings. This would lead to drastically increased responsetimes, causing the standard 4 minute response to increase to an unacceptablelevel which would jeopardize public safety. Monetarily,the towns ISO ratings willsuffer causing our insurance rates to increase. Overall, a new station will need tobe built soon. As a taxpayer and a town meeting rep, I feel it is the most fiscallyresponsible option and will save the town money down the road. This location isthe least expensive location that we studied, it has been scaled down from 12million to 9 million and response times to routes 495 (89 calls), route 3 (75 calls),199 Chelmsford st. (167 calls) and Wilson St. (48 calls), will actuall be under theaverage 4 minute response time.
  5. 5. VIDEO: Fire Station Debate at League of Women Voters Candidates Night Eric Dahlberg and Brian Latina debate the fire station ballot question. By Krista Perry and Jared Hamaoui /March 22, 2011 CLICK  HEREFire station is needed but plan needs workPublished • Mon, Mar 14, 2011www.chelmsfordmassnews.comTo The Editor:I am in favor of a new Fire Headquarters being built.The problem I have is including "non-Fire Dept. building costs" in the $9.1 million. We do not need to repli-cate ball fields that are only used two months a year. Unlike Little League (who maintain their fields) thegirls softball organization does nothing to maintain or improve the fields. Yes, we can in the future look atbuilding more recreation areas for everyone, but that should be a separate vote and appropriation whenthe time comes. Using the Cohen logic, are we now obligated to provide space for a community skate rink,because we are displacing them?The parking lot behind the proposed station is another example of non-Fire Dept. building cost. We arebuilding that for the Little league. There is plenty of parking adjoining the new Fire station for visitors andemployees. Paul Cohen says that we need additional parking for the Senior living center on Wilson Street.However, I have gone by their parking lot at all hours of the day, including snowstorms and the lot is al-ways half empty. If Little League needs overflow parking let them pay for it, or let them come to Town Meet-ing and ask for it. They currently have a 99-year lease and pay no rent (or taxes)Also included in $9.1 million is contingency site costs of $250,000 we should know if there are any issuesthere NOW, this is just another indication of FAT. The cost of $50,000 to demolish the old firehouse shouldcome from FREE CASH that we have at the end of each year. Why finance this over 20 years? And thetraffic signal cost of $150,000 some of this could come from state funding or it could come from funds inter-nal to Chelmsford (53 G account).If all these things were deleted, we would have an $8.1 million proposal thatmore taxpayers could accept. I know that the Town Manager maintains that wecan cut these things at Town Meeting, but once we "exempt" this project fromProp 2 1/2 he will want to go with the $9.1 millionKeep in mind that Pelham, N.H. just turned down their Fire Station which wasonly costing $3.7 million. Its time for the Town Manager and his hand-pickedPermanent Building Committee to change their proposal and tell the taxpayersthat $8.1 million will be enough!Bob JoyceTurnpike Road
  6. 6. Letter to the Editor: I Will Support The Fire Station Despite the robo calls, Ken Dews will support the new fire station. March 21, 2011 www.chelmsford.patch.comTo the Editor:Recently we received an automated phone message at home from a group who opposes theplan to build a new fire station on the existing McFarlin softball fields on Wilson and ChelmsfordStreets. The stated reason for the opposition was to preserve the softball fields. For the record,The Chelmsford Girls Softball League, (CGSL), who use and maintain the fields do not opposethe plan to build a new fire station at McFarlin.I am the CGSL Fields Manager and my wife Bryn is President. The siteis better suited for a fire station than it is for the two softball fields.However, it is important to the league and the 400 plus girls we servethat replacement fields are built elsewhere in town. We urge the Citi-zens of Chelmsford to support the funds for replacement fields in-cluded in the overall Fire Station funding.Sincerely,Ken DewsMelody Lane League neutral on fire-station plan The Lowell Sun 03/31/2011 www.lowellsun.comI am writing to correct a misconception on the part of Mr. Joyce and hopefully to quell any down-stream effects that his letter may have had on the community.I would like to go on record with the following facts: Chelmsford Girls Softball League is a non-profit organization providing Chelmsford girls with the opportunity to learn and play softball. For30-plus years, CGSL built and improved the 13 fields now in use by 600 girls. Our onlyfundraiser is a calendar raffle that is entirely dedicated to field improvements. CGSL has nolease for its fields. All improvements and field construction are done on town-owned property.Our operating agreement with the town and the schools is a great example of collaboration andteamwork focused on providing the girls with a great experience.CGSL manages 13 fields. The two McFarlin fields had the fewest improvements over the pastfive years. Investing scarce resources to improve fields potentially slated for removal (if fireheadquarters relocation were approved) would be a waste. Since the earliest fire-station pro-posal, CGSL has been in conversations with town management to make sure we would gettown space and collaborative funding to build replacement fields. An example of this collabora-tion: behind Center Elementary School CGSL spent $10,000 building a field that met theschools safety requirements and is used daily.Recent automated telephone calls advocating, "Save our softball fields: vote no on theire-station proposal" were made without the knowledge or funding of CGSL. The CGSL officiallyis neither opposed nor in favor of the relocation of the fire headquarters. However, we cannotafford to lose two fields and still provide playing time during our three-month season (not two asstated by Mr. Joyce) for the hundreds of girls we serve.BRYN DEWSPresident, CGSLChelmsford
  7. 7. After collecting questions from residents on the proposed Fire station I presented some of themto the Town Manager and the rest to the Co-Chair of the permanant building committeePAT MALONEYITR: Was any consideration given to the cost of rehabbing the current building on North Road at itscurrent size? What would that have cost?PAT MALONEY: This was considered by the Fire/DPW study com-mittee and it was determined that a proposal of this nature wouldnot address the current programming requirements or the opera-tional inefficiencies of the department and therefore was not ex-plored to a level that would prompt a cost estimate.ITR: Going back to the idea of rebuilding the current Center FireStation.What is wrong with this idea?We purchase the adjacent Baraldi Building like what had been mentioned in one of the plans. Build thebrand new fire station with a full 2nd floor and basement using the two properties. But instead of the baysfacing the street, have the bays so they face the Emerson house and on the opposite side facing Old TownHall.So that the trucks can come into the station from the Town Hall side and exit the station onto the side streetacross from the Emerson house. We would save on the cost of relocating the softball fields,the paved park-ing area at volunteer field, the extra traffic lights and we would be able to keep the center fire station in aprime location that has existed since 1952.PAT MALONEY: The total lot size including the Baraldi Property would be approximately 20,000 Sq. Ft.which would not allow for adequate parking or apron area as well as eliminating the drive-through capabilityresulting in inefficient operations. There is also another property between Old Town Hall and the Baraldiproperty that would prevent proper access for a turning radius required for trucks to come in off of NorthRoad and get in to the station as well as leave the station. The lot is just not large enough or wide enoughto accommodate a scenario like the one mentioned.Additionally, because of elevated decks and retaining walls, etc. the cost would still be in the $9.8 millionrange as originally revealed.ITR: Now seriously, dont you feel that route 110 has enough traffic already without plopping down a firestation in the middle of it? Im thinking if an alarm comes in between 8 and 10 in the morning or between 4and 6 in the afternoon, there is a good chance that somebody waiting for help is going to get screwed. Ihave seen at times traffic backed up from the center all the way down to the ball fields.Granted new traffic lights could get the trucks out of the station into the street but then there they are stuckin a line of traffic, coming and going. And its not like the trucks can go around the cars to get through, thestreet is not that wide. Was this really carefully thought out?PAT MALONEY: The traffic situation on Chelmsford Street is not all that different from North Road in thatthere are back ups in front of the existing station at different times of the day. The CFD uses an OpticomSystem ( which controls the traffic lights in the direction of the ap-proaching apparatus. As a matter of fact, the traffic study done for the Skip’s redevelopment demonstratedthat an Opticom system is appropriate for the Chelmsford Street corridor. The fire department can have the lights ahead of them go green to get traffic moving and to the right,thereby clearing traffic congestion. The Chief believes the Chelmsford Street location will provide quickerresponse times even during morning and afternoon rush hour.ITR: What will be the fate of the South Chelmsford fire station should this pass and the new station is built?PAT MALONEY: The closed South Station is a manpower issue not a building or debt exclusion issue.It is not within the purview of the Permanent Building Committee to decide the fate of any stations openedor closed.
  8. 8. ITR: In your opinion why do you think the last proposal for the 13 million dollar fire station on Wilson andChelmsford streets failed at the polls?PAT MALONEY: Cost and location – Cost has been reduced 20% by reducing the size of the station by28%. The 2007 MMA Location Study indicated that to maintain current response times you need to locatea new station in close proximity to the existing site. The PBC recently looked at the existing location aswell as a North Road and Crosby Lane location. The BOS selected Chelmsford and Wilson Streets as theappropriate site due to cost and the recommendations of the location study.ITR: The 9.1 million dollar proposal has room for expansion,exactly what would be added on to thefire station when and if the expansion were to happen? And what would be the estimated cost for theexpansion (ballpark figure) ?PAT MALONEY: The plan for expansion would be to add an additional bay and expand administration inthe attic space. Provisions would be made now to make any expansion in the future to be least disruptiveto day to day operations. Depending on what the expansion scope of work was, you would probably be inthe 2-3 million dollar range to complete the entire scope in today’s dollars.ITR: Could you tell us whether or not the committee had looked at expanding the West fire station as analternative to building a new one in Chelmsford Center. If so what was the reason the idea was shot down?PAT MALONEY: The Fire/DPW committee as well as the PBC looked at the option of a expanded west fa-cility. It was determined that due to the 2007 location study, in order to meet the response times across thecommunity for special equipment as well as the fact that the study indicated that a five station configurationwas most appropriate for the town, this option was not viable and a Central Fire Headquarters was neces-sary.ITR: If this question fails at the polls, what will be your next step to solve this problem?PAT MALONEY: We would try to ascertain the reasons for a failed vote and report to the BOS why thePBC thought it failed. We would then look to the BOS for direction on how to proceed and what they be-lieve the town would like to pursue next.ITR: When did the new police Station get built? How big is the police station compared to the size of theproposed fire station? How much did it cost at that time to build the new police station?PAT MALONEY:The police station was completed in 2003 at a cost of 7.2 million dollars. The SF is +/-30,000 SFITR: If you take away all the extra costs associated with the new fire station (replacing ballfields,pavingparking lots and so on) what would the cost be for just the fire station related costs?PAT MALONEY:The cost would be 8 – 8.5 million dollars.
  9. 9. The Town of Chelmsford has received the attached grant award letter from the FederalEmergency Management Agency and Department of Homeland Security. The grant pro-vides $73,125 to the Chelmsford Fire Department. The grant amount represents 90% ofthe total cost towards the purchase cost for new turnout gear for the entire department.The Towns 10% match of $8,125 will be funded by the Fire Departments operatingbudget capital equipment line. Fire Chief Mike Curran prepared and submitted the granton behalf of the Town.Paul CohenTown Manager
  10. 10. Van Liew Tries to Recall Four Selectmen Van Liew took out an affidavit to recall all members of the Board of Selectmen except Eric Dahlberg, whose term is up next month and cannot be recalled. By Krista Perry /March 21, 2011 www.chelmsford.patch.comRoland Van Liew last week took out affidavits to recall Selectmen George Dixon, Jon Kurland, Matt Hanson,and Pat Wojtas.In a pages-long document, which can be read and downloaded in the upper right hand corner of this page,Van Liew makes allegations about each of the selectmen he is trying to recall. Van Liew asserts the select-men did not vote in accordance to the best interests of the town and did nothing when they saw Town Man-ager Paul Cohen "act unlawfully."Van Liew said Kurland "told voters not to exercise their voting rights" and "has done nothing to rightsrectify Cohens abuses of authority." Kurland calls the claims and his recall attempts "absurd." authority. absurd.Many of Van Liews claims come from the 9 North Road controversy. Phil Eliopoulos purchased the land,which has a preservation restriction on it. The restriction requires that any building on the property must bea barnlike structure and perserve the areas historic characteristics. Selectmen decided in August thatEliopoulos plans conform to the restriction. Kurland was the only selectmen who disagreed.Van Liew last fall also tried to recall two Planning Board members because of their role in the controversialoffice building being erected behind the center fire station."As it pertains to me, he says I didn’t file a motion with the court (after the 9 North Roadvote selectmen made in August). To be honest, (Van Liews Attorney Richard) McClurecalled me after selectmen vote when I opposed 9 North Road. He asked me to file a mo -tion, but I was in the minority [and] didn’t think it was appropriate," said Kurland. appropriate,"I was outvoted I am not aware of any sitation where a minority in a vote joins an existinglawsuit. I said if you can find a case that justifies me doing that, Ill think about it, and henever got back to me. He never found a case yet theyre criticizing me because I didn’t dosomething that was totally inappropriate," said Kurland. inappropriate,Kurland also maintains that as a selectmen he never told people not to exercise their right to vote. Kurlandsaid he was not speaking as a selectman when he made those comments, but a private resident."I got up to speak as a citizen, saying the recall process with Planning Board memberswas totally inapropriate, these people didn’t do anything wrong, and it was my suggestionto, if you get the affidavits, to throw them away," he said. "But as a selectman I did not say away,anything about that. I have the right to say what I want to say as a private citizen, just asVan Liew does." does.Kurland called Van Liew a bully. Van Liew is trying to discredit selectmen, he said. "He wants to control the town and my job is to rep - resent everybody in the town ... But I certainly am not going to bow down to Roland Van Liew ... or anything and do what he wants us to do." do "I hope people see this guy for what he is. He wants to generate discontent. There is not one town rep or official I think he is in approval of," of, said Kurland. JON  ROLAND  KURLAND VAN LIEW
  11. 11. Opinion McClure: Kurlands Comments Were Gratuitous Richard McClure responds to Kurlands recent comments.Dear Editor, I take great exception to Chelmsford Selectman Jon Kurland’s recent gratuitous comments in the media regarding a conversation he and I hadregarding the 9 North Road project reprinted, in part, below. "As it pertains to me, he (Roland Van Liew) says I didn’t file a motion with the court (after the 9 North Road vote selectmen made in August). Tobe honest, (Van Liews Attorney Richard) McClure called me after selectmen vote when I opposed 9 North Road. He asked me to file a motion,but I was in the minority [and] didn’t think it was appropriate," said Kurland."I was outvoted I am not aware of any sitation where a minority in a vote joins an existing lawsuit. I said if you can find a case that justifies medoing that, Ill think about it, and he never got back to me. He (McClure) never found a case yet theyre criticizing me because I didn’t do some-thing that was totally inappropriate," said Kurland (emphasis added). First and foremost, Mr. Kurland is correct when he says I called him “after the selectmen vote;” however, it was several months after the July 27,2010 meeting and long after I had already initiated the litigation opposing construction at 9 North Road. I asked Mr. Kurland whether he had anyinterest in joining the litigation (via a motion to intervene) in his capacity as a selectman as I felt the Land Court may be more inclined to rule inplaintiff’s favor with a dissenting selectman on board. Mr. Kurland declined my offer as he felt it would be “inappropriate” action by a single se-lectman. He informed me that if I were able to research the matter and discover cases which would support such action, he may be interested.Mr. Kurland is also correct in stating that “he never got back to me.”Mr. Kurland suggests that somehow “my” not getting back to “him” on the issue was the reason for his failure to intervene in the litigation. I filedthis litigation to oppose the 9 North Road project for a violation of my rights as an individual citizen. Unlike the vast majority of Chelmsford resi-dents who also oppose this project, I am fortunate to be an attorney by training and sufficiently competent to research the controlling law, makemy own legal arguments and file appropriate pleadings; I do so on my own time and at my own expense.Apparently, Mr. Kurland, also an attorney, has neither the time nor the ability to “justify” his dissenting vote with independent legal action and Itake no issue with that decision; however, his claim that his failure to act, for whatever reasons, are somehow the result of my “not getting backto him” are purely disingenuous. I represent myself, at my own expense; I have neither the time nor the desire to represent a selectman whoenjoys the publicity of being the sole dissenting vote against 9 North Road but refuses to back it up with anything more. The two selectmen voting in favor of the 9 North Road project, George Dixon and Matthew Hanson, have both publicly stated that their deci-sions were based on legal advice from town counsel, Kopelman & Paige. Interestingly, Jon Kurland has written to myself and others that he be-lieves the Board of Selectmen received bad legal advice on the issue and will vote not to renew the services of Kopelman & Paige at the nextopportunity. Where was Mr. Kurland’s concern regarding the legal advice offered by Kopelman & Paige prior to the selectmen’s vote on the 9North Road project? Being the only attorney on the board, it was incumbent upon Mr. Kurland to raise the issue of a potential conflict of interest with town counsel asKopelman & Paige had been advising the planning board for six months on the issue of the Preservation Restriction and its relation to the 9North Road project and, ostensibly, the Board of Selectmen could have easily (and lawfully) taken the opposite position. Quite frankly, I amamazed that Kopelman & Paige did not voluntarily remove itself from this fiasco under another conflict of interest; they had previously worked forthe developer’s attorney, Philip Eliopoulos, during the 12 years Mr. Eliopoulos sat on the Board of Selectmen. Under any scenario, Mr. Kurland appears to enjoy repeatedly patting himself on the back for his sole dissenting vote against the 9 North Roadproject; it’s a shame he did nothing more than cast a single ballot.Richard P. McClure RICHARD JON  McCLURE KURLAND
  12. 12. Opinion Kurland: "Recall Shows Van Liew Expected Selectmen to Take Inappropriate Action to Stop 9 North Road." A Letter to the Editor from Jon Kurland.Dear Editor: I am somewhat surprised at Mr. McClures opinion letter accusing my comments as being "gratuitous". His client is seeking toupset the entire elected executive branch of Chelmsford on the flimsiest of accusations and yet my presentation of the facts,which Mr. McClure does not dispute, is considered “gratuitous”. So be it.Here are the facts: Roland Van Liew (Mr. McClure’s client) in his recall package says “Mr. Kurland says he opposes the EpsilonLLC project but has never brought a motion to bring the matter before a Land Court judge for impartial adjudication.” In re-sponse to that allegation I told the Patch that after the Board of Selectmen voted that the North Road project did not violate thePreservation Restriction by a 2-1 vote (my vote being the sole Selectman in opposition), I received a telephone call from Mr. Mc-Clure. I did not say when he called me because it is not germane to the issue. Mr. McClure asked me to join in his litigation asa Selectman. I advised him that I was outvoted and I was not aware of any situation where a minority in a vote joined an existing lawsuit. Asan attorney I thought that he request was inappropriate and not legally sustainable. I asked him if he was aware of any legallyprecedent to support his request and asked him to provide it for my consideration. The Preservation Restriction specificallystates that the Board of Selectmen shall be the sole enforcement authority of the Preservation Restriction. It does not say that asole Selectman can enforce the restriction.Mr. McClure says “Mr. Kurland suggests that somehow “my” not getting back to “him” on the issue was the reason for his failureto intervene in the litigation.” That is not what I suggest at all. I did not join the litigation because there was no legal basis forme doing so. The fact is that no individual has the right to enforce the Preservation Restriction. Dr. Sargent didn’t and neitherdoes Mr. McClure nor do I. In fact I spoke with Mr. McClure yesterday and he agreed that his request for me to join the litigationwas (in his words) “inappropriate.”Mr. McClure accuses me of failing to back up my dissent with any additional action. The sad fact of the matter is that once theBoard of Selectmen voted as we did, there is nothing that I as an individual could legally do to stop this project. I wish therewas.Next Mr. McClure tries to say that I did not do enough to raise the issue of conflict of interest pertaining to my disappointmentwith the legal advice the Board of Selectmen received from town counsel, Kopelman and Paige. Mr. McClure, you were notpresent in the Executive Session when I roundly criticized the legal opinion we received. I cannot go into more detail about thatExecutive Session since there is still litigation involving the project.Mr. McClure was accurate when he says that I will move to open up the issue of obtaining new town counsel when the contractexpires in the spring. But Mr. McClure is not satisfied with that, he wants me to raise the issue that K & P was in a conflict of in-terest pertaining to this project and that I should have been more assertive in raising that issue. Mr. McClure should be wellaware that before I could responsibly make such a serious accusation, I need something called “evidence”. Unlike his clientwho makes wild allegations without a shred of evidence, I will not do so unless I can provide proof. How ridiculous would I lookif I tried to argue that K & P had a conflict of interest and when asked “What do you base this accusation on?” I say, “I didn’t likethe legal advice we got in Executive Session.” Just because Phil Eliopoulos served on the Board of Selectmen for 12 yearsdoes not establish that K & P had any provable conflict of interest.Finally Mr. McClure says that I enjoy “patting myself on the back” for my sole dissenting vote against the 9 North Road projectbut it’s a shame that I did nothing more than cast a single ballot. Mr. McClure, you have no idea how many countless hours Ispent trying to get this project stopped. Ask Peter Lawlor or John Carson or anyone else who worked to prevent this. Yourproblem Mr. McClure is that you have not provided me with one concrete argument or idea that I did not previously consider toprevent 9 North Road.The real problem in Mr. McClure’s letter is that he wants this to become about me and North Road. That is NOT the issue here.The real issue and the one that Mr. McClure fails to address is that his client wants to recall the entire Board of Selectmen for nolegitimate reason. That was the purpose of my original comments. It was not to “pat myself on the back”, but to show that Mr.Van Liew’s complaints about our Board have no substance. I am proud of the service that all of the Selectmen provide toChelmsford with no thought of reward or even acknowledgment. We don’t do this for any reason other than we want to makeChelmsford the best community we can.I will gladly discuss this matter and all issues pertaining to 9 North Road and the recall with anyone who wants to call me ormeet with me at the Java Room on Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 9:00 a.m.Jon H. Kurland
  13. 13. The Challenge goes out ITR ● 3/28/11Last week Cheating Chelmsford issued a challenge to debate Selectman Jon Kurlandon the town issues at hand. Here are the challenge and response emails between thetwo parties.From: []Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 1:30 PMTo: Jon KurlandCc: Dzuris, TriciaSubject: Debate AcceptanceMarch 22, 2011Dear Mr. Kurland,After reading today’s article in the Lowell Sun, regarding the allegedethics violations by some current and former town employees we would liketo formally accept your offer to debate the issues.We know you are very busy, but if you could provide us with a few timesthat you are available we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.Cheating Chelmsford thinks it would be very beneficial to the town for thearguments to be debated in public prior to the town election in April inorder to set the record straight.Please confirm a receipt of this email via a simple reply and we lookforward to hearing from you,Cordially,Spencer KimballSpokespersonCheating Chelmsford ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆From: Jon KurlandSent: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 5:05 PMTo: press@cheatingchelmsford.orgCc: Dzuris, TriciaSubject: RE: Debate AcceptanceDear Mr. Kimball - I am somewhat surprised to receive your acceptance of my challange to debate Roland Van Liew regarding his recall effort.Mr. Van Liew has repeatedly denied any connection or relationship with your organization so how can you speak for him? Is Mr. Van Liewnow acknowledging that there is a relationship between your two organizations? If so, how long has that been going on and why would Mr.Van Liew deny the relationship in the first place?I will only debate Mr. Van Liew, himself, and due to my busy schedule, it would have to be after the election which as you know is less than 2weeks away. As I am certain you can appreciate, the logistics of setting up a debate to be televised on public access are quite involved. Wehave to pick a moderator, format, duration of inquiries and responses, date and time and make certain the Chelmsford Telemedia will be avail-able to televise my debate with Mr. Van Liew. Moreover, I have two (2) days of trial in the federal court in April for which I must prepare.Again, I am not certain how you can make the commitment for Mr. Van Liew and would certainly appreciate your explanation.While you are explaining things, could you please let me know specifically how Mr. Cohen is under investigation by the Attorney General andfor what alleged violations as set out in your website? When Town Counsel called the AGs office to inquire as to the status of Mr. Van Liewsvoter intimidation complaint, he was informed that they were not going to pursue it. Town Counsel then inquired if there is anything else in-volving Mr. Cohen or the Town pending before the AG and he was specifically advised that the voter intimidation complaint was the only mat-ter and that was now closed. Additionally, on your website, you state the Phil Eliopolous arranged for "his Dad to buy your land". Could youexplain that allegation since the land was owned by Eastern Bank and not by the town or any private citizens. Dont you agree that such astatement is inaccurate, deceptive and misleading? Finally, you have a section entitled "The Complaint" in which there are two (2) links, onepurportedly to a complaint filed against Mr. Cohen and the other against Mr. Eliopolous. Above those links you have "Read the Ethics Reporton Phil Eliopoulos", I have seen the State Ethics decision on Mr. Eliopolous invovlement on North Road in which the Commission fully ap-proved his conduct. I submit that your headline is deceptive because it clearly implies that the "Report" is a decision from the State EthicsCommission when in fact it is merely a recitation of Mr. Van Liews complaint against him. In light of these developments, dont you think thatyour website should be revised so that it does not intentionally mislead the good Citizens of Chelmsford? I shall await your response. Again,I will gladly debate Mr. Van Liew.Jon H. KurlandSelectmanAs of the time this latest In-Town Report was sent outhere is the only response to Jon Kurland from Cheating ChelmsfordCLICK HERE
  14. 14. An aging icon. Who should pay? Chelmsford will vote on funds to repair landmark By Rita Savard, 03/26/2011 www.lowellsun.comCHELMSFORD --With time ticking down to Town Meeting, an antique clock has become the center of debate.Chelmsford owns the 169-year-old timepiece located in the steeple of the First Parish UnitarianUniversalist Church. The clock and the steeple need repairs, but a $186,000 price tag has somequestioning why the town should foot the bill for both, especially when the church owns the steeple.Town Meeting representatives will be asked to approve two warrant articles seeking CommunityPreservation Act funds for the repairs. Clock restoration will cost $96,424 and steeple repairs are $88,620.Town Meeting begins April 25.Peggy Dunn, a Town Meeting representative for Precinct 1, told members of the Finance Committee thatthe bill seemed hard to swallow."Im concerned because I see this as a dangerous precedent of using thisamount of money for a privately held church, " Dunn said. "I want the clock saved,but I dont know if I can afford a quarter of a million to save it. " The First Parish said it applied for the funding because the building, which is listed on the federal and state historical registers, qualifies. The church, at 2 Westford St., overlooks Chelmsford Common. The Community Preservation Act is a statewide program that allows municipalities to set aside money for investments in open space, recreation, affordable housing and historic preservation. Chelmsford taxpayers now pay about $55 for the surcharge that the town sets aside. At the end of the year, the state adds to the CPA coffer. Peggy Dunn speaks about the Town Manager Paul Cohen said the town collects about $800,000 clock in the steeple to the annually on the surcharge and the state match is more than $200,000. finance committee CLICK HERE  for VIDEOIf Town Meeting approves the articles earmarked for CPA funding,including a measure to treat Heart Pond for invasive plants, thetown would still finish fiscal 2012 with $1.2 million in the CPAfund, Cohen said.Others question why the church, which makes about $50,000 inannual revenue from housing two cell towers in the steeple, hasnot asked T-Mobile and Metro PCS to pay for steeple repairs."Rehabbing the steeple is necessary in order to protectthe clock," said Fred Merriam, a member of the Chelmsford clock,Historical Commission. "The clock is the towns responsi -bility, but the trustees of the church should have beenlooking after the steeple too. If you have a business,you dont want the roof to fall in on your business." business.Tom Coffey, chairman of the churchs board of trustees, said heunderstands the communitys concerns.
  15. 15. "If we felt the cell towers were responsible in any way for the steeple, we would havepursued it for sure," sure, he said. "But the equipment for the towers is stored in the buildings attic, separate fromthe steeple." steeple.Contracting with the cellular companies gave the independently funded church a means to afford thehistoric buildings costly repairs. From the roof to the windows, whenever a repair is needed, the buildingmaterials and repairs typically cost more.When the shingles needed replacing, there were strict requirements set by the towns Historic DistrictCommission not to use the cheaper synthetic materials available, Coffey said.About half of the churchs cell-tower income is spent on upkeep of the building, while the other half isspent on the churchs outreach and relief work, including weekly soup kitchens in Chelmsford and Lowell.Chelmsfords Community Preservation Committee agreed to accept the parish application based onhistorical significance and the churchs financial records.Both the church and the town were founded in 1655. For years, the building also served as the townsmeeting house. The clock, made by the Howard Clock Company, was added to the steeple in 1875. Thetown later transferred ownership of the property to First Parish in 1879, when the Old Town Hall wascompleted.The last major repairs to the steeple were undertaken in 1981, following the tragic death of buildinginspector Ralph House, who fell through a rotted floor when he was trying to assess structural damages.Beams, clock supports, floors, roof and shingles were replaced, all funded by the church.The damages now are mainly from weather, Coffey said. If the town approves using CPA funds to repairthe historic steeple, First Parish has committed to paying the remaining $45,000 for the steeple repair.
  16. 16. Census shows Chelmsford is less populated Kevin Zimmerman/Staff Reporter • Tue, Mar 22, 2011 www.chelmsfordmassnews.comFor only the second time since 1850, the U.S. Census shows Chelmsford losing population between itsdecennial reports.The Census Bureau released data this afternoon that shows the commonwealths population grew by198,532 residents, or 3.1 percent, but the towns growth rate dropped.Chelmsfords current population is 33,802, which is down .2 percent from the 2000 figure of 33,858.Although specifics of the census wont be released until later, Town Manager Paul Cohen said todaysnews means changes to Chelmsfords precincts."There were shifts within the town, " he said. "Were going to have to redo all theprecincts. They all need to be within a certain percentage (of population) ofeach other. "In 1980, the census showed the towns first population decrease since the mid-19th century. Chelmsfordlost 258 residents, or .8 percent, between 1970 and 1980.The biggest increase in the towns population occurred between the 1960 and 1970 censuses. In 1960the towns population was 15,130. A decade later it had increased by 16,302 people, or 107.7 percent,to 31,432 residents.During the 1950s, the town experienced its second largest boom. In 1950 the population was 9,407. By1960 it had increased to 15,130, or 60.8 percent. Find Out How Chelmsfords Population Compares With Other Communities Census data has been released. By Krista Perry / March 23, 2011 www.chelmsford.patch.comThe state released census data on Tuesday. Check out Chelmsfords numbers, which have decreased, andhow it compares to other nearby towns, including Westford, Tewksbury and Billerica.Town 2000 Population 2010 Population Percent ChangeChelmsford 33,858 33,802 (.2%)Westford 20,754 21,951 5.77Tewksbury 28,851 28,961 .38Billerica 38,981 40,243 3.24Lowell 105,167 106,519 1.29
  17. 17. ITR:Can you explain what redoing all the precincts will meanfor the 18 Town Meeting Representatives in each of theprecincts?Town Manager Paul Cohen:Here is a succiinct explanation:Section 2-2 of the Town Charter requires the Board of Selectmen to re-view and wholly or partially revise the boundaries of the town precinctsevery 10 years upon the publication of the decennial census statistics.The preliminary census data indicates that the precinct boundary linesfor each of the Towns 9 precincts will be altered.The Town charter reads that at the next Annual Town election followingthe precinct revisions, all of a precincts 18 Town Meeting Representa-tive seats are up for election.The top 6 vote getters will receive 3-year terms,the next 6 will receive 2-year terms,and the next 6 will receive 1-year terms.
  18. 18. TOWN TALKwith Dennis Ready and Mary Gregoire CLICK HERE for clip SAM CHASE discusses the Origin of Roland Van LiewCLICKHEREforclipJON KURLAND talks about the Van Liew recall
  19. 19. POLITICALLY INCORRECTwith TOM CHRISTIANOThis new P.I. Show covered the following topics: reflections of our retiring Town Moderator...the new teachers contract &other school dept. topics....the new Fire Station proposal....the upcoming races for Planning Bd., Selectman, School Comm.and Library Trustee...and the sidewalk shoveling warrant article.Panelists (l to r) Town Moderator Dennis McHugh, TM Rep Ralph Hickey, TC, Library Trustee Pamela Davies& School Committee Member Angie Taranto. CLICK HERE for show The topics discussed on this show were: The new Fire Station proposal, the Planning Bd. race, the last Better not Bigger letter & its recall peti- tions, the Selectman election & the sidewalk snow shoveling article. Panelists (l to r) Selectman Jon Kurland, TM Rep Paul Eriksen, TC, CLICK Planning Bd Chair Ann Mcguigan & Fire Chief Michael Curran. HERE for show
  20. 20. Neighbors appeal ZBAs decision on DPW Kevin Zimmerman/Staff Reporter • Mon, Mar 21, 2011 www.chelmsfordmassnews.comOn Monday, the town received notice that two Billerica Road residents appealed the ZoningBoard of Appeals decisions to grant a special permit and variance to allow a new DPW facilityon Alpha Road.Attorney Scott Carman, representing residents Marilyn Supple and Louise Oczkowski, filed anappeal today in Middlesex Superior Court claiming the ZBA failed to consider concerns hisclients raised during the Feb. 17 hearing.The appeal states the ZBA did not consider the height of the proposed salt shed would inter-fere with the plaintiffs use of their properties and would not be fit into the neighborhoods char-acter.It also claims the proposed use, including a fueling station, poses a threat to the towns watersupply resource and wetland area.Another claim states development of the site as a DPW facility would also prevent turtles andother wildlife from accessing the wetlands adjacent to the location.The board also failed to consider the garage and facility would cause excessive noise at vary-ing and unpredictable hours, causing a nuisance to the plaintiffs, the appeal states.Plaintiffs contend the ZBA failed to "make a finding that the adverse effects of theDPWs proposed use will not outweigh its beneficial impacts to the town or theneighborhood."neighborhoodThey also state any hardships requiring the granting of a special permit were self-imposed be-cause the town knew the limits of the propertys shape, topography and soil conditions.Last month the ZBA granted the DPW a special permit to allow the building to be used as amunicipal garage. It also approved a request for a variance to allow the proposed salt shed tobe less than 100 feet from the property line.
  21. 21. Local liquor store considers move By Monica Jimenez/staff writer GateHouse News Service Mar 13, 2011 For 21 years, the Wine Rack has occupied space at 210 Boston Road, selling liquor, beer, wine, soda, snacks and lottery tickets. Sometime this year, that’s probably going to change. Owner John DaSilva, facing an edict from the land- lord to stop selling snacks and lottery tickets, needs to find a new place to set up shop. “My back is against the wall,” DaSilva said. “If wall, I can’t sell food and lottery tickets, I can’t survive. Everyone in the business knows that.” that. According to DaSilva, the landlord, Tedeschi, changed the rules arguing The Wine Rack competes Wine Rack owner John DaSilva is considering moving his store. directly with the neighboring convenience store. A Tedeschi representative declined to comment.DaSilva claims he quadrupled his profits the year he started offering snacks and lottery tickets – he insistsTedeschi is dooming his business by restricting his inventory to alcohol alone.Three times, DaSilva said he thought he’d lined up a buyer for his shop and three times they backed out,saying it was a non-starter without snacks and lottery.But finding space in a crowded market — there are six full-service liquor stores in Chelmsford — might bedifficult.For example, if DaSilva were to move to Parlmont Plaza — one of thespaces he’s said to be considering — his customers in South Chelmsfordwould have to drive well beyond Harrington’s Liquors on Summer Street.Facing the drive, customer loyalty could erode quickly.“They may not drive past my store to get to his,”his,Harrington said. “He’s a nice guy and they’ll probablygo a few times to support him. But my store seemsmore a destination.” destination.Busy consulting with his lawyer and working on a proposal for the Board of Selectmen, DaSilva hopes towin the board’s sympathy and move the Wine Rack to its new home before his current lease is up. Thiswill mean paying rent on two places for a few months and buying new equipment such as coolers, butDaSilva said he will shoulder the expense if it allows him to continue doing business in Chelmsford.Although he lives in Revere, he said he feels close to many Wine Rack patrons.“Some of my customers here are like my best friends,” DaSilva said. friends,But he added this makes it all the more painful to have to leave his location.“It’s like you live in a home, and you like your home – and now you’re being forced out,” out,DaSilva said. “I never thought something like this could happen.”happen. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE? ITR●3/31/11 Keep an eye on this story and watch it heat up over the next month following the town elections. Let’s see if there is such a thing as free trade in Chelmsford. And if CHELMSFORD GETS IT DONE this time?
  22. 22. ASK THE NEXT GUY IN LINE Selectman to be, Jim LaneITR:What is your position on the 9.1 million dollar fire station proposal. For it? Against it? Why?JIM LANE :I know that this is a difficult financial time for many of our residents and can appre-ciate that there are some of us that cannot support this added expense at this time.However, I support this project. Public Safety and Public Education are two of themost important services in town and must remain our top priorities.Our Fire Department facility has reached the end of its life cycle and after muchstudy, the town has developed a new plan that can support the needs of ourcommunity for today and well into the future.ITR:On the Town Meeting warrantARTICLE 16. To see if the Town will vote to obtain a sum to purchase an electronic tally and display system forvoting at Town Meeting; and tosee if the Town will vote to amend the Chelmsford bylaws to allow for electronicvoting at Town Meeting. Being a Town Meeting Rep as well as Selectmen will you support this article?Why or Why Not?JIM LANE :I will support this article as I feel anytime we can bring transparency and accountability to government it gives the hardworking taxpayer another avenue of selecting future town leaders. If this warrant article passes, I would like to explorerenting/leasing the system to other Massachusetts municipalities to offset the cost and potentially have it become a rev-enue source for the town.ITR:On the Town Meeting warrantARTICLE 20. To see if the Town will vote to adopt a snow removal bylaw, which would require residents of listedmain roads to clear their sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of a snow or ice storm.Being a Town Meeting Rep as well as Selectmen will you support this article?Why or Why Not?JIM LANE :I do not support this article. Many of the sidewalks in town were added at the town’s request and not at the residents. TheDPW has specialized sidewalk snow removal equipment, are trained in the safe and proper removal of all snow during thewinter months and have budgeted line items for snow removal. If this bylaw were to be instituted, residential homeownerswho may be elderly, handicapped or on fixed incomes would need to bare additional cost which I feel is unfair.ITR: On the Town Meeting warrantARTICLE 15. To see if the Town will vote to authorize the Board of Selectmen to petition the General Court for spe-cial legislation amending the Town Charter as it relates to the recall of elected officers by clarifying and modifyingthe timetable for the recall process, increasing the recall petition requirement from 10 to 15 percent, and increas-ing the period of ineligibility for a person recalled to an appointment to a town office from one year to two years.Being a Town Meeting Rep as well as Selectmen will you support this article?Why or Why Not?JIM LANE :I believe that the recall bylaw has been used recently, solely as a way to attack those town officials who do not support oneperson’s agenda. This is not why the recall bylaw was created. Therefore, I do support this article which would clarify theprocess if used in the future and assist town staff (which have seen cuts in staffing levels and have limited resources).ITR:WHY SHOULD I VOTE FOR YOU AND NOT JUST LEAVE THE BALLOT BLANK OR WRITE IN A DIFFERENT NAME?JIM LANE :I will work on behalf of all residents of this town, regardless of whether they cast a vote for me in this election.Having said that, I respectfully request your vote for Selectman on April 5, 2011. Thank you for your consideration.
  23. 23. CANDIDATE’S CornerDear Chelmsford Voter:I am a candidate for the one year Chelmsford Library Trustee position in the April 5th townwide election.If elected, I will do my best to insure that the Chelmsford Library remains the first class facility that it has al-ways been...and I will work very hard to improve it in any way that I can.I believe that my educational and business background will be very helpful as I perform the duties of a Li-brary Trustee. I have negotiated and financially analyzed hundreds of high dollar amount contracts -- manywith multi-million dollar values -- during my 24 year professional career. I have also earned BA and MBAdegrees, and I have taught Graduate College Degree MBA courses in Contract Pricing, Financial Analysisand Negotiation Techniques.I have also served as an elected Town Meeting Representative for seventeen years. I attended every oneof our Town Meetings during those seventeen years, which indicates the seriousness with which I take mycivic responsibilities. I will continue to be as conscientious and diligent ifelected to the Board of Library Trustees.Thank you for taking the time to read this note about my candidacy.Please consider giving me one of your votes for Library Trustee on electionday.Respectfully,Tom Christiano6 Drew CircleChelmsford, MA
  24. 24. Thanks for the opportunity to promote my run forTown Meeting in April on the In Town Report.My comments :Im running for Precinct 7 Town Meeting Rep and Id like your vote.* I am a 15 year resident of Chelmsford* I have 2 teenage boys, educated in Chelmsford Public Schools* I am a Realtor and a Real Estate Appraiser serving Chelmsford and sur-rounding towns* I was a member of the Town Hall Utilzation Study CommitteeMy plan, if elected, is to be available, accessible, and thoroughly informedabout the issues brought to Town Meeting. I would like to be a voice for myneighbors in Precinct 7.Thank you,Gail Kruglak17 Bentley LaneChelmsford 978 256-3341 kruglak@verizon.netDear Neighbors in Precinct 7: 7 I have served precinct 7 as a town meeting representative for many years. My wife, Ann, and I liveon Pine Hill Road and we enjoy the quality of life in Chelmsford. Our three sons were educated in theChelmsford public school system. I believe the representative town meeting works well in Chelmsford and I enjoy my important role inour local government. Our elected town boards and the professional staff recommend budgets and newor amended legislation for town meeting consideration. As a town meeting representative, I endeavor toread each article in the warrant, attend every session, ask questions, offer my opinion, and vote in the bestinterest of Chelmsford residents. I will be a candidate for reelection in Precinct 7 on theApril 5th town election ballot. I want to continue serving myconstituents and would appreciate one of your six votes forTown Meeting Representative.Thank you.Paul GleasonTown Meeting RepresentativePrecinct 7
  25. 25. Hello. Over the past fifteen years it has been my privilege to be a volunteer in ourtown government, as a member of the Finance Committee, Board of Selectmen, var-ious committees, and last but not least, a Town Meeting Representative forPrecinct 7. This year I am seeking re-election to Town Meeting Representative. I 7have lived here on Hawthorne Lane with my husband Brian since 1993, and wehave raised two daughters in this town. It is a pleasure to give back to the commu-nity.During my terms as a TMR, I have never missed a town meeting, always take thetime required to research the controversial articles, and listen to resident concerns.Over these years I have garnered the experience to represent you thoughtfully attown meeting. I am communicating with town officials as needed when these con-troversial articles arise, but most important is to hear from you. I have been respon-sive to neighbors and residents in their concerns regarding local issues as well,recently including the cell and water tower replacement proposal at Locke Road.Never in these 15 years of service have I felt the publicity toward our government to be so negative as thepast couple of years. This is sad because I am confident that the 162 town meeting members serving theresidents of our wonderful town are all doing so with the best of intentions, working to balance the needs ofthe residents with the proposals that come before us for consideration.Precinct 7 has a contested race for Town Meeting Representative this year, and I would like to respectfullyask for one of your six votes. I am #3 on the ballot. I can be reached at 978-250-9407 or at and welcome your call or email.Thank you.Clare JeannotteHello. My name is Alex Buck, I live at 6 Livery Road with my wife Sarah and two sons, Ander- Buckson (3) and Griffin (1). I have had the pleasure to serve as your Town Meeting Representativefor the last 6 years and have found it to be an exceptional experience. I have also been on var-ious committees in town because I’m dedicated to the future of Chelmsford in which my boyscan grow. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns, now or after theelection – regardless of the results.I hope you will give me one of your votesfor TMR for Pct 7 on Tuesday.Thank you.Alex Buck
  26. 26. I have lived in Chelmsford since 1976, and have been a Town Meeting Rep-resentative in Precinct 3 since 2006. It is my strong belief that any electedofficial in Chelmsford must at all times protect the interests of the residents ofthe community, taking care to preserve the towns heritage and assets, andthe integrity of the democratic process. On any issue, all voices must beheard, so that the residents and their representatives can make wise deci-sions. I respectfully ask for your vote on Tuesday, April 5.Pat MagnellTown Meeting Representative, Precinct 3Candidate for ReelectionMy name is Patricia Dzuris and I am running for re-election as Town Meeting Representative forPrecinct 1. I grew up in Chelmsford and have lived in South, North and now in the Center of Town. 1I love the neighborhood charm of our Town and have an appreciation for the uniqueness of each area.I have been involved with the community in many different capacities since 1997. I was founder andpresident of the Varney Park Restoration Committee until 2005, served as Town meeting Rep in precinct 2,worked to see the restoration of the Courtyard at Parker Middle School, and participated in PTO Boardsand Committees. I currently work in the Town Offices and have the pleasure of servingon the Arts and Technology Education Fund Committee, the Celebration Committee,the Community Action Program Committee, and the Holiday Decorating Committee.I am also a member of the Board of Directors of The Paul Center and a licensed fostermom. I would be proud and honored to continue to serve as your Town Meeting Rep-resentative for precinct 1 and I respectfully ask for your vote on Tuesday, April 5.Thank you.Patricia Dzuris#4 on the ballotIn the In-Town Report of 2/20/2011 I briefly described myself and my qualifications to be on the ChelmsfordPlanning Board. In the last In-Town Report (3/13/2011) I covered my thoughts on some of the issues Boardthat the Planning Board should tackle. This time around, I’ll try to convince you to give me your vote.Planning board work is technical. Often it involves analysis of pages and pages of plans, and analysis ofpages and pages of by-laws and procedures. It is not a simple thing to learn.Fortunately, Chelmsford has the position of Planning Board Alternate. The primary purpose of this positionis to cover for Planning Board members who are absent at a meeting, or who must recuse themselves.However, being in the post also serves as an excellent apprenticeship. I have spent 2 years as PlanningBoard Alternate, first appointed to fill a vacancy, then elected. I have spent 2 years learning the ropes. Ifelected to a full Planning Board seat, I will hit the ground running.Another good reason to elect me is that I seek a middle ground on growthand development. We should neither suppress, not insist on, growth. Weshould moderate and regulate it in a way that serves the best interests ofthe Town and its residents.Finally, I have a track record of public service spanning the over 20 years.I appreciate what is required, and what is expected.Election Day is Tuesday, April 5. May I have your vote?Thanks,Mike Raisbeck
  27. 27. Dear Voter,I am a candidate for one of the three year terms for Library Trustee on the April5th ballot.I am running for Library Trustee because I believe our library system, McKay andAdams, is a tremendously positive asset to our town and hope to keep it that wayfor many years to come.The staff at both our libraries our wonderful: they are helpful, pleasant, hard work-ing, knowledgeable, creative, and a hundred more complimentary adjectives andsince I am a frequent customer I find it a pleasure to go there.I believe the current Trustees and staff have done a great job through these yearsof ever shrinking budgets to maintain the high level of service during these challenging times. It is my goal, ifelected, to contribute my time, experience, and support to help encourage these efforts and good work over thenext three years.I am a long time resident of Chelmsford and have served the town in elected, appointed, and volunteer capacities.Served on the Open Space Advisory Committee (wrote the first Open Space plan), the Historic District Commis-sion (five years as chairperson), founded the Chelmsford Conservation Volunteers (worked on conservation landsto remove rubbish, mark trails, build message boards, etc.), founded WinterFest and ran it from 1995 to 2005when I turned it over to the town. I am also a long time Town Meeting Representative for Precinct 1.My business experience was in Business Administration for several high tech companies; Raytheon Semiconduc-tor Division, Itek Corporation, and Digital Equipment Corporation.I would appreciate your vote for one of the three year terms for Library Trustee on Election Day.Respectfully,Peggy Dunn2 Bridge StreetTown Rep Precinct 1 Tim McIlvenna Precent#1 Town Meeting Representative (Incumbent up for re-election)I am proud to be one of the many volunteers that help our town, and would ask for your vote on April 5th. I wouldalso remind residents that absentee ballots can be obtained at the town clerk’s office up until 12 noon the day be-fore the election.Information is at the town webiste here. hereAs a graduate of Chelmsford High School (Class of 1985), I benefitted from Chelmsford’s long standing tradition ofcommitment to education. When I returned to Chelmsford in 2008, I wanted to give back to our community. I ap-plied for and was appointed to the finance committee in January 2009. Later that year, I applied for a vacant townmeeting representative spot and was elected by my fellow Precinct#1 Town Meeting representatives. In 2010, Ivolunteered for and was appointed to the town Census committee – which oversaw an 82% response rate inChelmsford – the highest in the Greater Lowell communities. In April 2010, I ran for elected Town Meeting rep fora 1 year unexpired term - and with your help - was elected.As anyone who has contacted me personally knows, I am responsive and get backto those who have input or questions right away. I also stay in touch with the needsof the precinct through attendance at various meetings and events in town (including- as any parent - lots of activities related to my kids who are at South Row and Mc-Carthy). As a member of the finance committee, I stay informed real time of the var-ious financial goings-on in town.I have and will continue to demonstrate that I will work for you a town meeting repre-sentative. I would enjoy and be honored to continue to serve as an active TownMeeting Representative for Precinct#1 again - and ask for one of your six votes onApril 5th!Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or input at any time.Tim McIlvenna(H) 978-250-1986 /
  28. 28. My family and I moved to Chelmsford because of the schools and the community here. We’ve had manygreat experiences here because of the work of the people in town who have given their time to make this abetter place to live. Now I am running for School Committee because I want to contribute to makingChelmsford a great place to live.The schools are where it starts with Chelmsford. Our system is an efficient one, delivering excellent educa-tional services at a reasonable cost. That success draws in new people who share our community’s valuesand commitment to education. The schools can be proud of their high graduation rate and test scores, butI’m most impressed by the fact that virtually all of the graduates plan to continue their education, whether itbe in universities, community college or other programs. We live in a world where continual learning isnecessary for success; I think the most important thing we can give our graduates is the belief that they cancompete and succeed in that kind of world. The primary responsibility I face on the School Committee is tobuild on our current strengths in the face of changing technology and requirements.Money for our schools will be tight for the foreseeable future. New revenue sources will have to beevaluated and obtained and we will need to continually drive improvements in efficiency to provide thefunding we need to pay for the new technologies and services that we’re expected to deliver. In spite of this,I am optimistic because I think we have good people in place and manageable costs for the next severalyears. If we remember that our teachers and other personnel are our partners and not ouropponents I be-lieve we can continue to make the changes and improvements in our schools that are necessary to driveour future success.This campaign has been a good experience for me. I’m grateful to, among oth-ers, our Town manager, our superintendent of schools, and our police chief fortaking the time to discuss the issues our schools face and what we’re doing now.I also want to thank all of the parents, teachers, and taxpayers who have takenthe time to share with me the things they think the schools are doing well and tochallenge me with the things they think the schools need to do better. We willnever be done improving Chelmsford’s schools and my goal is to build and main-tain a system that serves all of the members of the community. Finally, I want tothank everyone in Chelmsford for caring about our schools and our town. I re-spectfully ask for one of your two votes for School Committee on next Tuesday,April 5th.Mike RigneyCitizens of Chelmsford, I ask that you to go to the polls on April 5th and cast a vote for me to serve you on the school commit-tee. There are three reasons that you should support my candidacy. First, I worked for 40 years in the fieldof public education and the last 36 were in Chelmsford. At one time or another, I was a classroom teacherin grades 7 through 12, a varsity coach, a club advisor and an administrator.Therefore I have valuable, relevant experience. Secondly, I have been an elected town meeting representative forover 20 years. Therefore, I am familiar with financial status of the townand the various issues that we have and will continue to face. Finally, there has been a tradition of community involvement and pub-lic service in my family. I have been active in town since 1972 in a widevariety of ways. I am excited about serving the town in a new way, as amember of the school committee.Most sincerely,Allen Thomas
  29. 29. To the Editor:Our community and our personal lives are affected by the decisions of our elected officials. I believe thatby making the right decisions, we must thoroughly understand issues and people in our community. Wemust also seek out truthful information that is sometimes not easily apparent.Jim Lane has been chairman of the Master Plan Committee for 20 months. As a member of that committeeI have an understanding of his leadership skills and extensive knowledge of our community. He has yearsof civic experience while working on the Planning Board and the Chelmsford Preservation Fund Commit-tee. His efforts in these areas have given him the knowledge and insight to the needs of our community.There is no doubt that Jim Lane will be an advocate for all people in Chelmsford. His knowledge in busi-ness has given him the experience to effectively communicate with others in all levels of financial and townplanning. He is an enthusiastic promoter of our excellence in education. He has a keen interest in the val-ues of our towns historic and cultural efforts.Jim Lane’s character exemplifies high standards. In using these personal standards he will listen, learnand keep our community pride alive. Jim Lane is a person who can serve our community with integrity andprofessional ability through stable times, through adverse times, and through each challenge ahead.I hope that you will join me on Tuesday, April 5th in casting your vote for Jim Lane for our next Selectman.Sheila Pichette ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆LETTER TO THE EDITORAs we approach the April 5th election I would like to take the opportunity to ask you to join me in support-ing Jim Lane for election to the Chelmsford Board of Selectmen.I have known Jim since his years at Chelmsford High School, a graduate of 1983. Jim was a diligent, re-spectful and determined student and he continues to portray these qualities.Jim has demonstrated to me and other residents that he cares about our town and its citizens. He has theknowledge, experience and fortitude to get the job done. Jim has proven this by his involvement in thetown as an active member of the Planning Board, Community Preservation Committee, Chairman of theMaster Plan Committee and Town Meeting Representative for Precinct 7. In these roles he has demon-strated true leadership, solution seeking that best fits our town, thoroughness in responses to issues and awillingness to listen. Jim is a strong advocate for our schools and has pledged to help continue to advo-cate for increases in Chapter 70 state funding so that we can continue to provide the high quality educa-tion our students deserve. Jim is a proud graduate of the Chelmsford Schools and wants to continue theopportunities of our outstanding education that he had, for our present and future students.Jim Lane has leadership experience, good judgment, a sincere interest and deep concern for the presentand future needs of the town. With these traits he will lead us through the next three years.I ask you to join me in voting for Jim Lane for Selectman on Tuesday, April 5th.Thank You,Angelo Taranto
  30. 30. He who makes the Report gets a pageFor the longest time after I moved here my head was stuck in the sand,this was just a house I lived in that I came back and forth to from work everyday.I didn’t know anyone in town and only a couple of the neighbors. That was 18 years agoand there has been a lot of water under that bridge since then.40B’s, A Power Plant, Neighborhood School closing, Asphalt Plants, Neighborhood Zoningissues and a Memorial Park saved. Now this house is home surronded by neighborsand friends I know and love. The In-Town Report was started the year I became aTown Meeting Representative 3 years ago in order to help others around me be informed ofwhat was happening in their neighborhood and town. And hopefully help them not be caughtunaware of things that were happening around them.I have come to have a new appreciation for the words, “Together We Stand”.Knowledge is power and I want those in my neighborhoods to be a power to be reckoned with.We have a town with over 33,000 in it yet the majority of the time only 3,000 voters + or -decide on the course that the town will take every April. That at times in itself can be a scarythought.As a Town Meeting Representative I will continue towatch and listen, to be informedand to inform and take action when needed. So pleasePrecinct 6 voters remember me on April 5th when yougo into the polls. And I will continue to to my best foryou from my home in the Westlands where theWatchdogs are watching ;)Roy Earley184 Chelmsford Street978-250-4599re007hq@comcast.netTown Meeting Representative:Precinct 6Westlands WatchdogsIn-Town ReportOpen Space Steward
  31. 31. TUESDAY NOVEMBER 5th FOR  WRITE-IN VOTES In some precincts there are still some open unfinished terms If you want to run as a write-in make sure you tell your voters to write in your nameMR. SMITH * and make sure they fill in the circle next to the name. Shameless Political Plug
  32. 32. EXTRA Extras April is Child Abuse Prevention Month TAKE 5 minutes to TELL 5 how they can prevent sexual abuse Spread the word- Facts not fear Take 5 Educate yourself about the way predators gain your childs trust. Tell 5 people Take five to tell five people about Community VOICES, a group of citizens working to raise awareness of sex- ual abuse and prevent fu- ture crimes through advocacy, education and awareness. CLICK HERE
  33. 33. Electronic Waste Collection Day Electronic Waste Collection Day Fundraising event to benefit: Fundraising event to benefit: Boy Scout Troop 212, Chelmsford Boy Scout Troop Chelmsford th When: Saturday, April 9 When: Saturday, April Where: Trinity Lutheran Church, Parking lot Where: Trinity Lutheran Church, Parking lot 170 Old Westford Rd, Chelmsford, MA Old Westford Rd, Chelmsford, Time: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Time: 9:00 am to 2:00Questions? Email troop212ma@gmail.comQuestions? Email Stop in for a Pancake Breakfast in the morning or Stop in for Pancake Breakfast in the morning kfa Burgers and Dogs in the afternoon Burgers and Dogs in the afternoonWhat we are accepting:What we tiComputer Monitors $5.00Computer M Microwaves $10.00LaptopsLaptops $5.00 Air Conditioners $10.00CPUCPU $5.00 Refrigerators $10.00ServersServers $5.00 Freezers $10.00CD DVD Players $5.00CD / DVD P Water Heaters $10.00CamcordersCamcorders $5.00 Washing Machine $10.00Audio Visua Equip $5.00Audio Visual Dryer $10.00VCRVCR $5.00 Gas or Electric Stove $10.00SpeakersSpeakers $5.00 Dishwasher $10.00Mice or KeyboaMice Keyboards $1.00 Dumb Terminal $ TBACopiers, Fax, Scanner $5.00Copiers, Fax,Phone (land or cell) $5.00Phone (land TV < 30” Diagonal $20.00Phone SystePhone Systems $5.00 TV > 30” Diagonal $30.00UPS SystemUPS Systems $5.00Humidifiers fiHumidifiers $5.00DehumidifierDehumidifiefi $10.00Cords, Cabl Computer Accessories $5.00 (Free if recycling something else)Cords, Cables,Anything wi a cord not listed will be accepted. Price will be determined at the time of drop off.Anything with drop off. Pick service will available for fee Pick up service will be available for a feeWhat we can NOT accept:What weOils, paints, thinners, batteries, tires, mercury containing items such as florescent CFL light bulbs flOils, paints, thinners, batteries, tires, mercury containing items such as florescent & CFL light bulbsor thermometers, capacitors, ballasts or any other hazardous waste. thermometers, capacitors, ballasts any other hazardous waste. “Don’t Throw It Out, Re-Cycle It!” “Don’t Th Throw It Out, Re-Cycle It!” e- It Thank you for supporting Troop 212 Thank you for supporting Troop 212
  34. 34. Charlie Wojtas and Tom Christiano would like to invite you to the next "Support Our Town Coffee" at the Jones Farm Greenhouse Cafe, Coffee Acton Road, Chelmsford, on Saturday, April 16th, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM.Please stop by and join us for just a few minutes --or for the full two hours -- to talk aboutwhats happening in town and to catch up on the latest news (the recent election, the fire sta-tion vote, etc.). Since this will be the first "Support Our Town Coffee" held on a Saturday (asrequested by some), it will be interesting to see if there is enough of an interest to continueholding them on Saturdays.These Support Our Town Coffees are organized to support for our local small businesses andto informally talk with some of our political leaders and representatives.Should you have any questions, please email Tom at: